Liu Bei only went to the mountain, but the three big talents lost the arm, even the failure ended

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Liu Bei only went to the mountain, but the three big talents lost the arm, even the failure ended

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I know that Liu Bei knows that Liu Bei's life is very inspirational. It can be said that it is full of civilians. It is a bit similar to Han Gaozu Liu Bang. Liu Bang is still a pavilion. However, Liu Bei has continuously condestentive new friends and ministries by his unremitting efforts. Finally, it has achieved a lot of unclear, but it is unfortunately unfortunately.

Liu Bei came, got to know Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun, is the most important part of his life; then, San Gu Mao Zhuge Liang, got the chief persons, and then got the phoenix patch, the ghost is also; then, Huang Zhong, Wei Yan, Ma Chao It is necessary to rely on, there are a lot of martial arts; in addition, the law is official, Liu Bi has joined the camp, and the people who have an idea also have more people. but! Although Liu Bei grabbed many talents, Liu Bei also lost 3 big talents. The 3 people finally arrived in Sun Quan, Cao Cao's camp, became an obstacle to Liu Beiqixing.

Liu Bei

The first place is too saying. Many people may be wonderful, Liu Bei also said with Tai Shu to see? of course. Beihai Xiang Kong is surrounded by a yellow towel army, and Tai Shi has been invested by Kong Rong, Tai Shiyi is in a life, go to the city to help Kong Kong, but also take the initiative to ask for aid. In this way, Tai Shi came to Liu Bei stationed, said:

Ci, the monk of Donglai also, with Kong Beihai pro-bone meat, than non-township, specially known as a sense of disaster. Today, the riots, the North Sea is surrounded, the loneliness is helpless, and the danger is in danger. With the name of the benevolent, you can save people, so the North Sea District, delay, so that the white blade, suddenly surround, from the death of the king, but the monarch is saved.

Deep thinking, saying a lot, Liu Bei definitely saved, three thousand soldiers scared the yellow towel army. At this time, Taifei and Liu Bei must be acquainted, according to Liu Bei's habits, affirmation and Tid's Ci Tuan, but Tai Shi is not followed by Liu Bei, it can be seen that Liu Bei is lost.

Subsequently, Taichi became a general of Sun Ce, in the past: the big husband was born in the world, and she should bring three feet long swords to rise in the sky. Such ambition, it is more energetic.


The second is Tian Yu, according to the "Three Kingdoms" record: Liu Bei's rushing grandchildren also, there are few days, and they have been prepared, and they have a special. It can be seen that this Tian Yu is very early, and it is similar to Zhao Yun, but the military will be recommended by the Gongshun, however, this is a good Tian Yu, and Liu Bei did not grasp. History record: 泣 与 别

Liu Bei is wrong, and later, Tian Yu got against Cao Cao, became a general of Cao Cao. Tian Yuxi lived in the north, helping Cao Cao Town to guard the North Xinjiang, from the Excellence of Wuhuang, 斩 bone into, breaking more, and more merits, dealing with the northern nomadic troops. Over the army who defeated Dongwu, it can be seen that its military can be relatively strong. If you are with Zhao Yun, I also put on Liu Bei, and Liu Bei is also a browning.


The third is Chen Qun. Yes, even the founder of Cao Yu's Truscence, the founder of the nine products, it can be seen that Chen Qun has a big talent for governance, and it can be comparable to Zhuge Liang and others. It is estimated that someone is asked, is this Chen Qun still have seen Liu Guide?

Yes, according to the "Three Kingdoms" records: Liu Bei Yuzhou, the county is not driving. That is to say, when Liu Bei is a thorny history, Liu Qun called Chen Qun as not. Don't drive any official, it is a hunting of state thorns, because this official position is high, you don't have the same car at the time of the tour, don't take a car, so don't drive.

In addition, Chen Qun also said with Liu Bei, don't take Tao Qian's Xuzhou, think that Xuzhou is the place of War War, will be killed by Yuan Shu and Lu Bu, causing tripartite. Sure enough, it was all in Chen Qun, Liu Bei did not listen to Chen Qun's advice, and Chen Qun left Liu Bei, it is unfortunately, the original Chen Qun is estimated to be the first for Liu Bei.

Chen Qun

Overall, if Liu Bei does not miss these three people, his Han is estimated earlier, and his entrepreneurial road is not so bumpy. However, if the life is not, Liu Bei does not get these three people, but it is also in Yizhou, and there is a three-way world. However, some life choices Liu Bei must be better, and maybe in the Han Room hope.