The top ten tortures in ancient times, seeing the tenth thoroughly can't hold, hate not full screen mosaic

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The top ten tortures in ancient times, seeing the tenth thoroughly can't hold, hate not full screen mosaic

2021-11-28 12:08:33 22 ℃

You must have heard of the top ten tortures, in fact, in the history of the West, there are also ten tortures to be more than Ling Si, and it is greege. The next content is very heavy, I hope you can support it.

I. Wheel the crank

Humans invented the wheels in six thousand years ago, and the emergence of wheels greatly increased production efficiency, but soon this kind of wisdom used the penalty on people himself.

Especially ancient Romans, they love a "game" called the crank turn to tie the prisoner on the crank wheel, and the spike is installed. As the wheel turns, the prisoner is spappicated again and flesh, The internal organs fly outside the effects of centrifugal force. More terror is that this penalty has a performance of performance. The executioners usually will not kill prisoners soon, but slowly adjust the height of the spike, and then spike plus the fire heap, let the prisoner feel double pain. .


It is also the result of the transformation of production technology. The ancient Roman severity can dispose of slaves at will, in order to suppress slaves, some "smart" slave owners think of the machine used to press the wine, and they put the unidentified slaves into the special press, let other slaves rotate The screw is dying to death with a powerful pressure. The most terrible place for this torture is that the pressed person will feel the pressure increase in step by step, and even he can hear the sound of the brain crack before death, and the final system is crushed, and the death is miserable.


The ancient Romans have proud pulley and torque techniques. These technologies have created advanced cranes and guns, and they also have created terrible pulse thresholds. The prisoner's limbs were tied to the two-headed pulley, according to torque The principle pulls the limbs, even if the prisoner's arm is dislocated, it is even more embarrassed to add iron thorn on the tribute. The prisoner's back will gradually tear the iron thorn. This criminal law can be controlled, sometimes it can last for a few hours or even longer, more than five horses.

Four. Tree punishment and saw

In addition to using advanced instruments, the ancient Romans are also good at borrowing natural power, such as the tyrants, the executioners use the rope to close the treetops of the two trees, and the prisoner's feet are tied to two treetops, then executers Sorry the rope, the force of the trunk directly torn the prisoner into half.

Later, they felt that such death is too fast, invented the saw sentence, fell by the prisoner, and then called two people to take the saw from the crotch, so that the prisoner feels the pain.

5. Blood eagle

In the Middle Ages, people have achieved "long progress" in research and development of torture technology.

For example, when you face the enemy, when you face the enemy, you will cut the back, show the ribs, then the ribs are broken, the ribs will be launched out, after revealing the lungs, the prisoner's lung will quickly shrink the ribs. Rock, like a bloody wings in the flaw.


Bloody eagle is just the name of the eagle, and the medieval mouse is truly used in the nature of the animal. The executioner will cover the iron barrel filled with mice in the prisoner belly, then use the fire burning bucket, mouse in order to survive Will do our best to drill into a soft part, and people's skin is obviously more than iron drums, and some bad fun will cover the iron barrels in the criminals of the prisoner.


It is also a rat, many people may think of a cute and cute hamster wheel. There is also a surprise in the Middle Ages, just that it is full of spikes, when the executioner turns the handle, the prisoner will be inside Turning, then hurting the spikes again and again, finally bleeding.


Not every place can have a cost-high ruler. The shame is generally used as an alternative. The executioners tied the prisoner on the wheel. As the wheel turns, gradually interrupt the prisoner's limbs, when the limbs After the noodles are generally soft, it is tied to the wheel in a distorted manner, and then the high elevated racks will appear, and the prisoner will slowly breathe in the sun.

Nine. Crusher

After playing various wheels, people invented the crusher, similar to the principle of prisoners with ancient Roman slaves, but this is for head. The prisoner's head is turned from huge pressure as the handle, and then the chin is disseminated, and the eyeballs have been exploded. Due to "excellent performance effects", the broken crane is widely used in the medieval.

Ten. Wood Pile

In the end, this penalty, because it is too simple, it is popular in the Middle Ages, it is a penalty. It is especially simple, just insert a wooden pile into the prisoner, then stand up, the prisoner will gradually decline because of the weight, and finally after a few days of pain, it is taken through the wooden pile, and the vampire dena Prototype Frad Dagong is called puncture because of the kind of punishment because of this penalty.

It is difficult to imagine that the above torture is used to deal with human own.

In the face of extreme human nature, what is ghosts?