After the resignation of Ji Tukui, he enjoys a positive level treatment. You can reimburse 6 tickets, but he only reimcomes 4

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After the resignation of Ji Tukui, he enjoys a positive level treatment. You can reimburse 6 tickets, but he only reimcomes 4

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In 1951, the new China was founded two years, the Korean War were still in full swing across the Yalu River, Chairman Mao's special train but start at this time, in the eyes of the great man, he has started the planning of new China's grand blueprint.

In Xuchang, Chairman Mao met a man, after some conversation, the President of the young man very much appreciated, since then, his fate changed.

This person is Ji Dengkui, and later promoted him to the Chairman of the Central Committee, the early eighties, Ji Dengkui resignation, taking into account his previous credit organization, to give him ministerial level treatment, each trip can be reimbursed six tickets, but however Ji Dengkui reimbursed only four. Among what reason?

Everything, from the start that he also met and Chairman Mao.

Two "Three fans" encounter

Chairman Mao read, for the history of the imperial phase has its own unique reviews, he can always laughing in between, a historical narrative, historical stories from people in the then guide the direction.

Suicide Wujiang King of Western Chu, Han create a foundation of Emperor Liu Bang, the historian Sima Qian Bing straight book, these characters are Chairman Mao Comment too.

However, for Chairman Mao, the greatest impact of historical figures also belong to the Three Kingdoms period of Cao Cao.

In the old days, due to the influence of "Three Kingdoms", traitor Cao Cao's image can be described as including women and children, when people go to the theater, to see a white face, I knew it was Cao Cao (cop on behalf of the bad guys).

Familiar with the history of Chairman Mao did not think so, as early youth, he publicly praised Cao Cao, after the victory of the revolution, but on different occasions, the people around him mention Cao Cao's contribution.

In 1954, Chairman Mao swimming the time, around care physicians for the old belief that Cao Cao was a traitor, Chairman Mao excitedly pornographic, categorically said: "! This case must be turned"

After obtaining control over the Central Plains Cao Cao, the Xuchang as their home base, therefore, Xuchang will become Chairman Mao visited the country, most of the way place.

The 1951 tour, Chairman Mao's special train stopped at the Xuchang once again, as usual, he has to listen to reports of local officials.

The first people on the train, to see the great leader, stumbling tell a whole, then, after adjusting good mood, the contents of the report also lied, he waved Chairman Mao listening to a few, let him down car.

At that time, Ji Dengkui just before the train waiting, according to the original schedule, he is not qualified on the car, but because the previous chairman of the people are too disappointed, spur of the moment to let him report to boarding.

Ji Dengkui simply not ready, however, and who always need to see a different draft of that leader, Chairman Mao came when Ji Dengkui, not a shred of formality.

Then, Chairman Mao began to let Ji Dengkui reporting, Ji Dengkui answer clear, unhurried tone. It has been recognized by Chairman Mao.

Since then, Ji Dengkui became Chairman Mao calls the "old friend" Every passing Xuchang, will make him a special boarding, to his most recent report on the situation.

In 1953, when Chairman Mao came to the Xuchang again, he asked Ji Dengkui, know where are the famous Guan Yu, Ji Dengkui replies without hesitation: "We are Shanxi."

Chairman Mao smiled, he told Ji Dengkui, Guan Yu is from Henan, because guilty of trouble, fled to Shanxi. Ji Dengkui understood why.

For the three countries, fond of Chairman Mao, Ji Dengkui affected, it has become a "fan of the Three Kingdoms", due to the appreciation of Chairman Mao. Ji Dengkui is becoming increasingly important, after more than a decade's time, Chairman Mao often come to visit this "old friend", even special time is no exception.

Chairman Mao's "old friend"

In 1969, the General Assembly decided to convene a higher level, Chairman Mao Ji Dengkui would like to speak at the meeting, sent for him, and the man came back to tell Chairman Mao, Ji Dengkui willing to come.

He makes report to Chairman Mao: "I was Chairman Mao liberated, inappropriate speech."

After the chairman heard, order that person to go to a trip, Ji Dengkui too, that he is non-Beijing can not go up.

Conference that day, the President personally asked him to speak, when Ji Dengkui not to speak, the President will be said to everyone: "His name is Ji Dengkui, is my old friend," Ji Dengkui very moved, he did not think the chairman is so highly of him.

After the end of the General Assembly, Ji Dengkui returned to work at the local, Chairman Mao wanted him to come to Beijing, Ji Dengkui put off again and said: "My ability is not, can not be qualified" The President does not agree, and soon, the higher the order was given, Ji Dengkui was transferred to Beijing, participate in leadership.

At that time in Beijing, Ji Dengkui offend some people, these people report to Chairman Mao's side, he said: "Ji Dengkui in Henan error" Chairman Mao to understand the situation, still trust him ever.

Special period, Premier Zhou Ji Dengkui help deal when some difficult events, his effective work, was praised by Chairman Mao, in those days, to do the duties of a Party member.

He was Premier Zhou around to assist the Prime Minister to control the situation: The chairman decided to military affairs, he was responsible for drafting the document.

In 1975, at the suggestion of Chairman Mao, Deng back, straighten military affairs, Deng Ji Dengkui also right-hand man.

In 1976, the great man's heart stopped beating, the bad news came, the whole country with the sad, Ji Dengkui follow orders from their superiors, and properly handle the matter behind Chairman Mao, as Chairman Mao during his lifetime as diligent work.

Two years later, with the advent of the new era, Ji Dukui felt that he had couldn't keep up with the era. After some thinking, he decided to resign all the positions handed over to him and retreated from the leadership position. Although the head agreed to his request, he did not let him retire, but he said: You can also work in the future, and Ji Deng wants to think, decide to do a little way, the industry is the tourism industry.

Ji Dukui: I am not a "positive level"

As the curtain of reform is opened, Ji Dukui will no longer ask a national event, but he listens to the arranging of the head and continue to play its role.

At that time, the tourism industry has not been developed, and Ji Dukui saw such a situation, it was suggested to the superior, and it was considered that the tourism industry should be vigorously developed. The first batch of hostel should be built, and tourists around the world should live.

The superior quickly agreed his opinion and arranged him responsible for the work in this field. He didn't expect that he made two requirements: First, the leadership of the Tourism Bureau, the reason for the Ji Dukui is, once the tourism director, To meet foreign guests, if foreigners ask some bad questions, he will be very embarrassed. Second, only some suggestions work behind the scenes.

The high winds of Ji Dukui made the head of the head, and I agree with him.

In 1983, under the efforts of Ji Dukui, the tourism industry gradually entered the right track, but he became a researcher in the Rural Research Center at this time.

Chairman Mao said: "The Wind of Daxing" As the "old friend" of Chairman Mao's "Older", the rural areas here, investigating the lives of farmers

When the meeting, the staff had prepared a brand to Ji Dukui. The brand is written above: "The Zhengtian Grade Researcher" did not expect that Ji Dengku saw it, but it was very unhappy: "No one told me, I am a positive researcher." .

For him, he is just a Pressenant farmer, in order not to compete, after leaving the central, he moved away from the original residence, but Ji Dukui wants to do the wishes of ordinary people. It is difficult to implement.

Since he once served as high-level position, in the institute, there was basically no one dared to arrange jobs, and the Ji Dengkui himself also pays attention to the influence, and it is easy to speak.

However, this does not mean that he is here to raise the old, and Ji Tuanku is holding the countryside.

In 1985, some regional food production and production, Ji Tukui according to the unit arrangement, entered the grassroots, engaged research, after coming back, he asked the colleagues around: "Can you write a report?"

Although this colleague works in the research center, he often turns around, and likes to listen to the discussion of his own past.

Ji Dengkui once worked on the high level. Many people have seen him. Colleagues have such an idea to be able to have, but they are distracted, obviously unable to complete the research.

That colleague is also honest, saying that it is not enough, so Ji Dengqi thinks: "I will come here".

After a while, the report of two thousands of words was handed over to the high level, and the colleague was glanced, and the way to Ji Dukui.

Ji Dengkui said: "You are by my side, listen to me talking about the upper story, more interest in the rural report, how to do this?"

The colleague is silent, and since then, it will work hard.

Although the Ji Dukui he never lives in "positive level", he is indeed this treatment, so he can do it, but only one thing, from a small matter, you will have a good job.

Train ticket story

After the opening of the Central Committee, when I went to the central government, I came to the unit. When I had a business trip, according to the regulations, a carriage had a ticket. When I was on the time of travel, I sat alone, and the staff around him took half a carriage, organized There are provisions, the positive level can reimburse six tickets.

But he returns to the unit every time, but only the four sheets, then, how do those staff members do every time a business trip?

Ji Dukui invited them into their own compartments, and there was a laughter all the way, which mitigated the loneliness of the journey, and took the relationship with everyone, and saved the funds, which can be described as three.

After a few years, Ji Tukui retired, he wants to write two books, a remember his own revolutionary career, and some of the hardships of yourself in special ten years.

However, in the late 1980s, Ji Deng is dead because of heart disease, writing memoirs, and has become a regret that he did not have completed.