A group of killed people didn't blink into the China 16th century nautical pioneer?is it possible

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A group of killed people didn't blink into the China 16th century nautical pioneer?is it possible

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Much gossip that, let's historical period: Yes, the marine and offshore islands dwelling Kou boat, there are really Japanese choke Shen not be homeless, there are evil people grab the southern coast of spin-year-old Japanese to designate who soon after. South Village complex three day boat landing, buildings, Shihong hit, the lead went. Qinzei number of people are really Japanese soldiers patrol the sea states than Quanzhou thief to attack Shi Chun Australia, deep mud Bay, etc., where the battles, capture thief more than four people, it is Linhai, Zhejiang, Zhangpu, Fujian, Guangdong Jieyang County. Jiangnan Hai cover police, bonobos living thirteen, and seventeen Chinese rebel ranks also. ( "Sejong Record 'Volume 403)

This historical data has been a lot of theories out shells with black Ming: Meng you look at Boycott the people are forced into what? Some even prepared to fight against the nature of the Poet and has changed outside disgrace Ming domestic class struggle, the so-called "represents the most advanced productive forces overseas trade group and coastal people" and "reactionary backward Ming Dynasty government" a contest, I know, with the development of productive forces and social progress of the times, for some people some of the historical events and historical figures of view will change, but some have been characterized historical events and historical figures are absolutely not allowed and there is absolutely not It is changed, such as the determination about the nature of the late Ming Dynasty Poet and struggle.

Some may see that what the "Japanese living thirteen, seventeen and China also ranks rebellious" But they did not see this one "(April Jiajing three decades Rat) Zhangzhou and Quanzhou pirates sailed one thousand million people seduce Wonu I ship from Zhejiang Zhoushan, etc. Xiangshan landing, stream robbery Taiwan, between warm, Ning Shao, captured the Citadel, killing countless residents captive. "Sejong Record 'volume 384)" Zhangzhou and Quanzhou pirate seduce tens of thousands of pirates in Zhejiang and looting, "(Jiajing thirty-two years leap March) Awake, fiber pirates Wang Zhi Zhang, wide hook set Qundao islands Woyi massive invaders, even the ship hundred ships, sea and shelter to the south from Taiwan, rather, Kerry, the lake and the Soviet Union, pine As Huaibei, coastal thousands of miles, while the alarm. "China treason" and "Japanese" is clearly divided Moreover Ming army captured the true Japanese records also numerous, such as Jiajing thirty-four years in September, "Japanese boat parked three doors Taizhou Lo ocean, such as Wang Pei command are prepared Japanese boat division lead a whistle, in case of big Chen Shan Oh, Qinzei seventeen, beheaded nine, more than thieves abandoned boat climbers go hide. I soldiers burn the boat, surrounded by Shou, Lu Tang to the Senate will be the soldiers, into the mountains Soujiao, capture the true beauty of his Japanese Ulu Lang, the first Lin Bichuan Emirates and other 84 people, beheading thirty-eight. From this, the three Japanese boat to make exterminate. "True Japanese prisoner captured a total of 84 people there.

Other books in the Ming Dynasty records on the real Japanese are also very interesting, such as "intrinsic Jiading magistrate Yang Dan, said the people who fled the county Huai River for Ni: in May Jiajing thirty-three years, was stopped Japanese thief robbed on board, with the icy, I saw Zhang, two temperature countless people, generally in Peru coat of speech, said there is a Japanese possession, names five Doosan, planting start of the rice, mung bean, the size of two grains, Levin, garlic and other things. but Zhangzhou people to rob all the guidelines, there are boats in both Japanese child call the shots, if you want to, we must first give money to one thousand text and owner "" Xiyuan recorded "Zhang Ming Xuan (" a Brief History of the Ming Dynasty pirates "218 cited of) Although robbery is Zhangzhou guidelines, but still call the shots "Japanese child."

Besides that Wang Zhi, he claimed to Japan Wang Hui, men have a lot of Chinese and Japanese pirates pirates, seems to be a very powerful role in the pirates, but the historical fact is that like? Let's look at another significant Zeitou Xiao "Yuan Xiang (nationals who are in captivity in) because of begging, which was to bring hatred opinion shipowner owners, the Japanese, I do not know what name also. Kowtow obvious, Chenyuan Xiang Gong , killing cattle and sheep to sacrifice the sea, because of the thick left, will send thirty Shidori, sent to their home. "kowtow obvious, but also to the Japanese shipowners' Chenyuan Xiang Gong," Xiao significant relationship between the owner and the Japanese needless to say, I actually also significant and Xiao Wang Zhi "dread", it seems that Wang boss on Sino-Japanese relations does not seem on the web blowing so strong. Moreover, Wang Zhi in fact already out of the ranks of businessmen, became the most powerful figures in Japan Hirado area, there are 3,000 Chinese men pirates, and so-called thirty-six island countries, Japan and the local long form name the looting of a common interest groups, and he is always Japanese partnership, the property looted from China to Japan "full return to the East," with the Japanese to divvy up its bad shameless act, even being branded a century headed, Zhu Hou Cong can see it clearly, "the first step poly correct desperate, gathered Woyi, killing plunder, take points captured" (messenger Ming Wang Zhi Jiang to bring the state of Zhu Hou Cong Edict ) today is how some people can not see it loaded? Wang Zhi is nothing but a murderous pirate it.

If you want in the late Ming invasion chaos characterized as class struggle, then it must be a prerequisite for pirates chaos caused by the Ming Dynasty to the Boycott, however, currently under the command of the earliest Boycott Ming Dynasty can be found mainly in the Hongwu years ( in 1370), "Ming record" to find the earliest records of the Japanese invasion, but in the Hongwu years "is the month, Shidori into Kou Shandong coastal counties, residents swept away men and women. (" Chu Yuan-chang record 'volume 38) "in addition to addition to this, the Japanese invasion of the Yuan Dynasty records, there are many. In fact, as early as the Southern Song Dynasty defeated collapsing samurai began to harass the Korean coast, to the Yuan Dynasty, the Japanese harassment of China's growing "August Ding Shuo, Shidori Kou Peng state, beat defender Liu of Siam since eighteen years since, even Shidori Kou coastal counties, to be Hai Yu Sui. "yuan Shi" (yuan Shun Di positive 23 years). "

Let's have to taste the historical materials that will be referenced in this article. Not a few, Nanzhai has a three boat on the shore, the building, the singer, the singer, the thief, all those who are really like Quanzhou, the squid, the squid, the thief, Shizhen Macao, Deep Mud Bay, etc. More than 40 people, the thief, all counties such as Zhejiang Linhai, Fujian Zhangpu, Guangdong Jieyang. Gay Jiangnan Sea Police, thirteen, and Chinese rebellious resolution 17. "Pay attention to the beginning" "That is to say, there is also the" return "" return ", so the so-called" "Gangjiang South China Police, thirteen, and Chinese rebellion, 17" is not accurate. Because the argument here is "Quanzhou State Army ..." The thief more than 40 people "also said that it is a stronghold of the Ming army to attack the 倭 倭, and the previous sentence has also said these 倭 倭The person in the person, so in synthesis, "China's rebellious residence 17" is not accurate. The history of the nature of the 倭 倭 倭 倭 对于 对于 对于 对于, 网络 了 了 了 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记 记It's not going to put it up. Comprehensive, 倭 倭 倭 is not what "Nautical Pioneer" is not "the poor people who are oppressed by the government" but a group of murdered people, they burned the coastal Grab, bring great threats to the Chinese people's production and life, Ming Government's governance war, is a battle!

"Resentful slaves are too native, children are not returning to the hometown. Dictionary a ruthless sword, cut off the people of the people." At that time, the hurt caused by the coastal residents in the Ming Dynasty was unimaginable, those who were shake the white People, it is really difficult to understand.