Is there so many secrets in the "Three Kingdoms Romance", is the author fabricated out?

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Is there so many secrets in the "Three Kingdoms Romance", is the author fabricated out?

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Dosing, seeing not light. Although this move does not make a decree, it is inevitable to hook private morality.

In the novel "Three Kingdom Romance", there is an endless "distidential incident", which is atmospheric. In history, the Master of the Eastern Han Dynasty is known as "life and death". Therefore, it is difficult for people to imagine that these self-proclaimed "valuable" readers will often use the inspired means to achieve the purpose.

So, is these "Dosm of the Incident" true? If it is not, how will these people who have a notified person, how will it appear in a "renowned" era?

First, the driving force of the development of the novel plot

In the 大略, the "Distort Event" in the "Three Kingdoms Romance" is added together, but it can reach around thirty times. According to the novel 120, an average of 4 times will appear once every 4 times, and the main role is that this "Wanjin oil" message delivery method can be ingenious to promote the follow-up of the plot.

See the original fourth round, the Shamdi is trapped in Yong'an Palace, and I will see Shuangyan, and I am a poem. The tail is said to be "Zhong Yi, vent my heart," As a result, the 18th Road princes were attracted by Dong Zhuo.

See also the sixth day of the original, Sun Jian, from Luoyang, I got the nation, "Diji sergeant," As a result, Yuan Shao and Sun Jian have evil, the former gives Jingzhou Liu Tuix repair book, so that it will intercepted Sun Jian, and the tiger will be stranded.

In addition, many classic bridges in the novels are also inseparable from the driving of "Notice".

Such as Guan Yu's five levels, Xiu Liu, passing through the temple of the town, relying on an old man to tell the secret, Fang Niki, is, such as Zhou Yu heranscented Jiang Gong's bobbin, and actually scams Cao Cao, which can be "reverse" "The advanced use of the means is absolutely shot.

In this case, there is no historical basis for so many "DIFE Events"?

Taking Jiang Gan and Zhou Yu as an example, see "Three Kingdoms, Zhou Yu Chuan" to pay attention to "Jiangdu Chuan": "At the beginning, Cao Gong Wen Yili has a beautiful talents, it is said that the tour is also moving, and the Yangzhou will send Jiujiang Jiang. Seeing Yu. ... dry, calling Yatong high, non-words. "

According to the registered history, Jiang Gan persuaded Zhou Yu to drop Cao, but always maintained "the meaning of gentleman", and has never been hired by Zhou Yu. It is known that "Distort Incident" in the novel is mostly in the Luo Guanzhong.

Many events in history, war, in fact, have quite complicated backgrounds and after. Therefore, if the novel is real recorded, it will not be too complex and boring, and it is not possible to attract readers. Conversely, with a record, you can simplify the logical context of the entire event, which is undoubtedly extremely high.

What's more, Although Luo Guanzhong has made some "distidential incident", but also respect the background of the times. Because of the three era of the Han Dynasty in history, there is indeed a "Conduct" of "Conduct".

Second, the "white" person ignored in the normal history

Three people's cards, there are two more well known. One is Ma Chao, sent a Peng Wei to Liu Bei; the other is Feisten, and Liu Chan will send Yang Yi. These two defendants have finally died in prison.

It is surprisingly, although Ma Chao, Fei Yu is a national person, but the trend of the Three Kingdoms is more concentrated in Wei, Wu, which is most popular with Cao Wei. Thus, "white" in the history book is easy to be ignored.

Strictly speaking, "white" only reports, statements, and "Dosing". But "white" in "Three Kingdoms" is clearly referred to as people who specialize in Cao Cao. Such as Cui Wei, Maoji, Yugui, Yang Xiu and others, almost every sergeant who has been "killing chicken monkeys" by Cao Cao has been "white".

According to the "Three Kingdoms and Ji Chuan": "The present says, not only, it is also the hope of Cui Wei. This loss of the monarchs, is a dead friend, but can't bear it." According to the "Han Han Shu Yang Zhen Chuan", Yang Xiu Xiao Chuan: "People have white repair and Linyi Hou planting deposit, from Sima Gate, 讪 侯侯侯, 太 祖 闻 大 大 故 收 收. "

It is not difficult to see that Cao Cao not only supports the instructional behavior, but also can always use the "white" person to tell the secret, which will take the opportunity to remove some famous celebrities who are not willing to cooperate with themselves. And it is worth noting that "the wind" is accompanied by the deeper of Cao Cao Right Handle, it has gradually been popular.

Thirteen years (208), Cao Caoping North, entered the big man, "the sword", "enter the chartered". In the next few years, Cao Cao is also sent to Wei Gong, into Wei Wang, Li Zong Temple, and thus from the Han Dynasty.

During this period, the anti-arguer of Cao's family, such as the river, more than a wool. To this end, Cao Cao further needs a big victory every time, but also "please" went to die. This is why?

Third, the break of the farewell, there is more than

Cao Cao has repeatedly turned from a famous celebrities and stems from the political proposition of its "breaking fuss."

Since the Eastern Han Dynasty, all filial piety are either a precious, or have a reputation. Although there is no shortage of people in the family, but in general, most people are famous forfenders, and there is no name. When there is a cloud: "Lift, don't know the book;

The severe needle needs to use it. In order to break this monopoly, Cao Cao has begun to hit the Qing Dynasty after the mastery of sufficient power. Politically, Cao Cao "only is a lot of people", pulling a large number of Hanmen children; economic, he vigorously promotes the fields, and provides farm tools to encourage the people to restore the "small farmers"; military, Cao Cao also set up the supervision And dispatched the martial arts, with the provenance of various roads.

And Cao Cao "" "" "" "" "" ""

Of course, only "white" is notified, still not counting direct evidence. However, Cao Cao has already got a great honor, he wants to handle a name, only an excuse. Just, the line of telling this is, but also always meets the "excuse" of Cao Cao.

What is unfollow is that the Master of the Eastern Han Dynasty always "is renowned and lighter." Among people who can tell Cao Cao, there is no lack of receipt of Cao's Ri. So why do these people dare to participate actively participate in the instructive activities?

The reason is that the tendency of the ruling class has also changed significantly.

Fourth, the attitude changes of the certificate

The first thing is to be clearly: Why do you pay attention to your own name during the Eastern Han Dynasty?

Obviously, the "propaganda work" of the Eastern Han Dynasty is very in place, so that such a signal is conveyed to the society: in a certain extent, the name is temporarily equal to the official position.

The more famous, the easier it is, and after entering the same, it is more likely to serve as a high level; in turn, the reputation has fallen once, but someone will not only lose the official qualification, but will be "exclusive" throughout the society.

Based on this, even if the Xiongxiang is like Cao Cao, Liu Bei, the Minister is like a 彧, Zhuge Liang has to comply with this "hidden rules". They are "smoking camp" when they are young, only for the elderly "praise". Only this, they can walk more smoothly on the way.

Most officials in the Eastern Han Dynasty, although they didn't work, but they were still good. It is, this period has rarely showed such a "lack of virtue".

Until Cao Cao was confident, he had promulgated "the only one", and he as an example with the Western Han Chamei Chen Ping, as long as he has talented scholars, he also It is happy to accept. So, after a large number of cold gates (or some talented people), the social atmosphere has changed significantly.

At that time, there were many people who were not ashamed of "Notice". On the contrary, in order to hold the "thigh" of Cao's family, they are always passionate about the secret, and this is "brushing enough" in front of Cao Cao.

There is always a north of the Qing Dynasty, it is so shrouded a "white horror". Cao Cao will move, it is wrong, I am afraid it is difficult.

Author: Baizhou Sea Correction / Editor: Lily

Reference: "Three Kingdoms" "Han Book"

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