There must be a demon abnormally

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There must be a demon abnormally

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Text / Qing Song to warm


August 18, 1620, 30 years "everything ignore" the Wanli Emperor Zhu Yijun, go.

Before dying, not forgetting called Prince Zhu Luo Chang, especially confessed one thing.

He hoped that in the future be able to worship ancestors buried in the imperial concubine Zheng He's Tomb, after all, he had once written a love with a woman vows.

Zhu Luo Chang readily agreed.

But as a small mother of Zhu Luo Chang, Zhu Luo Chang promised more readily, the more my heart did not end Zheng Royal.

Because, before, Zheng Royal bent to make their own son when the emperor, a lot of effort, play a lot of instruments, relations with Zhu Luo Chang's playing very tight.

Wanli in the time of her husband covered with love, nothing serious.

"Club hit case (Prince Zhu Luo Chang assassination of political events)," is the way a big deal to find Prince Zhu Luo Chang admit you were wrong, her knees and begged Prince, Prince had returned to her knees.

Not anymore, Zhu Luo Chang became emperor, you have to beg for a Zhu Luo Chang.

First, in order Zhu Luo Chang Do not bother her,

The second is to let Zhu Luo Chang listen to the words of his father, let her worship ancestors buried tombs.

From a personal point of view, worship ancestors buried tombs this kind of thing, just after the death of scenery seems dispensable.

But the ancient people pay attention to this.

There is also a very important factor - that is, Zheng Royal family is of great significance as it relates to Cheng is not infinite beauty can continue to go on in the Ming dynasty.

It is more necessary to pat the current emperor's ass, closer look at the relationship between the two men.


How to shoot it?


Send what is good?

Well emperor, power, money, name, color, not missing.

The world's largest imperial power; money is not needed, Father left enough of all the money.

The first three are not taken into account.

The only brains, a colored bird.

Emperor missing woman?

Of course not lack.

Are not necessarily beauty, stay in the house for many decades old maid there, but certainly no shortage of beauty.

Emperor in the palace, which already can be spotted, can be anywhere relent.

He Zhu Luo Chang that way.

The key problem is that, you is not gotta take the time to discover the beauty?

It is not had to sacrifice a lot of brain cells, to think about what a reasonable way to enjoy?

The difficulty is not great, but not always trouble.

Now Zheng small mom willing to help out, or can.


Zheng Royal chose eight beauty, gave Zhu Luo Chang.

The ceremony, sent right.

Zhu Luo Chang fart Britain Britain on the "two life once, every night Miyuki" the

Zhu Luo Chang lust it? In fact, it is not necessarily true.

Earlier, Zhu Luo Chang heirs because production is not high, Wanli quite worried, so he decreed "multiple choice Shuyuan to about paternity."

Since it is not lust, Zhu Luo Chang why so hurry it?

This, it is necessary to analyze the mentality of Zhu Luo Chang came all the way to grow.


That year, the eldest son of Emperor Zhu Luo Chang is only imaginary five years old, with a number of ministers, headed by cabinet minister Shenshihang memorial on request, to make him into a prince.

The reason is that time of the Wanli Zheng Royal is not too petted.

This case, if they wish to stand Zheng Royal Emperor Zhu Chang Xun born when Prince, it is not contrary to the emperor "There entropy crown prince, no entropy stand long," the progenitor system yet?

Wanli in fact, may not have this meaning, but so are the ministers a doubt that he was unhappy, they begin bickering.

You have to stand the eldest son, it was to pet Zheng.

Prince This thing is not dragged to do.

Zhong Chen then please, Wanli feet.

Zhong Chen tried various methods to continue to request, Wanli Ye tried various ways to continue to drag.

Drag Wanli twenty-nine years, Zhu Luo Chang are false and twenty years old, it can not be delayed, it established a prince.

Established the Prince to all?

of course not.


Wanli do not necessarily have the idea of ​​a separate Prince.

But Zhu Chang Xun Zheng Royal and mother but because Wanli has not a prince, had the idea.

So they continue to engage in some small action.

Including printed a few books, so that we feel Zheng Royal Empress in ancient times with the same virtuous, attempting to make everyone believe that from the consciousness, can "because the mother of your son."

Such moves Cheng, Ming Zhong Chen and students in the eyes of too LOW a.

Some people put up posters (then called mortgage attached, the equivalent of a small transcript) secretly distributed to Zheng Royal already have, including the possibility of some political purposes, to a large comprehensive expose, but you still can not find who did it.

This matter has appeared twice, before and after a difference of more than ten years, is the "demon book case."

Meanwhile, Zhu Xun also often rely on Beijing, Luoyang is not the country of the manor.

Finally been driven away, and my heart that Wohuo ah, is to go away, not long after, Zheng Royal's men bought a murderer, Zhu Luo Chang attempted to beat meal outlet.

It could not say things are not secretly ordered Zheng Royal, Prince, I was not beaten, but was Manchao his court time have long prevented the wave of strong political counterattack, demanded stern punishment for the murderer, who ordered the thorough investigation behind.

Finally, no forced towards thirty years of Wanli, North Korea will have to be held, press this thing down.

This is the "club hit case."

This series of things happen, Zhu Luo Chang can only suffer in silence.

China thousands of years of history from the point of view, to be ranked the most useless prince, breaking a finger count, that the top few there, he must have Zhu Luo Chang's name.

Difficult to endure for decades, once they finally do sweep the haze, he became emperor.

Haha, the suffocated, Laozi is now the first day. What is this beautiful woman?

It is the failed declaration of the opponent, and it is a victory fruit!

What is Zhu Changlo not to enjoy the truth?

This has a physiologically desire, psychological needs, far more than it.


History is a true story. This is not a story of the screening, as long as considering the protagonist, you can consider the role of running dragon, because they are also true people.

At this time, how do you want to be a gift?

In the palace, women with no names are promoted, and they can only have five opportunities:

The first one, can see the emperor;

Second, you can sleep to the emperor;

Third, you can pregnant with the emperor's children;

The fourth, can give birth to a male child who may be the emperor;

The fifth, born boys, can be the emperor.

Now, they have arrived directly to the second step, then go to higher goals.

This is no longer the problem of drying wood, but the wax torch is needed.

And eight people compete at the same time, how many rain can be stained, and they have shown this.

The result is only one, in a very short time, eight women quickly overdue Zhu Changlo's body.


The emperor is ill fallen.

The reasonable procedure should immediately pass the Tai Hospital too much medicine.

And slow, please wait 10.

Can you pass a doctor?



Zhu Changlo said on the emperor. Since the dispute between China, how many people before, and take this topic to maintain the bits of the Prince, showing their own integrity.

They have no doubt that they all think this is the results they support.

Plus how many years of lack of negatives, all the people are waiting for Zhu Changlu to become a holy monarch, Ming Jun.

Oh, you are now on, stay in the palace all day?

If this is a silk wind, the minister of the integrity, the scene of the light is flooded, and you can drown you.

How do you face so much bitter?

Moreover, the doctor is a consultation, and it is necessary to pass a series of procedures.

More than one doctor knows that this is not a fire.


The cause of the emperor is very clear, that is, then.

What should I do?

Govern it.

Fortunately, the emperor has two "understand" the eunuch, this eunuch is called Cui Wenheng, which is specially responsible for administering medicinal materials to the emperor, and is also a profession.

This professionector told the emperor "medical":

Emperor, you are the rising fire rise, since it is a rising, the best way is to take a salary at the bottom of the kettle.

How to treat it?

We have to discharge, so you have to eat ventilation.

Is this "medical" not professional?

There is also an official, a professional, opposed this doctor.

It is said that the emperor is the body's loss, it should be replenished, how to reflex the discharge?

But at the time, it was still in accordance with Cui Wensheng's opinion.

The ventilation in the palace is really good.

Zhu Changlow got up three or forty nights.

Think about it.

Don't do it in one night, just busy getting up.

It was the body that hollowed out, this is more empty.

At once, the diseased paste.


Zhu Chang Luo Shenji just ten days, just right is his birthday, such a major celebration, Zhu Changlo can no longer participate.

On August 12, it was barely held his body, and the Royal Gate was heard once.

The next day, again.

The news of the emperor is spread.

The most concerned about the condition, of course, the first part of the cabinet from the species.

One day, I went home, it was already seven or eight o'clock in the evening, shouted at home, "The emperor is so heavy, what?"

His family members of the family, called the party, just in his home these two days.

Just talk to Fang Zhe, there is such a person in the past few days, it is the Dali Temple, called Li Kehu, holding the medicine, staring at the door of the family, but also said, "The emperor's disease is only he can cure."

The next day, Fang Zhe was brought into the palace to give the emperor to the emperor.

I don't know if this red pill is really effective.

It may also be back to the light.

Anyway, I took medicine, I feel very good, I want to eat.

"Well, reward, in addition, then enter a pill."

However, when the emperor will eat the second pill, after a day, in September (5-7 points), he is driving, Taichang Emperor Zhu Changlo drives.


The emperor landed, and it was still hung less than a month.

Who is the most sad?

Donglin Party.


When I thought that the Wanlin Party, the servant of the Donglin party was asked for the prince, and the death of Wanli was dead, and the army, charge the army, penalty, and ass.

After standing in the Prince, the demon book, the case, and he stood up and stood in Zhu Changluo.

What bitter is eaten, what sins are all.

It is difficult to wait until Zhu Chang Luo Shenji, which is simply the highest light moment in the Donglin party.

Now I haven't done it, how long have you told me the emperor?

Donglin Party perspective looks, there is a person's most suspicious.

The main facility of the cabinet from the species.

Just as I brought Li Kai into the palace to let the emperor eat the drug to death, and it is also based on the purpose of Li Kai 50 and two silver.

More sorry is that he is the Zhejiang party and is the largest opposition in Donglin.

Square, you must be responsible!


The Yu Shi Wang Anzhen first slammed the square from the species.

It is said that he first recommends mad doctor, and then rewards its silver two self-masked offenses.Square is helpless from the species, only have to deal with it, and the penalty of Li Kejing is one year.

Soon Yu Zheng Zong Zhou, the Tu, Tui Weicheng, who took the laxative, demanded him to transfer him to the law.

Square is a tribute to the privileges from the species.

I didn't expect that this will cause a group of governors from the court.

Yu Shima Sanyuan, Jiao Yuan, Guo Ruchu, give things, Wei Yingjia, Tai Chang Temple Cao Rui, Guanglu Temple Qing Gao Pan Long, the main matter Lu Weiqi, etc.Which is the national law?

It is directly to tear the face directly, and the straightforward people have "ten crimes, killing three times" from the philosophy.

Everyone is fake, let you get the place where you will be true.

In this case, the party can't stay in the first one in the front.

After six requests, it was finally approved.

Since then, the cabinet, the Ministry of Tong, a person in the East Into.

The Red Pill case has become a three major questions in the late Ming Dynasty, probably does not need truth.

The Donglin Party is happy ...