In 1986, Deng Jiaxiang was seriously ill, leaving the last paragraph before dying, his wife Xu Lu Xi listened and cryed

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In 1986, Deng Jiaxiang was seriously ill, leaving the last paragraph before dying, his wife Xu Lu Xi listened and cryed

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In 2019 the National Day holiday, the movie "Me and My Motherland" by the majority of the people's favorite. The film has such a story, researchers lofty intellectual in love with a female, but they are to research the cause of the motherland, he did not together. In celebration of the atomic bombing of the parade, they stare each other a lifetime.

Deng Jiaxian and Xu Luxi

This story touched countless audiences, many people may not know is that the story of researchers is a prototype, he is the main person in charge of nuclear weapons Deng Jiaxian research career. He anonymity for 28 years for a new cause of China's nuclear weapons, and even his wife Xu Luxi not clear the real situation, the couple also interpretation of a touching love story.

Speaking of Deng Jiaxian and Xu Luxi story between two people, but also from their families to begin with.

Deng Jiaxian was born in scholarly family one, his father is the famous Great Masters Deng sting. Under the influence of his father, Deng Jiaxian received a good education.

Deng was stung to live in a courtyard of Peking, Peking University Faculty of Law Professor Xu Deheng from their residence close, the couple often went to Tang Xu Deheng to sting a guest house, to express their concern for the fate of the hearts of feelings. Xu old couple looking at the bright Deng Jiaxian very popular, they affectionately call him "Deng child."

Deng's father, Deng Jiaxian sting

July 1937, the Japanese army launched a massive offensive in Peking, Peking, Tianjin and other places have been occupied. Deng sting ill and unable to travel long distance, the whole family are stranded in Peking. Japanese on Chinese soil airs bully Chinese people, Deng Jiaxian the hearts of very angry.

In early 1940, in Peking Zhicheng secondary school Deng Jiaxian anger of the Japanese flag stepped on the foot, this incident aroused the concern of the whole school. After the president was informed personally find Deng's father, Deng Jiaxian to sting at him and said:. "This matter will certainly be told the Japanese traitor, now you are in a very dangerous, you still let the children go out to hide about it."

After listening to suggestions principals, Deng stung his family fled to the Yunnan region. After coming to Yunnan, Deng Jiaxian adhere to the study, successfully admitted to the Southwest Associated University, With his ideal of saving the country and hatred for the invaders set foot on the road to pursue science.

Japanese troops in the land of China airs

After the victory, Deng Jiaxian with his family back to Peking, he came to the Department of Physics at Peking University as a teaching assistant. By this time, Xu Luxi admitted to Peking University.

Xu Luxi at Peking University chose to study medicine, because at that time very few select girls to study medicine, many people are skeptical Xu Luxi must have soiled the family of light. After several examinations may, Xu Luxi always among the best results, it recognized the appearance of this looks very weak girls.

Deng Jiaxian mainly taught at Peking University physics, lecture he speaks very meticulous, and Xu Luxi school is also very seriously. Two people on each other's impression is very good, but Xu Luxi in school and Deng Jiaxian period and did not determine the relationship.

Photo Deng Jiaxian youth

Deng Jiaxian harbor ambitions of science to save the country, he wants to make a greater contribution to the development of the country, so he chose to continue their education. He went to the United States to pursue a doctorate and completed the relevant papers, successfully graduated from the school.

Deng Jiaxian heart only country, in the ninth day after he got the degree, they give up the privileged life in the United States, back home, started his magnificent career.

At that time Deng Jiaxian sister Deng Zhong and Xu is the first neighbor, Deng Jiaxian often came to his sister's home for dinner, so he met with Xu Luxi is also more frequent. With age, the two gradually Heart goodwill in the process of getting along.

Deng Jiaxian doctorate in the United States

In 1953, under the blessing of the crowd, two people entered the marriage hall. Wedding scene is very simple, only some small candy and cake, to help Xu Luxi set a life of love.

Deng Jiaxian different from other scientists, as long as he has free time, it will go to a concert with his wife, watching Peking opera, two people married life is very sweet. Soon, they gave birth to two children, life is very happy.

When his father after Deng Jiaxian, which takes their children to an extreme temper.

Just call my dad daughter has just learned when Deng Jiaxian would let his daughter calls out. During the development of the child, Deng Jiaxian not only teach children to call my dad, but also teach them to use different adjectives to describe themselves.

Deng Jiaxian family

Deng Jiaxian looked, Xu Luxi's face filled with a happy smile in her eyes, though her husband has became a father, and a child can be but still, is not a grown adult.

Deng Jiaxian was just living in the dormitory cover of One, and only one kilometer away from where they work area. Once, Deng Jiaxian sudden overtime late into the night, he came back to see his son and daughter hugged each other, sitting on the stairs outside the room and fell asleep.

Deng Jiaxian heart very self-blame, turned out to be nervous because of his work, even his wife was not at home the night shift, the door to give the child something to forget. He put two distressed the baby to bed, he looked at the sleeping child, a good time to do something I do not know.

Deng Jiaxian Xu Luxi group photo with family

In normal, after the first thing Deng Jiaxian got a wage, the first thing that thought of thought was to buy some toys for the children. When I started to buy a bicycle for two children, I waited until the bicycle moved home, he found the child The age is too small, there is no way to ride at all. In order to meet the desire of the children, he returned to the store bought a big wooden rocking chair. He looked at the children when they were laughing on the rocking chair.

One day in August 1958, Qian Sanqiang suddenly called Deng Jiaxiang to his own office and took the initiative to ask Deng Jiaxiang to participate in an extremely confidential work. Then two people talked for a long time in the office. After the Deng Jia first came out, it was very serious.

On the evening, Deng Jiaxian returned to the relatively late, and his wife said that the expression on his face and took the initiative to ask.

Scientist money three

Deng Jiaxian whispered: "I may want to transfer work."

Xu Lu Xi's face revealed the doubtful expression, Deng Jiaxown said: "I don't know, I can't say anything."

Xu Lu Xi worried about his husband, and quickly asked: "Then you give me a number of mailboxes, I have to keep it with you."

Deng Jiaxiang grabbed his wife's hand and said: "This is not good, from today, I am afraid I can't take care of this home, I will rely on you in the future."

I heard the story of my husband, Lao Lu Xi did not ask more, she knows that her husband is definitely a business that has a major meaning of the country, and she has expressed strong support for her husband's work.

Deng Jiaxian was silent for a while, "I want to do something, as long as I do this, I will have meaningful, even for it."

Xu Lu Xi said firmly and said: "I support you."

Deng Jiaxian is working

At the beginning of the primary bomb development, Deng Jiaxian is mainly responsible for the theoretical research. In order to obtain precise data, a group of scientists such as Deng Jiaxian often work in the night.

Once, Deng Jiaxian worked in the early morning, Deng Jiaxian carefully returned to home. When he arrived at the door, it was found that the ushered is the attention of the priest.

At the stage of the experimental physics research, Deng Jiaxian said with Xu Lu Xi, and went to the heavy research and experimentation of the desolate north. Somershi did not blame why her husband did not accompany his side, but a choice as always, support her husband's work.

When Deng Jiaxian will return home, Xu Lu Xi will never ask about her husband's work, just talk to him about what happened in life.

Deng Jiaxian is working

During this time, the husband is not around him, Shu Lu Xi has provoked the burden of the whole family. She not only supports the children around him, but also takes care of the parents of the two parties. It is in the support of Xu Lu Xi, and Deng Jiaxian can focus on studying.

In September 1964, when the atomic bomb was fried, the mother of Deng Jiaxun was seriously ill, and the most important thing for the elderly at the moment is his son Deng Jiaxian. Deng Jiaxiang is in the country and the people, he chooses to continue to stay in the northwest. After the leadership of the hospital, they did their best to continue the lives of the elderly, let her meet the last side of her child.

On October 16, 1964, in the northwest of China, the mushroom clouds were empty. At this moment, China was completely shocked by the world, and the hearts of Deng Jiaxiang were very pleased.

China's atomic bomb successfully fried

Deng Jiaxiang thought that the mother is still waiting for himself, and the ticket to prepare in advance is coming back. When he rushed to the hospital, the mother's life has reached the last moment.

Deng Jiaxian held his mother's hand and called his mother's name and cried. The mother on the hospital bed moved his fingers, indicating that he already known.

China's atomic bomb is on the sky, and the heart of Deng Jiaxian is happy. The mother died, and his heart was very sad. He wanted to tell his mother to develop atomic bombs, but he was even more loyal to his country. From ancient times, Zhong Xiao is difficult to two, and Deng Jiaxian's heart is very contradictory.

After the atomic bomb successfully fried, Deng Jiaxian actively responded to the party's call, and led the original class of Malay to Roboy to start the development of hydrogen bombs. In this long day, Xu Lu Xi always supports Deng Jiaxian.

Deng Jiaxiang is talking

One day in 1979, researchers conducted a nuclear test according to the organization's instructions. The parachute did not open, and the nuclear bomb fell from the plane, and did not explode, directly dropped on the ground. Since nuclear material has strong radioactivity, more than 100 anti-chemicals are collected in the organization.

Deng Jiaxiang's heart clearly, if the 239 invades the human body, the hurt of people may be fatal, and even the tragedy of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, he has been relieved, decided to find it.

The nuclear test is located in the Gobi Beach. Where to find a problem in front of Deng Jiaxian, he first judges a rough direction, sitting on the jeep, and finally found nuclear bomb in the depths of Gobi. The site.

Deng Jiaxian worried that the safety of the accompanying personnel, let them stop the car in the distance and said to them: "You can't use it". Then let them stay in the external waiting, I have gone in one person.

Deng Jiaxian photo in nuclear test site

He took a familiar egg shell and confirmed that there was no serious consequence, and he went out and comforted that the accompanying personnel said that he was safe. But Deng Jiaxian's heart is clear, it is very likely that it has been exposed to 239, which will have a very serious impact on his body. A few days later, he returned to Beijing Hospital for a full range of inspections. The results show that his urine contains strong radioactivity, and the chromosome in white blood cells have been powdered, and the liver has also been damaged.

After the wife, Xu Lu Xi learned that after the news was very angry. Deng Jiaxian is not to worry about his wife, just say that his wife is not normal. Mark Louxi quickly learned the real situation, she quarreled: "You just do this, why do you have to take it together?"

Deng Jiaxiang and his wife Xu Lu Xi

Deng Jiaxiang said: "This appearance test is what I signed. I must see it. It is okay. It will continue to be tried later. At the same time, look at how much it is."

Deng Jiaxian knows that there may be not much time left to yourself, and he decided to make some efforts to do with the rest of the party and the country in the rest of the year. Wife, Mu Lu Xi, has always been trying to restore her husband's body, but no matter what to do, Deng Jiaxian's body aging is getting faster and faster.

In 1985, Deng Jiaxian was diagnosed as rectal cancer, and the hospital immediately made a surgery. After the operation, the number of white blood balls in Deng Jiaxian is too low, and it can no longer be treated. Under the doctor's recommendation, he returned to the home for healing.

Deng Jiaxian

After discharge, Deng Jia took his wife to the land, and the temple will buy all kinds of delicious, passionate to him about what happened to him. Deng Jiaxian knows how much it doesn't have, and said to Xu Lu Xi: "Hexi, now I have two things that have not completed, a proposal, and a book."

In the last period of time, Deng Jiao's night was finally completed the "China Ten Years Nuclear Weapons Development Recommendation". The wife, Xu Lu Xi is very focused, her heart hates yourself, I can't help my husband.

When Deng Jiaxian went home, he took the wife, Xu Lu Xi, came to the family, eight first lake, etc., they sat down in the pavilion by the lake. Deng Jiaxiang looked at Xu Lu Xi's hair and his eyes were.

"Cut first, what are you watching?"

"Your hair is longer, which looks more good."

At this time, there was a song on the lake: "I am going there, there is no war, I am going there, there is a fragrance full of chrysanthemums, I am going there, there is my good girl."

Deng Jiaxiang and Xu Lu Xi in Xiangshan

The next morning, Deng Jiaxian came to Tiananmen Square with his wife. He tightly grabbed his wife's hand and got long for the fluttering five-star red. Xu Lu Xi's eyes became red, she was clear, her husband was reluctant to say goodbye to this world.

On July 28, 1986, Deng Jiaxian was bleeding. When he woke up from the coma, he said to Xu Lu Xi: "If there is an incident, I will choose China, choose the nuclear weapon career, choose you. This body, for the country This heart, for you. Only the motherland and you can't live up. "

Mu's tears on both sides of Lusi had already emerged. He didn't think that his husband was in 200 years, and it will be a year ending for less than a year.

Xu Lu Xi accompanied Deng Jiaxiang in Beijing Hospital

The next day, Deng Jiaxian and the world. Xu Lu Xi buried him next to his mother in accordance with the wishes left before the husband. Too much too much of Deng Jiaxiang's life is dedicated to the motherland, but he is too small to family members, he wants to make appropriate compensation in this way.

After Deng Jiaxian died, the central leaders specialize in Xu Lu Xi's difficulties and requirements. Xu Lu Xi said: "Please send a medical group to check the bodies to the base, their lives are hard."

This condition is proposed, making people present in the field.

Lucky Luxi

After Deng Jiaxiang left, Luxi's residence has been maintained, because the house is a trace of Deng Jiaxian work and life everywhere. In 2019, Xu Lu Xi said when he was interviewed in the small house: "I am 91 this year. If he is still there, there is 95."

This year is the 35th anniversary of Deng Jiaxian, if he can see the powerful motherland today, you must move the tears. When you come, you will be full. When you walk, Jinxiu Mountain River. I have a national teacher, and I am unparalleled. Only by this document given the same great scientists like Deng Jiaxian.