Why is Italy of one of the fascist three giants to declare surrendering in 1943?

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Why is Italy of one of the fascist three giants to declare surrendering in 1943?

2021-11-28 12:08:09 17 ℃

As we all know, there are three leading countries in the Fasius axis of the Second World War: Nazi Germany, Japan, Italy. Nazi Germany and Japan were unconditional surrendered in 1945, and the Italy in one of the fascist's three giants announced that it was surrendered in 1943, which was earlier than a lot of dummy political rights. So why is Italy surrendered in 1943?

It is almost not prepared for many years in Nazi Germany and Japan who carefully prepared for many years before the explosion of the war. Italy has almost no corresponding preparation for the outbreak of the Second World War. Coupled with Italy's comprehensive national strength and army fighting power in Faszie three giants, most of the Italians are against the war in addition to Mussili and a very few Italian Fasiye.

Because of this, the Italian Army is very pulled in the Second World War, and it is a "World Warler" with France. Because the combat power is too bad, the Italian army has repeatedly touched the wall in the European continent. In desperation, Mussolini can only assign aggression targets to the broad colonies of the UK and France in the continent of Africa.

Because the French overseas colonies are the conditions for Vishi French surrender, Italy can only target the goal to the African colonies controlled by the United Kingdom. In September 1940, Italy offensive Britain's important colonies in Africa, Egypt, North Africa War broke out. But the fighting power of the Italian army is not good. In March 1941, Italy is the defeat in North Africa, which must be supported.

So Hitler sent the German African Legion, the German African Legion commander, who commanded Londer, made the British ate a big loss. However, Hitler's strategic focus is invading the Soviet Union, which is not very firm to North Africa. In addition, the British army controlled the sea power of the Mediterranean, and the German coalition forces were defeated by the British army. In June 1942, the Failure of the US military landed in the north, Germany and the Italian coalitions had not reversible.

After the axis exits North Africa, Italy became the main country that is the most prone to attack. Coupled with the conservative represented by Churchill: From France, landing and with the Soviet fans of Nazi Germany will lead to Eastern Europe to fall into the Soviet Union, it is better to enter Germany from Italy. So the Allies decided to attach it to Italy in 1943, the first goal is Sicily.

From July to August 1943, the Allies captured Sicily. The Italians were scared to have a distant, and the dissatisfaction of Mussolini also broke out. On July 25, 1943, Mussolini was overthrown by the coup, and the new Italian government immediately launched a surrender negotiation. On September 3, 1943, the Allies landed from Sicily on Sicily. On September 8, 1943, Italy announced unconditional surrenders.

Interestingly, after the unconditional surrenders of Italy, the Germans immediately dispatched the northern part of Italy and rescued Mo Sony, supported the Pupu Regime, which was the head of Mussolini, named "Italian Social Republic". Therefore, although Italy announced unconditional surrendering in 1943, Mussolini received the end of their own on April 28, 1945.