Cao Cao kill Kong Guoliang, Kong Rong nine years old, left eight words, flowing thousands of years

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Cao Cao kill Kong Guoliang, Kong Rong nine years old, left eight words, flowing thousands of years

2021-11-28 18:07:57 25 ℃

Speaking of Kongolong and Cao Cao, both of them are celebrities in history. From the identity status of these two people, they can know, no matter what, no matter how it is, what is Cao Cao? Cao Cao is a chaotic generation.

Cao Cao's origin is not very high, and he once can't be seen by someone who claims to be a nobleman by the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, but he uses his own talents and excellent ability to use people, use people's ability, plus At the control of various military big events, I have established the most powerful Wei Guo during the three countries.

So how is the hole? Kong Rong's home is nothing to say, Kongron is the grandson of Confucius 20, when four years old, because a well is a good world. After the grew is big, it became Jian'an Seven, which became a famous person in the three countries.

In ancient times, it is actually a good product. Only the era of reading high, Kong Fu has such a Ho's orthodox blood, no matter where he goes, it is very welcoming, whitening, Kongol is actually a born noble . After all, at the time, the rulers of the past generation were all kinds of moses created by his ancestors.

Kong Rong is the successor of Confucian culture. For the purposes of many people, they choose to condemn. So at the time, Cao Cao said that after the princes, after mastering the Han Royal Royal Rem, the Kong Rong stood on the political position, and Cao Cao has formed water. One I only want to go to work, but the other is how to take the boss to go out. The two people's thoughts are different, and the various ideas accepted are different. How can it become a couple?

When it comes to Kong Rong, he has a knowledge is true. Although it is on the name of Confucius, it can't be more energetic with Cao Cao. From time to time, it will sell his talent in front of Cao Cao, and then go to Cao Cao. At that time, Cao Cao said that the hole fell in the family that Cao Cao did not respect the exchange. How can I make this ugly? So he wrote a letter to Cao, and satirized him.

For Cao Cao, he is most important in this life, and Kong Rong is indeed a talent in his eyes. But for these people who don't use themselves, he is also extremely dissatisfied with all aspects of Kong Rong, but it is indeed because of the best of the other's home, so he does not dare to train, after all, I still want to have a good reputation.

After that, the phenomenon of famine is produced, because the military needs lack, under the three-year war, soldiers, the soldiers are the most status of people at the time. In order to distribute the soldiers, Cao Cao directly came directly to the magazine of the gold school, let alone the way to use an open source and throttle?

So Cao Cao ordered it and began to implement a ban. At that time, all the cultural people had no ink, they wanted to drink a pot of small wine. When I saw this order, Kongron was naturally unwilling, so I started writing letter to Cao Cao and showing a good place to drink. But only the words on the envelope, but I can't see his respect for Cao Cao, Cao Cao is naturally unhappy. But if it is really because of this little thing, Cao Cao wants to kill Kongron, then Cao Cao is too careful.

In fact, Cao Cao is killing Kong Rong, because Kongron violated Cao Cao's taboo. Kong Rong said that it is not able to build princes, indicating that it is to be paired with Cao Cao. But the words came back, if I was not Cao Cao called the princes, I didn't know what life. This advocation of Kong Rong is undoubtedly too old, but he is not afraid, who makes his ancestors tell him that he is loyal to patriotism.

The reading man is really not very good, but if you want to kill a person, just give him an ambiguous. Kongron ourselves in other places, but after they are committed, they are involved in their sons and family, this is not good. Before the end of the year, he suddenly thought of his child as so little, how can you die? Both children, the biggest thing is nine years old, a little bit eight years old, this older child, how can you lose life because of your fault?

When the person who arrested the hole came to his government, Kongron decided to make his child again decided to be a loyal minister. Give your own children.

At this time, the child of the nine-year-old child said that under the nest, there was a finish egg. These eight words have passed a thousand years, but who can think of it, this is a nine-year-old children say it. After the hole heard his son, he said that he said is too right. Is it really old confused? It is even more than a nine-year-old child.

A nine-year-old child, in the face of death, it is not afraid, this is the style and discouragement after the famous door. If the Hore will be as moving as his child, it will not be able to settle.