In the peaceful age, those who rely on gorgeous bribes and other means, they will not rely on it.

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In the peaceful age, those who rely on gorgeous bribes and other means, they will not rely on it.

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In the peaceful age, those who rely on gorgeous bribes and other means, they will not rely on it.

An Lushan, this surname Kang, the word rolling mountain, Yingzhou Liu Cheng (now Liaoning Chaoyang) people, Sunte, Tang Dynasty

An Lushan is born in Western Nango, and his father died. Its mother A Shid, remained in the brothers of the right Yulin General Anhui, from this, changed to the surname, proficient in the language of Jiu Tin. In the first year of Kaiyuan, escaping the Turkic, became the department and mensiti who became a supervisor of Youzhou (Fan Yang). Due to the catering to the boss, the false report is war, and the Lu Jun military and horses have made, Yingzhou Tudu. During the Tianbao years, the An Lushan was recommended by the righteousness, and he was trusted by the Tang Dynasty authorities. He was so flattened, and he was serited in Pinglu, Fan Yang (Qizhou) and Hedong San Town. Tianbao fourteen years (AD 755), with the name of the slaughter, Yang Guozhong, and launched the chaos of Anha. One way is like a broken bamboo, attacking two Beijing. Establish a false arbitrary regime and the annual sanwu. Lost in his later years, because of the pet, the young son, triggered the dissatisfaction of Jin Wang Anqing.

In the second year of Germany (757 AD), An Lushan was killed by Li's Li pig, and then the Qing Dynasty was killed by Shi Si Ming.

Birth "Kaiyuan Shengshi", no background, no qualifications, there is no big-capable An Lu Mountain, why can it be rolled from an unknown small stroke in just a few years, official transportation Hengtong Heavy soldiers, "super festival make" "super festival"? This cannot be odd.

An Lushan has roughly used the following speculative camp tools in the Heping Year:

First, catering to the upper division, false reporting achievements: The Qizhou Festival makes Zhang Shouzhen are the first boss of An Lushan, but also a father. An Lushan served as "life will" in his hand, the main job is to capture the Kiudan people to act as the Qitan rebels. Zhang Shouzhen was invited to the court, and the trick of falsification, the fake, the virtual newsman, was seen from the Xiaoyu, and the people who had a good relationship, in the heart. An Lushan knows that if you want to get the boss's appreciation, you will be able to meet the boss, for the boss, to discuss your favorite. The boss is not to "political achievements", this is good. An Lushan has a brave "good battle", familiar with the own advantages of the mountain terrain, and adds good luck, so every time she takes out, I can always catch dozens of Qidan. Because he repeatedly "war", Zhang Shouyi was attacked by the court, and An Lushan was also very natural, and it was highly promoted and reused.

Second, the language is not amazing, nothing to die: only can do it, but also to say, we will edit, and say that it is necessary to say that you should compile like real things. An Lushan thinking agility, articulate, especially in front of the emperor, even more. Once, Tang Xuanzong saw the Anlishan abdominal knees, asked what is there in his stomach, he replied: "There is no other thing, there is only one loyalty to Sheng Shang!" This shot horse is like a smart answer, Let Tang Xuanzong are very useful, and the An Lushan is more important and petted. Tianbao Second Year (743 AD) The harvest will have a soup. And he burned the incense and wishes the day, sincerely pray: "Chen Ruo is not worried, the things are not loyal, willing to make the insects to eat, if you don't lose your gods, I hope that the insects will be scattered." Touched the gods, suddenly came to a large group of red headed black birds, and the time eaten insects. An Lushan "Politics" has a set. He detected the psychology of the highest rulers: the most favorite "unlimited loyalty", so I don't hesitate to create a lie and defraud trust. An Lushan said that it is like a real thing. Tang Xuanzong believes that it is true, and he is touched by his beloved, a series of entries.

Third, there is money to make the ghosts: Kaiyuan 28 years (740 AD), Yu Zhenzhong Zhang Li Wei, the hunt to Hebei to inspect the work of local officials. An Lushan seized this opportunity, not only for Zhang Lizhen, but also "100 counts", etc. When Zhang Li was entered the DPRK, he would try to make his meaning. An Lushan is therefore a proceedings of the Yingzhou Tudu, Pinglu army, For the high school, the messenger of the past, An Lushan does not easily let go, secretly add bribery. After returning to the nation, he also praised him, so that An Lushan rose straight lines in the face. Because people are good, the people have high calls, Tianbao First Year (742 AD), An Lushan has been awarded the Pinglu Festival, and Liu Cheng is too guarding, two Fan, Bohai, black water, four houses. Tianbao three years (AD 744), An Lushan and served as Fanyang Festival. Three years later, An Lushan also served as a doctor. Tianbao Ten Years (751 AD), but also served as the festival of Hedong. At this point, the top ten festivals in the country have accounted for three people, and they also concludeous rules, Hebei transport, and interviews, and interviews.

Fourth, seek to rely on the mountain, recognize "dry", "dry mother": there is a good official, in order to seek politics, in order to find a "big tree", even a "ginseng big tree", Anlu The mountain is still active when the grass is working. In order to get the more trust and further promotion of the boss Zhang Shouyi, An Lushan is on the basis of serving Zhang Shouqi comfortably, and the heat is hot, and the excitement is guarded. In this way, I can do it, and I have become an Anlushan of a family. It is constantly improving. In less than four years, I will have "military power" outstanding, sealed as Ping Lu, Zuo Wei . As the official is getting bigger and bigger, An Lushan is also working hard to seek a bigger tree while having a bigger tree. Once, when An Lushan met, first worship Yang Guifei, and then worship Tang Xuanzong. Tang Xuanzong felt strange, asked the reason, An Lushan replied: "Hu Men's mother is later." (See "Coordinate") Unusually pets Yang Guifei Tang Xuanzong heard such an answer, not only is not angry, but very Happy. So, An Lushan took the opportunity to recognize Yang Guifei as a mother. With Yang Guifei's "cover", An Lushan can be free to enter the banquet, and become the most dazzling character in the middle of the world. From the unknown small pawa, from the one-party festival, the officials of the Tang Dynasty were strictly in accordance with the system of the qualifications, the Question and promotion system, and An Lushan created the border military hands in China in the peaceful age. A myth of leaping. Speculative camp, indeed an important factor in Anlishan flying Yellow Tengda, but it is not the most important factor. Instead, Intoxicated Tang Xuanzong, who was created "Kaiyuan Shengshi", because political decay, provided a shortcut for the Hill of An Lushan; the dark corruption on the officialdom, undoubtedly created a hotbed for the Mount An Lushan. .

In the peaceful age, those who rely on dirty means to be in the mountains and other dirty means, it is necessary to have problems. As the face of An Lushan, the inner officials of the inner areas and the high officials of the heavy soldiers, they are bigger, big mess. The outbreak of "An Sir" is a good certificate. An Lushan's rebellion, which not only caused the lifetime of charcoal and Xuanzong, the most important thing is to shake the foundation of the Tang Empire 138 years, so that the Tang Dynasty is therefore surrendered. I don't know if the Xuanzong emperor is on the way to the Huang Emperor.

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