The reporter ridiculously, the man's name can't take the sky, and how to answer the way.

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The reporter ridiculously, the man's name can't take the sky, and how to answer the way.

2021-11-28 18:07:47 27 ℃

One day, a reporter asked Yi Zhongtian to say, what is your parents going, give you a name. You are also a book, the book is the first, haven't you heard that men get a name? Yi Zhongtian is not happy: I have used this name for so many years, I will bring it, how can you take me?

Yi Zhongtian is a hot temper. This reporter is a three-flow reporter, asking an annoying problem, causing an annoying issue without a way. Yi Zhongtian is indeed coming from Shuxiangmen, and the readers often come to clearly. His name is the grandfather, I hope he can be in the road to study.

Let's explain, why do China have a man saying that a man does not take the sky? In fact, there are two layers of meanings. One is a legendary Chinese folk, everyone is very confident that God is very awesome. If you bring a flank to the name, it may cause the gods to punish. There is also an ancient emperor who claims to be a child, meaning that God's son, if there is a day in the name of the people, it is a big sin of bullying.

But now the emperor has long been there, Yi Zhongtian family is some readers with progressive ideas, of course, don't want to believe some superstition. Actual proves that Yi Zhongtian's name is indeed very good, and he does have a learning as a day.

Yi Zhongtian is now famous, but his first half is not mixed. His life is very difficult, and it is also crowded at work. Although his lecture is excellent, the students like to listen, but there is no way to comment on the title. Later, the class was stopped, the reason was to affect other courses.

There is a student who is prone to Zhongtian, and the teacher is really poor at that time. His family has a total of 30 square meters, and there is nothing at home. He sleeps in a mat of the dormitory in the summer, only one fan, every day, there is something. In order to save money, the habit of smoking is given, and there is such a night to write the article.

Some people say that Yi Zhongtian does not understand what is human and love. Although his knowledge is high, it can only leave Wuhan University to Xiamen University. However, it is precisely because of his rigorous research attitude, it can be valued by the principal of Xiamen University. After Xiamen University, his salary was really doubled.

In 1995, he returned to Wuhan University exchange again in 1995. A professor is joking with him: You still come back, no you have no fun here! Hurry and adjust it. It's easy to laugh, and I am in the water. If there is no accident, Yi Zhongtian will continue to stay in Xiamen University, but a matter of 1998 has changed his second half.

At that time, Xiamen University is divided into houses, and the premise is that he needs to pay 30,000 yuan. This is of course very cheap, it is also very much. It can be said that it is more than 30,000, even 10,000 yuan, can only look at the house, which makes him deeply stimulated.

In 2005, hundreds of forums launched, according to the idea of ​​Yi Zhongtian, every time he told the lesson, after deducting tax, you can get 960 yuan, you can solve his financial difficulties. He was originally intended to make money, but who knows that there are no few courses like him, and he quickly became an academic star in the country.

Perhaps the redness is not much, he also got a lot of people in the lecture. Some people say that the way to speak in the way is a history of history. But Yi Zhongtian immediately refuted, I am not a drama history, but a history of interest. I have a strict history as a basis, and it is a fun style.