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The fixedness (Qiha) is the most famous scorpion in the 41 of Kangxi. It is also the longest-lived 嫔 嫔 in the Qing Dynasty, and the only son of Kangxi is also the highest life in the 35 sons of Kangxi. Today, I explore their high secrets.

In the fourteen years of Kangxi, the Decidin was selected in accordance with the annual election girl in the Qing Dynasty. It was selected into the palace of the palace. It was the same batch of palace women who participated in the draft. I didn't know that Kangxi came to see her. I am fortunate, I am in the 24th year of Kangxi, and I am afraid of the dragon, and the status is naturally from the palace girl. There is no record in the historical materials. It is still often, it is obvious, Kangxi is not Favorite, perhaps a born in the evening, there is a dragon.

At the last passbook in Kangxi life, he said to the ritual: "Women who have been born in the age of 4 or 60 can be promoted."

In such a chance, Wanli Having has the opportunity to promote it to settle, from the prostitute, she spent thirty-three years, this year, she is already a 57-year-old man, near the year of the flower armor. .

In Kangxi's numerous hometowns, the fixedness must be one of the most inconspicuous, but it doesn't care about it.

Kangxi sixty-year, Kangxi carried out, Yong Zhengdeng, because Decoction and Yongzheng's mother-in-law, the same period entered the palace, so that he got the attention of Yongzheng, so after him, in order to make the mother happy, it will be promoted to the fixed .

It is also a few in the palace that is in the royal palace, and the first emperor is passed, and his death people will be supported by the emperor, but they will be allocated to live in the same place. Since then, the ancient Buddha is accompanying Life life, Decoction why, of course, is also related to Kangxi's desire, he is giving birth to: "The elderly mother can welcome home from the emperor to home." Decidin has also become a five too lucky one of them.

In the first year of Yongzheng, it was sent to the Wangfu, which was asked to go back, and enjoy the year, the children and grandchildren around the knees.

In the Qianlong years, I was in the five days after the Queen of Qianlong, and the love of the Decidium, the only love - Hong Kun's illness, the year is only 12 years old, which gives the ninety-year-old deciduous and Sixty-six-year-old heavier blows, Qianlong hidden, the grief of his death, the uncle and grandmother have to be prepared, and the son's specifications are the funeral ceremony, the most fascinated is that Qianlong actually Will be the uncle to the uncle.

The king of the king of the king also resumed the laughter of the past, and the old-fashioned face was also restored.

Until Qianlong's second twenty-two year, the ninety-seven-year-old fixed, and the world.

The longevity and good mentality of the fixed, it is not promoted in 333, she still keeps a red heart, I use it, I am fortunate, I am fortunate to have a life, and I am in Fu Jun. After death, I get the kindness of the emperor, and then the Qianlong's Kinds, and the Care of the Emperor Qianlong, letting the life of the fixedness are carefree, I think this is the "secret recipe" of the Sunday. "