Why did China have repeatedly defeated from the Sino to sign a Xinxin Treaty?The root is not in the Navy, in the Army

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Why did China have repeatedly defeated from the Sino to sign a Xinxin Treaty?The root is not in the Navy, in the Army

2021-11-28 18:07:45 24 ℃

According to the plan, the main force of Zhangzhou Uprising is based on robe, the main force of Chengdu Uprising is a new army. From the precedence of the Sino to sign the Xinchun Treaty, the Chinese traditional Army is unable to become a fact that the new Army (referred to as the new army) of "Xiyang Gun, Xi Xi" came into being. According to the arrangement of the Qing court, each province has been divided into the indicators of the New Army. Sichuan is arranged to compile three towns (the town to the teacher) New army because it is the new army. The seventeenth town is .

The other intentions of the Qing court have ducted the new army, and they will stay almost the same as the dispatch of students. It is to consolidate its rule. However, for the Revolutionary Party, it is more likely to penetrate more than the old green battalion, these foreign New Army. The final result is that some of them have become the secret armed forces of the alliance.

In the Chengdu Military Community, from the junior team of the New Army Preparatory team, the revolutionary party is covered with a regular new army. In addition, the robe coming to reinforcement is not a small number, and only the Zhangzhou will turn to 3,000 people, which have long been assembled in Chengdu's congregation more than five or six thousand.

Kumark Wu is full, but he didn't think that the Zhangzhou was played again in Chengdu: the official changed the birthday place, then the city is martial law, disconnect traffic, search the party.

Acting Sichuan Governor Zhaorfeng's means than Zhizhou Yang Zhaolong is more spicy and fierce. The inside of the new army and the entrance team is all exposed, not the sacrifice of the scene, is being wanted, Xionguwu, and Yi Yi and others have also been included in the top priority of the key wanted. After Luzhou, Chengdu Uprising failed, Xiong Kewu was in the Syrian (now Yibin City) to the uprising, but this time, this time, the same fails, and still grab it first by the government, and then make the whole action of the fetal dead belly .

When I went down, I wanted to dig a well. Of course, it was too anxious. But even the three shovel, even the traces of the spring eyes were not seen, and people were undoubtedly died. In the next time, Xiongkwu and his comrades are like a fisherman who has no harvest. I was forced to put the fish nets out, I found out for a while, trying to find out where there is a hole.

From the planning phase of the three uprising, whether it is the first dragon boat, the dragon boat or later Cixi Mother, the timing is good, and the revolutionary party is dominated, there is no significant loophole in this regard. It is necessary to review the implementation stage. At this stage, the revolutionary party has returned to the scene, standing in the front desk is a robe and the new army.

Kumek martial arts, the crux found it!

The League will only develop a few part of the middle school officers and men in the new army. They are like a millennium in the military camp. The robe is a lot of people, but unfortunately, many people can't get gang habits, and the result is not enough to lose.

The basic context that leads to the failure of the uprising is finally outlined. The New Army's command is still in the hands of the local government. After the robe leaks, they can use the New Army to suppress in advance. As a new army, the New Army is equipped with a German Mesce gun. The party uses a big knife spear and its contest, just like in the paper coffin, it is difficult to account for the upper wind.

Only the scar is completely unveiled and pus and blood can be made clean. Analysis of this, Xiongkwu and others have become clear and cheerful. It seems that it is not good to rely on others, or you have to rely on yourself.

The lesson of the uprising failure reminds everyone that weapons are critical, that is to say there must be a gun in his hand, so that you can build a reliable and powerful comrades.

Revolutionary Party (5) serialization, the end.