The cottage version of the Song Dynasty, did not have a little relationship with Zhao Song, but defeated the Mongolian army!

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The cottage version of the Song Dynasty, did not have a little relationship with Zhao Song, but defeated the Mongolian army!

2021-11-28 18:07:58 23 ℃

To put it in the Song Dynasty, most people think that Zhao Wei and Zhao Zhao established the Northern Song Dynasty and Southern Song, but in fact, there were five "Song Dynasties" regime, Song Guo, the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, the North and South Dynasties There is another "big Song" regime in the end of the Yuan, these five regimes named after "Song", but there are different fate, especially the last, can be said to be the "cottage version" Song Dynasty.

The Song Dynasty of this "cottage version" is the end of Han Liner, and the end of the Yuan Dynasty. Many people have a dissatisfaction with the Mongolian aristocrats, more and more people who ask the uprising, the leader of the uprising is a person called Han Mountain, Han Mountain children gather three thousand people to start the uprising, the head of the army is tied towel on the head. So the team of this uprising is also called a red towel army.

The red towel army's uprising is fierce. At this time, the Yuan Dynasty has arrived at the end, the national strength is weak, the decay is filled, so, the Song Dynasty has recovered, this is great to increase the morale of the uprising army, but I don't know who reveals news, The government will soon know the existence of the uprising army, but also seized Han Mountain children, the leader of the uprising naturally was to be killed.

In fact, many dynasties are in the last time, some people have the banner of the front chart, because this can be went to the old people in front of the chart, and there is still a good name, which looks a lot of words, although this dynasty may be There is no relationship with a point, but the name is basically the same as before, some last name is the same, anti-Qing Dynasty, etc.

However, the death of Han Mountain children did not scare the army, so Han Mountain children's son Han Lin was supported as Wang, led everyone uprising, the number of red towel, more more and more, Han people have already gotten the tyranny of Mongolia, and they added Red towhe army came. Even once, the Mongolian army was hit.

Red scarf military is a broken bamboo, but Mongol is more good to ride, although the country has already moved to decay, but there are still many excellent military commanders, under the attack of the Mongolian army, the morale of the uprising army is so powerful, many mid-circuit The army was forced to retreat, but this is not finished yet.

The Red Scarf Army is planning to go straight to Member of Mongolia, and then to Gaoli into the palace. At that time, Gao Li is a good helper for Mongolia, and the Red Scarf Army has directly hit the abroad, and it will be attacked. The three capitals of Da Li, but in the end, the Red Towel Army is still in the trick of the Korean, and it has not been able to win.

Although the "big Song" regime is strong, their performance is more brave than the real Song Dynasty. At that time, the uprising rushed to the natural disasters, which was in such a condition of such a smashing, and the Red Scarf Army played such a result. It's not easy, and the Yuan dynasty of the Yuan Dynasty is more important to be hit, and there is no longer in the past.