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Datang first hard bone

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Since Wu Zetiarudous, Li Tang Jiangshan has been a boss, there are many old ministers and Li's classes.

So, there were troops and anti-military.

Although I was last suppressed, I also made Wu Zetian very annoyed - it seems that the old lady does not come to "trick", and the other is good to bully!

So she used a "trick":

Appoint the coolness, take high pressure to opponents, strictly hit the trend, and kill chicken monkeys.

So, that is, "the Charteone Everyone is self-dangerous, seeing Mo Daning."


But there is oppression, where there is resistance.

The first rebellion is called Xu Youmin, it is an authentic Henan people.

He has long been engaged in judicial work, but he and the martial arts of Wu Zetian are different. He is more willing to use traditional benevolence moral to educate the education committee, and the instance will strive to ask for quality.

It is said that he has been a three-year judiciary in Puzhou, and he has not used a pen to stop once.

Under the governance of Lao Xu, Puzhou's national customs change, less and less crimes.

So, the outer number of "Xu nopush" is getting far, and it is passed to the ears of Wu Zetian.

In this way, in the first year of Yongchang (AD 689), Lao Xu was transferred to the capital, serving as the prostitute.

One way to Beijing, the set of cases of cool, let the old Xu "big open eyes".

He immediately realized that it would be a big event again, it must stop.

Soon the opportunity is coming.

A guy named Feng Jingqi, in order to achieve the purpose of the official's fortune, the Wei Yan Yuqing, the Weizhou County, the county county, and the stronger Li Xi.

Li Chong is a Li Tangzong room. I also got anti-Wuwu, I have already killed the soldiers.

Feng Jingqi said that Yu Yuqing is a dead man, it is completely a matter of Zuyuu.

No matter what this is, she immediately tested the case.

Yan Qing is soon being caught in Chang'an. She came to Junchen to immediately serve, forced him to admit that Li Chong is the party.

Can Yuqing really didn't do this, and once you admit that you will definite death, you can only say: "I don't know what Li Chongwang rush, how can it be his with the party, how can it be collude him to remember, come to adult? Is it wrong? "

However, Zhang Junchen did not believe in it, and it was a strict punishment. This suffocated Yuqing could not stand it.

Wu Zetian is very satisfied with this result, let Junchen turn the case to the sentence, officially sentenced.

According to the practice, for this case, the Siji Temple is half a fart, and can only be determined in the above.

But this time, take over this case, it is a new prisoner temple.


Xu Young also saw that this is a completely unclear case!

He vowes you must save Yu Qingyi.

When he tried the case, Xu Youmen found the "Yongchang Mono-Order" issued by Wu Zetian.

According to "Yongchang Order", Yan Qing is not "Qi Shou", and it can only be considered "support party."

As a result, Xu Young was sentenced to the crime of death for Li Zhi, "Party", and exact death crimes according to "Yongchang Monet".

This judgment came out, and Zhou Junchen and other cool are full of fire.

Cool Wei Yuanzhong, but also directly on the book Wu Zetian, requiring immediately to remember the rebel, 余 全, also to severely punish Xu Youcan.

Wu Zetian naturally agreed.

Xu Youmin also fired, this is not a Dynasty, and is it a drama depending on the country?

So I decided to go to Wu Zetian when I was on the next day.

The next day, he was promulgated by the "Yongchang Order" promulgated by Wu Zetian. It is reasonable to explain Yan Yuqing not to see the reasons for the reverse Kingdom.

It is also implied that Wu Zetian said, if you have to judge Yan Yuqing's death, there is a law, knowing the law, how will the people believe in the court?

Wu Zetian didn't think of it, a small six-piece sesame official, dare to refute her, but also in the face of civil and military officials, suggesting that she knows the law.

She is an urgent rule of geological asking Xu Young, what is called Xikou?

Xu Youmen said that Xu Shuai, the first is original, and Yan Qing is neither a handsome, not original, so it is not a church, so it should not be sentenced to death!

Xu Yougong's words were there, Wu Zetian could not refute, and in order not to let the court lost confidence in the world, he had to recognize the judgment of Xu Youcong.

Xu Young's first attempt is the first attempt that is greater than the law.


With the first time, there is a second time, the third time.

According to statistics, Xu Yougong took only three years in the Temple of the Temple to correct nearly a thousand and false mistakes, saved thousands of people.

Three years later, Xu Youmin was promoted to the punishment of the punishment, and it was responsible for reviewing the judgment of the Division and participated in the trial of the case.

However, just promoted the official, he was because of a sinful head.

This is like this, Li Tangzong Ren Li Ren brothers live the arrow in the family, this is a normal one.

This is known by the prison temple, thinking that this is against.

So Zhou Xixing wants to arrest the brothers of Li Ren.

Xu Youmin said after saying that this conviction is very absurd.

Zhou Xing listened to the big thunderstorm, clearly telling him that this is the meaning of Wu Zetian.

At this time, Xu Youmin's mood came up again, and it clearly expressed his opposition.

Zhou Xing, who was inappropriate, said that Wu Zer said that Xu Yougong deliberately sheltered an anti-thief, there is a political motive that does not misal, asking Wu Zi, kill him.

For Xu Youmin, Wu Zetian is understanding, and also loves his talents, and appreciates the evidence of his faithful law, and certainly do not kill him. But hate him always don't listen, the old and she is correct, so I have come to a mistake: I will cut his official position, and he mutant as the people, but it is not allowed to arrest, trial.

Xu Youmin did so asy, I left the capital.

Unexpectedly, Xu Youmen was in the end of half a year, and Zhou Xixing fell her mildew.

Soon, it was killed by enemies on the way.


After Zhou Xing died, Wu Zetian was re-served as Xu Youmin, and also appointed him to serve the Zhejiang Taiwan.

After Xu Youmonted his wife, he had a Pangjia case in Runzhou.

Pang's original is Tang Ruizong Li Dan's mother-in-law - Dou Deji's mother, Runzhou thorny's wife.

After the death of Daughter Demai was killed by Wu Zeti, Pang has always been in a heart, depression is ill, thinks that it is entangled by ghosts.

She listened to a slave, praying in the night, praying.

However, this burning incense has been reported, saying that she is in the early death of the curse.

So, this case was tried in Xue Jiqi.

When the Cool Xue Ji is to meet the martial arts, the Pang is sentenced to death, and the family is also only three thousand miles.

After Xu Youmin, he went straight to the palace, to the Wu Zetian: "Your Majesty, according to the micro-ministers, the Pang Fu people have not sinned, so she causing an innocent person, not only makes the world, but also related to Datang law Law, please think twice, "

Wu Zetian listened to Xu Youcheng to Pang's defend, and he was a hot feet.

And next to Xue Ji also took the opportunity to say: "Long live, legal stipulations, all the defending of the sinners, should kill the head. Xu Young is defending the death row, there is no emperor, it should be the crime of the" party to help "crime, should be immediately Introduce the head. "

The words of Xue Jie, are undoubtedly the fire, so Wu Zetian immediately ordered: "Put Xu Yongzhao from the palace, and the rule of prison."

The prison temple quickly judged the death penalty for Xu Yong.

Xu Youmin has a friend, quietly telling Xu Young, and flowing with tears.

Xu You did so calmly: "Don't cry, I am dying for law enforcement, killing, and why!"

If he accompanied the friend, he has eaten the meal, and then he slept a nap.

In the afternoon, he was taken to the execution ground.

Xu Youmin will be sent to the news, soon shocked the entire capital, and the people have stood out to demonstrate the words and defend him.

Seeing that public is difficult, Wu Zetian has to ordered: eliminating Xu Youmin's death crime, dismissed the bodies ...

In 702 AD, Xu Yongli is dead.

Before you die, someone asked him why he had always wanted to die, but he had been unsuccessful. He said a famous saying:

Seriously, the people are private, and they are not protective.

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