Support Mr. Simmanan: Only the unselfish people can use materialism dialectics

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Support Mr. Simmanan: Only the unselfish people can use materialism dialectics

2021-11-29 00:06:24 28 ℃

I have neareused my article to support Mr. Simaran, but there is no unique data and facts. The understanding of this matter is through Mr. Video, I have never written something, saying that I have seen some inside, let me It feels that the back is numb, the head is cold, so I saw the support of the support, it is really happy from the heart.

Recently, I've remodeled the "big decision" today. Today, I will talk to everyone, it is "Mao Selection": "Marx's flag is clearly pointed out that the materialist dialectics is serving the proletariat." When you read this paragraph, it will not be curious: the materialist dialectics as a methodology, why can only serve the proletariat? Is the bourgeoisie can't be used? Yes, materialism dialectics can only be used in the proletariat, and we will then analyze.

We know that in the beginning of the three battles, Chairman Mao and our army have arguments. Lin Biao and Su Yu have arguments. The controversy of Lin Biao is the first to play Changchun or first to fight Jinzhou; Jiang Jun's rule is still fighting in the inner line. The result of the debate is the programs of the first Changchun, who adhered to the premises of Jinzhou, and agreed to the advice of the soldiers in the Central Plains in the Central Plains. Why treat two army gods and Chairman Chairman? So many years, people who analyze this problem don't know how much, today we have changed a look.

These two controversies, everyone will feel that the eight rises can not fight, and they don't put it together. Even if there is comparison, it is better than the program itself, there is no matter what the two programs behind. Let's talk about the things behind it. We look carefully to these two programs, we will find a problem, that is, Chairman Mao insisted that Jinzhou, is a big battle in the northeast, a piece of dumpling in the northeast enemy. Chairman Mao agreed that the inner line of the general of Su Yu, the same, the same, playing large, multi-military group battle, from the battle to the upgrade of Xiaohuaihai as the big Huaihai. The most important common common point of Different attitudes of Chairman Mao is: Tell the battle to the land, the better. why?

This is because the Chairman Mao discovered a problem with the Chairman Mao, which is the biggest advantage of our army to Jiang Jun. Responsibility, not pushing, can make sacrifices for the overall business. And Jiang Jun, the strength of the parties, the command system is not unified, Chiang Kai-shek often leverages the command and so on.

Therefore, the advantage of our army can be more profound in the battle of the Group, which is the objective analysis of the difference between the two arguments. It turns out that Chairman Mao is correct, just like Chairman Mao's small Huaihai program in the upgraded Su Yu, the combination of Zhongye and Huao, is not simply a plus one equal to the second. It is far greater than the second effect. .

We saw how tacit cooperation between China Nationalo and Zhongye, seeing two troops put pressure on themselves, trying to release stress for their peers, see Deng Grandpa: "Zhongye is spelled Value ", sacrifice your own determination for the overall goal. Therefore, there are more than 800,000 battles in the Huaihai Battle, and the weapon equipment is not as good as the other party, and it is also hidden to the annihilation battle, created the miracle of the world military history.

Why is the materialist dialectics only available in the proletariat, other classes can not be used? The biggest basis is here. Materialism dialectics need to contact and develop the problem, seeing the problem requires the unselfishness, collective interests than personal interests, do not give personal gains, can see the full picture of the problem, can find the nature of the problem. This kind of big public is only available, so the materialist dialectics can only be used to the proletariat, and if the buying is for private interests, even if it is cooked, it is not possible to use the fauses of the dialectics. This is why buying can only be red fire, can't be red fire.

Why do socialism have the advantage of capitalism? This is based. Just like the competition of a teacher and a teacher of the Kuomintang tend to suffer, because their weapons are dominant. But and the Kuomintang A army will be able to flatten; a military group and a legal competition, we will also dominate; the competition of multiple legions is 600,000. Materialism dialectics is to represent the greatest productivity.

We read the second volume of "Mao Selected", and found Chairman Mao's education in the Anti-Japanese War, the kind of teaching is really lung. When I used to be small, I always celebrated the Kuomintang didn't learn. Of course, the Liberation War will be more difficult, and it will understand that the Kuomintang is not learning. If you learn, you will not fight the war. This is exactly the same as "The Commissioner" is publicly published. The Japanese can also learn, but Chairman Mao and Japanese martial arts, the Japanese still fight, the reason is here: Cannot stand In the position of the people, I can't use the views of contact and development, and I can't generate the methodology of dialectics.

During the Liberation War, we saw Chairman Mao, put all the burden on his shoulders, the 30,000 people of the Northwest Water Army on Hu Zongnan, the process is very dangerous, the Kuomintang Liu Kai recently only wool Ten kilometers, everyone must Mao's Chairman Mao has passed the Yellow River. Chairman Mao did not agree. He didn't care about his comfort. We also saw that Liu Deng, thousands of miles to enter the big mountain, no heavy weapons, attracted the hundreds of thousands of troops of Chiang Kai-shek, and created the conditions for the majority of the battlefield. This is the first generation and the second generation of leaders, I first picked up the burden for the people, so when I discuss the advantages of socialism, I actually read the words "Waitage". Do not have. Mr. Simanan is torn and bought for a month. I always want to say something, and I am afraid to pick up my teeth. The above is my point of view. Only the spirit of the big public in the people is only available in the spirit of the people, in order to have systematic, comprehensive, contact, development, can use the methodology of materialism dialectics, can create capital And buy a productivity that you can't imagine. The buyers did not produce productivity, and there was no society's "acting", so there was only one sentence to support Mr. Simmanan.