In the Battle of Changjin Lake, the US military has the best general, and it is a long Smith, which is a teacher.

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In the Battle of Changjin Lake, the US military has the best general, and it is a long Smith, which is a teacher.

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Old week

Abstract; in the Battle of Changjin Lake, the US military against the volunteers, from the 10th Army to the 3rd, the 7th division, the Taiwanese, shoulder, the arms of the stars, and in this general It can be said that most of them are mediocrity, military commanding capacity is flat, only one person, whether it is the judgment of battlefield, or the decisive battle of the battlefield, it is excellent, he is a long Smith, Lu Wan 1 The teacher will eventually highlight the resiliation of the volunteer army, and Smith is also unable to work.

Figure 1: The four US military will take a group photo on the Yueshan town duck

In the Battle of Changjin Lake, the US military with the volunteer army, from the 10th Army to 3rd, the 7th division, the Taiwanese, shoulder, the shoulder, the stars, the stars, in this general, can It is said that most of them are mediocre, military commanding skills, only one person, whether it is the judgment of the battlefield situation, or the decisive battle of the battlefield, he is excellent, he is a long Smith, the land war 1, finally Can highlight the resilience of the volunteer army, Smith is also unable.

Speaking of the US military generals in Changjin Lake Battle, first start from the picture from the question. This photo is also more famous in the historical photo of the Korean War, you can see in many articles. This is the 17th incident of the 17th infantry division of the 10th Army, the 10th Army of the East Line of the East Line, in Huishan Town, who is on the side of the duck, here is the north of North Korea, the Baiyu City, Jilin Province, is already the north of North Korea. It is also the northernmost end that the US military arrives throughout the North Korean war.

Therefore, the 10th Army, the senior military officers of the 7th division quickly rushed to Huishan Town, and took this photo on the green river. However, for the four people in the photo, it is almost unsatisfactory. Here, the old week will give a correct answer to listen to the listening - from left to right: The 7th division of fortune group commander Holm Chelvo, the 7th division, Henry Henry, Heze, The 10th Army, Amond, the 7th Division, David Balmather.

Soon after this photo was taken, the Volunteers launched the second battle. After the US No. 17 found the volunteer army, she was deeply reflected in the side of the army. Therefore, she rushed from Huishan Town, and there was no longer Arrived over ducks.

What we need to introduce is that this photo is located in the C bit, and it is also a military position in the Battle of Changjin Lake. The highest military army, the highest military commander Edward Mall, and he also serves as "United Nations "General Commander MacArthur.

Almond was born in Virginia in 1892, graduated from the Virginia Military Academy in 1915, got the rank of the infantry. In 1918, he participated in the first battle with the fourth infantry division. After the end of the war, he adjusted to the Malifang Military Academy to serve as the Ningbao Infantry School in 1924, in 1930, he entered the University of Kansas, Worth Fort School of Command. From 1931 to 1933, served in the US military troops stationed in the Philippines, in 1934, I entered the Army Military Academy to study. From 1934 to 1938, in the intelligence department of the Army Staff Headquarters. In January 1941, he was sent to the Sixth Military Command to the Povendes in Rhode Island. In March 1942, he was promoted to the quasi-inquiry, and he was promoted to the 93rd Stewardegist Deputy Master in Arizona. In 1943, he lifted his 92r. The 92th teacher is the first for the US military, which is completely made by the black soldiers. In 1944, it was promoted to the Major General, and the parties participated in the battlefield battle of Italy. In just two years, I will rose to the quasi-will, and this is a large extent, which is the same as the virginian military school alumni, and when the Army staff, the US Triple Party Marshall. The spring breeze on the officialdom is proud, but it can't cover the mediocrity in the battlefield. The 92-teachers he ordered was lacking, and it was attributed to the quality of black soldiers in this.

Figure 2: Almond's promotion will receive Marshall's care

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In 1946, Almond was transferred to the Allied Headquarters (GHQ) of MacArthur, and served as the Minister of Personnel. In this case, the big tree of MacArthur was raised in January 1949, he was promoted to the generals of the Allies. Usually, the business is not strong, but the official transportation, the main reason is nothing more than a horses. McArthri just uses itself, just likes that Ah, Almond does have a set in this respect, so you will soon get the favor of MacArthur, successfully played the role of Mike Arthur shadow, Chengtian followed behind Mike.

In June 1950, the Korean War broke out, McArthur met the "United Nations" commander, Almond also became the "United Nations" staff. In September, MacArthur formed the 10th Army, let Almond servant. The 10th Army's first battle Incheon landed, and then transferred to Yuanshan to log in and put into the East Line Battlefield.

In the Battle of Changjin Lake, he had a non-contradiction in Smith with the Land War 1 division, while Almond's opinion later is later proven to be wrong. Since the 10th Army is in the Changjin Lake area, the deployment is too dispersed, so the 31st team of the US military has been hit hard, and the land warfare is falling into the resilience. If it is not a strong air support and the decisive director of Smith Master, even land warfare 1 teacher is to be buried in Changjin Lake, so Almond has been criticized.

After the Commune of the 8th Army, the US military conducted the adjustment and adjustment of the US military, and the 10th military scratch was made to the 8th Group Army. Although Almond is not good, the ability is mediocre, but Li Qi is still let Almond continue to stay for the 10th Army.

Figure 3: The US military general in the flagship in the flagship in Incheon, the left three-handed scallion is Mike Art, the left four fingers is Almond.

In April 1951, Li Qiyou took the dismissed MacArthur as the "United Nations" commander, and immediately revoke the position of the staff of Almond. In July 1951, Almond was transferred to the Dean of the Army Military Academy. In 1953, he retired and died in 1979.

In the Battle of Changjin Lake, Almond could contribute to McArthur who believed that China was just a mistake of symbolic veterans, and the enemy took into the endo lake area, and there is a big problem in the deployment of the force. Under the Strision of the Volunteers, the US military has to leave with division of 125 kilometers from the Changjin Lake area. He has been withdrawn from the Harbor, and then the ship is evacuated from the East Line. For the failure of the US military in the East, Almond naturally has unneaked responsibilities.

Speaking of Almond, in the case of the arrogant, Alexander Meigs Haig, Alexander Meigs Haig, was still a small lieutenant, and later the Tour Qingyun, in 1969, the presidential national security affairs assistant Henry Kissinger's senior military adviser, promoted from 1972, served as deputy chief of the Army, and then appointed the director of the White House Office by Nix Song. In October 1974, Ford was appointed as the general commander of the US European Command, two After a month, I was appointed as the highest commander of the European United Force, which was fully responsible for NATO Affairs. Decomited in 1979.

In January 1972, the black grouse of the US presidential national security affairs deputy residents lead to China to visit China's pre-station to visit China, and carry out technical arrangements, such a black grid will become the first American general of China.

In 1973, after the Water Incident, in the 16 months of Nixon resigned, the Black Gook helped Nicksong to deal with the prosecution, and the president was dealing with government affairs, so it was called "half president."

In 1980, Ragang was elected president, and the black ganya was appointed as Secretary of State.

In 1988, Black Gan is preparing to compete with Bush for the Republican presidential candidate, but later announced that it is far from the political transfer to the business community, and Blackg has served as a senior consultant of the United States, and the US online Times Warner, International Pharmaceutical Company, MGM Company , Director of the National Heart Surgery Research Foundation, MGM company.

It can be seen that the black gy is also a very capable person. Whether it is a military community, or a political, business, it is an elite entry into the top. More than his old superior Almond.

Figure 4: Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Lu, later become four stars

Then talk about the photo of the US Army, the 7th infantry teacher of Almond, David Barr, this name is very strange, but his Chinese name is large, and people know more. That's right, Ma Divi is the head of the US military advisory group during the War of Liberation.

The performance of Ba David in the Battle of Changjin Lake is not high, but it is better than Almond. At that time, the task of the 7th division is to cover the side wings of the land warfare, but the whole division pulls the troops to pull the seven-zero eight, in the 121st team of the Changjin Lake area, only 2 steps camps with 1 guns Ying, once the 31st team was besieged in the emerging, the neighbors were far away, whipped, and there was no troops in the surrounding troops to reinforcement, and only glanced at the 31 group detachment was smashed. This stupid force deployment, as a teacher, the teacher's Bache, is naturally difficult. Therefore, after Li Qiyou, after ordering the commander of the 8th Competition, he withdrew the position of 4 division of division.

Some people will feel strange, how can I be a head of military advisor group in China?

The reason is very simple, because Chiang Kai-shell is guilty of the US military's big Marshall! When he was dispatched in the Chinese ancestors, he was sent as a staff member of the Chinese ancestors, and mastered the share of aid for the distribution of aid. It was said that "China Tong" in the US military will speak Chinese. It seems to understand China. In fact, I don't understand China's national conditions. I also want to change with the west. Most importantly, Stiwei and Marshall are not shallow, and when the Marshall is a head of Marshall, Stiwewei is the length of his hand. Stiway started to use the US military officer to replace the Chinese military officers at all levels in the print army, and was made by the army of the military army. Incident, Chiang Kai-shek rebounded strongly, and did not hesitate to withdraw from the union of the franchise camp. In this way, Stiwei finally had to leave China.

The younger brother Si Wei's gray face, as a big brother's Marshall natural face, this Liangzi is an end. During the 1946 military adjustment, as the Marshall Mile in Marshall, the Marshalli, the general representative of the stopper, was biased towards the CPC, and the United States has also implemented a year of military embargo on the Kuomintang government. The head of the military advisor group, also known as the passage of Badi, and a major general in the district. In contrast, the Military Adviser Charter of the Soviet Union during the Northern Expedition period, this is a pseudonym. The real name is the first batch of Wuher, the first batch of five marshals in the Soviet Union. In the 1930s, the German Military Advisory Mission, Saikte, Fasshausen, is a famous name, and will lead the general level. There is no contrast, there is no harm. The US military advisor group head is Batvi, whether it is a famous, military rank, or the ability, the gap is not a star half point, this can also see Marshall's attitude toward Chiang Kai-shek, no need to cover up. . The assistant when the head of the head of the consultant group in China, Don Carlos Faith, the Battle of Changjin Lake is the 7th division of 32 groups 1, or in Badi Under the hand. Fis's military capabilities, and the bigville is similar, very mediocre. On the day of the battle of Changjin Lake, on November 27th, Fis was a 31st Team Commander, 31 Mission, McLene, School (Fis's 32 group 1 battalion was transferred to 31 groups) 1 battalion continues from 1221 Highlands, entering the inside, so that we will continue to advance from the next day. McLean agreed to this suggestion, so 32 groups arrived in the afternoon of the day. The two-year-old inside of the day - after the war 1221 Highland is not only the most suitable defense in the emerging area, but also makes 31 groups that are not strong, and if the 32 group 1 camp is in the 1221 highlands and the 31st team follow-up force will be together. It may not be so passive later.

Figure 5:31 Meng Mai McLean (left) and 32 groups 1 Crowd Changz (right)

On the evening of the 28th, the 32nd group of inside, was violently attacked by the volunteer army. At 2 am, Fis and McLan were discussed, and it was difficult to support this evening, decided to break around at 4:30, withdraw to emerging inside. Fis is a centralized truck to transport wounded and replenish the supplier, starting through the 500 hours, withdrawn from the emerging, and the main force of the 31 team. On the morning, the 31st group, McLan, I saw that there was a troop activity in the South Bank of the Highway Bridge, thinking is the 31 group 2 battalion that came to the reinforcement, and the rush rushed to contact, and the results were returned to death. Due to McLene, 31 groups 3 camp long William Rilei Middle School and 57 artillery campaign Long Thunder Enbley's middle school is injured, so the US military in emerging is running by 32 groups 1 Central unified command.

On the afternoon of December 1, Fest led the 31st team's residual to break around, and if Feis was killed in overshoot, and the 31 group was collapsed. After the war, the US military believes that Although Feis has a handsome, the first-year-old palace is also pursued, and as a commander, it is really unqualified. The breakout plan is not careful, not only without a spare plan, and even the stage of the midway (For example, it is not possible to establish a position overnight before the blackness of the day. The timeout time of Fest Choose is also a problem. I decided to break through at 10 o'clock in the morning. At 12:45, I wanted to walk about 20 kilometers before the darkness (local sunset time), at the time of the troops Status and battlefield situations are impossible. The troops have suffered a lot of casualties in the next day, and the military officers and scholars have gradually lost the practical mastery of the troops. If the troops served as the side guards and the guards, there is no cover in the first broken bridge, so that the team is very Casual injury. Such a force gradually loses mastery, and it has been supported by individuals, and the breakout plans are not careless. Final failure will inevitably.

- Look at, Batvi, Fis, come to Chiang Kai-shek as a consultant, what can I make a good idea?

Here is the 31st team and the 31 group leader Allen McLan McLean, and there are two sentences. 31st Regiment Combat Team, Abbreviation 31RCT) is due to the distribution of the seventh division in the Changjin Lake area, and it is unable to assemble the 10th Army's combat plan, and will be around the surrounding area around Changjin Lake. The relatively concentrated troops temporarily grouped the 31st group of detail, and the McLean is unified. In some articles, 31 groups are called the strengthening group, which is obviously wrong. 31 groups include 31st group 3 battalion, 31st group 2 battalion (lack of E-connected, replacement of 1 camp B), 32nd regiment 1 camp, 57th field artillery camp (lack C even, take the 15 air defense camp D contingent replacement) and 31 groups forced guns and tanks, but 31 groups did not reach emerging. In the case of emerging, only 2 steps camps and 1 artillery battalion, a group built more than standard. (3 Steps Camps and 1 Artillery Camp) must be less than one-quarter, let alone is a strengthening group. Figure 6: US military officer in the Battle of Changjin Lake, left Almond, Badvi, McLean

McLean colleges are the highest level of military officers who have killed in the whole Korean war. Note that there is a post here, the US military has two positions and military ranks in North Korea.

The first is the No. 8 Army General Walton Harris Walker, the Walton Harris Walker (chasing the promotion). He was killed in a car accident in December 1950.

The second is the No. 9 military commander Bryant Moore, and in February 1951 because helicopter crashed accidents. These two generals are not dead on the battlefield, so it is not a death. In this way, McLene has become the highest level of military officers who are really dead on the battlefield.

Bas finally said that the protagonist of this article, Oliver Prince Smith, who is the main character of this article.

Smith was born in Texas, Texas in 1893. He graduated from the University of California, in 1916, in 1917, in 1917, he entered the Marine Corps to serve the rank. In 1921, he served as a "Texas" battles, in 1924, he adjusted the Personnel Group of the Marine Corps Command. In 1928, he served as a deputy officials of the Haitian Port Department. In 1931, he entered the Army Infantry School command to prepare, 1932 Untili Virginia Guan Tima Marine Team Series Embassy, ​​in 1933, he was arrested by the Department of Marine War, 1934, adjusted the US Embassy in France, the Navy military officials in the Paris, in 1934, marked the Guidairo Team School Academy, 1936. In 1939, he adjudes the Shengdi Tento Base Base Officer. In 1940, he was the first year of operation of Lu War 6, 1942, from the deputy head of the Order Planning Policy Group, 1944, No. 5 of the Marine War 1st Long, 1944, Deputy Director of Lu War 1, 1944, as director of the 10th National Army, participated in the new British or Battle of Battle, Beritau and Okinawa. In 1945, he served as the head of Guan Tima Marine Team School, and he served as the Guimo base commander. In April 1948, he promoted to the deputy commander of the Marine Corps. In June 1950, the North Korean War broke out, and was at the end of the Director of the land, and the land warfare was attended by the Korean War.

Figure 7: Marine War 1 teacher Chang Smith

On the Korean battlefield, the land warfare 1 was first as the "fire brigade" of the Luodongjiang line, and the stability of the Luodongjiang line of sweating. Then by McArthrice in the Pioneer, the pioneer of the Incheon landing, successfully completed the inner landing of terrain in the least suitable landing - Incheon. In the Battle of Changjin Lake, Smith's military can get the fullest play.

Entering the Changjin Lake area, Smith immediately detected the dangerous taste, because there is only one simple road that is very complex from the rear base Xingnang to Changjin Lake Region, which is a simple road of earth and sand. The narrow path, more than 70 kilometers, walk through the mountain, can only be barely calculated on the road. Especially from the truth, I entered the mountainous area, and I went to the nearly 80 kilometers of road sections in Liu Tan. The road stenosis can only allow a car to pass, and it is on the mountainside, and it is steep on the mountainside. Abyss! All units and supplies have passed from this road, so that the entire line of army will dragging very long. Disperse, once the split is surrounded, it is easy to break through each one, from the military, it is stupid to the top of such terrain. So he immediately put forward different opinions, but was rejected by Almond, Almond was the belief of MacArthur, which was unable to reveal the disclosure against MacArthur. . And Almond also is full of optimism as McAri, thinking that it is already a steady win coupon! He even in Smith, he intended to build an airport in the next embarrassment in order to withdraw from the wounded of the wounded. "How could there be a casualty ?!"

Smith still does not care about Almond's opposition, insisting on building a simple airport in the ancient, under the miles, and Liu Tan. Liu Tan River is not available because of the firefighting of the volunteer army, and the airports built in the ancient soil can only be lifted and landing, and the effect is limited. But in the airport in the next, the retreat of land warfare 1, but also the air-air air investment, but also a variety of replenishment materials including ammunition, fuel, food, etc., a total of approximately 372 tons, but also after air transport After sending 4,468 wounded, add 444 wounded after airport in Ancient Suri Airport, and a total of 4,912 wounded by the air transport, which greatly reduced the burden of land war 1. From this point, you can see the foresight of Smith. Figure 8: Smith teacher on the "Time" magazine cover

For the "Christmas Attack" of the McArthur two-wire clamp attack, Smith believes that the East Line is in the cold area, in such a mountainous area, the success is completely based on the basis of luck. Smith will write a long letter to the Marine Corps commander Krift Kemato, in detail, the battlefield situation and the reason why you are very worried, he wrote in the letter: "We are the 10th army Left wing, and our left wing did not protect anything, our left-wing did not have any friendly presence in at least 80 miles ... I am very worried about providing replenishment to the troops in the mountains in winter. Snow melting and frozen will make the mountain road more difficult Parallel, winter vacancies are not sufficient to provide two regiments, due to the dispersion of climate and troops and the height of the altitude, even if the helicopter inspector is also difficult ... The staff of the 10th Army is one million maps. Submissing plan, we are performing tasks at 50,000 maps. The force is constantly dispersed, which makes them danger ... "Smith hopes to negotiate with McAri, fix the task, but after landing MacArthur's prestige reaches the peak of the day, so the result of coordination will not be.

Smith has always maintained a clear mind and did not have a victory to be stunned like a senior general of McAr, Almond. Therefore, Smith is very contradicted by the battle tasks of the land war 1. Although Almond is an emergency urgently urged it, he still controls the propulsion of the land war 1 is one or two kilometers, very cautious, and demanded by land war 1 Teacher Lee is responsible for guarding the supply route, which means that he attaches great importance to the back of the road.

After the start of the Battle of Changjin Lake, the retreat of the land of the land will stay in the next five days, and it is rest, but it does not stop in the ancient soil, which reflects Smith's accurate judgment and decision of the battlefield situation. action.

The land of the land will eventually highlight the resiliation of the volunteer army in the Changjin Lake area, both of the equipment, logistics, the cause of strong air support, and the outstanding command of Smith, there is no doubt that is one of the reasons. Imagine, If Smith is like Almond, Badvi is the mediocrity like Aermond, the land war 1 will be able to highlight a bigger price.

In May 1951, Schith was transferred to the Division of the Lu War, and visited Pendon Base Commander. In 1953, he served as commander of the Atlantic Marine Team, and the army was retired in September 1955. Dreaming December 25, 1977.

The so-called not afraid of not knowing the goods, I am afraid that the goods are fierce, after a comparison, the long Smith of the land war 1 is undoubtedly in the Battle of Changjin Lake, the best in the United States, the best, it will be talented.

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