The woman who born butcher's home is countered by the Queen: mother and son are poisoned

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The woman who born butcher's home is countered by the Queen: mother and son are poisoned

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Today, I will tell you about the story of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty.

According to "Han Han. Queen" records,

Ling Jing Queen He's (? ~ September 30, 189), she is Nanyang Wan County (now Nanyang City, Henan Province)

, The second queen of the Han Lingdi Liu Hong, the Han Shao, Liu, the mother, the general army, He Jin and the car ride He Miao's sister.

The Queen of the Ling Si is humble. What is her father is a pigmaker, that is, He is a butcher's daughter. He is so low as it is so low, and it should be a regular person to marry, and she is born, and the height reaches seven feet. Although the size of the Han Dynasty is different from today, He's height is indeed a crane group in that era.

What is the butcher who is particularly beautiful, and spend money to bribe the eunuch around the emperor, what is the butcher to send her daughter to the palace. At that time, the famous palace of the famous family was not petted. He has a beautiful appearance with a beautiful appearance.

also. After the palace Song Queen, he did not have a son in the palace. He is gave birth to the emperor Liu. Han Lingmili is more and more pets He, who is looking for an excuse to waste Song Queen.

Light and three years (180 years), ie

Two years later, Ho's book is a queen.

In the six years (189 years), after the death of the Han Dynasty, He's son Liu got to be in place, ie

Han Yong, he

Zuni is the Empress Dowager. In the same year, Dong Zhuo Waste, who was in Beijing, was all poisoned by Liu and his son Liu.

The Queen of the Dahan Dynasty, generally the famous door, like a daughter of a butcher, actually reversed into the queen. But her strong Wang Cheng, stirring the hometown of the big man in the sea.

After He became the Queen, it also made the family's loved ones rose the sky. He Jin became the general of the Han Dynasty, and another brother He became a car ride. He's one, it was originally killing pigs, actually reversed into a big man rights roll. Han Ling also began to vigilance, he intended to weaken He's forces.

But the Han Lingdi just started to weaken He's forces, he died. He Jin and He Queen, let the emperor Liu defeated the emperor throck. He Queu helped his son to the emperor throne, this has nothing happened.

The key to the problem is that He is not known after the total control of the handle, and actually gives the mother of the Han Dynasty to death. The mother of the Han Dynasty was in the country, the mother of the Han Lingdi, is the mother-in-law. He was forced to death, which caused an uproar in great wave at the time. At that time, although he was forced to be his power, he dared to argance, but why did this a family is buried by an extinguishing? (Why, the soldiers, the soldiers, pay attention, heavy officials, suicide. After sadness, diseases, in the 22nd year.

At the time of the crowd, the generals were killed by several eunuchs, and the car riding will be killed by Wu Zhu and Dong Zhuo's younger brother Dong Shi, Ho Mi's soldier and horses were taken over.

He home has no military power, can only be used by Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo this person, the ambition is too big. After he is mastering the big man, the family is not convinced. Dong Zhuo in order to quickly establish an authority, I want to take the emperor. Dong Zhuo wishes Han Emperor Liu, called the waste emperor, Li Chen Li Wang Liu Xie (ie Han Di) is the emperor. When He was confused, he saw that his son was abolished, there is no way, only to cry in Dong Zhuo all day long.

He was a mother, and her situation was very dangerous. In addition, Dong Zhuo, the same surname, when the Hall of the Han Dynasty, Dong Zhuo said with Dong Dai to climb. Directors also also took care of Dong Zhuolu, Dong Zhuo also had a bit of gratitude for Dong Dai. He was a lot of Dong Zhuo, Dong Zhuo wanted to kill her.

Dong Zhuo heard that Dong Dai was once behind him, I would like to revenge Directors. Dong Zhuo was given to Heavy a cup of poisonous wine after Han Di Dengji. (Zhuo and because of Yongle Queen, the same name, the force is the complaint, kill it.)

For the death of Heavy, the history of History, Cai Dong Pan, who once met blood, said:

"He Queen's butcher girl, it has been a Queen has been fortunate. If you know, you will be insulting, modest, then there is no life, you can not make a disaster; what is the mother and child brothers, the same, the country And for the yin, the husband, the husband, the death of Wang Meiren, forced Dong Direous, read the odd child, and read the mother's family, then the gang is evil. "

After the Queen, I got a favorite of the Han Ling, but she didn't know the way of the power because she was a low microscopic reason. If she has some self-knowledge, she is actually a queen, maybe I can be good. She did not understand the power and wanted to hold the authority, so that the right to work with her brother. Finally, I have led to one of the houses, and I am dying.

After He was died, although there was a Han Dynasty, it was unable to control the DPRK. He is too late and He Jin brothers and sisters, it is really broken the culprit of the four hundred years old.

Writing here, we can only use "virtue non-matching, there must be a disaster", "I will have two people with the generals and generals.

Later, historical interpretation of the people of the Eastern Han Dynasty and the political and military struggle between the fight and Wei, Yun, Wu San Guo, and finally Sima Yan's story, establishing a Jin Dynasty, let us appreciate it.

From the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the history of the West Jin, the history of the past 100 years.