Cheng Dequan: I have a negotiation of the enemy camp. After the failure, I am pulling the sword. I used my body to block the Russian army.

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Cheng Dequan: I have a negotiation of the enemy camp. After the failure, I am pulling the sword. I used my body to block the Russian army.

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In Longsha Park in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, there is a legacy pavilion. A stone monument stands quietly. This temple is "Qing Yunyang Cheng Gongzhi's trouble".

Cheng Dequan, the word pure, in 1860, a family of Sichuan Yunyang (now Chongqing). His father, Haoyun (Cheng Daguan) is Assigong (Ming and Qing Dynasties, Choosing Examination, Choosing, State, County), and excellent eligibility, and upgrade to Kozijian Reading, called Gongsheng), and Assigong is an additional money Make up. It can be seen that its family is at least a good thing.

However, after the Opium War, the decadent Qing government has signed a lot of inequalities in the past two decades, and the rumor has signed a lot of unequal treaties, which takes the huge amount of compensation, making the national treasury emptiness, and people's livelihood. Silver two, the Qing court sent to Gongsheng, and less and less, the rental tax is increasing. This makes theges gradually become poor, so that "poor can't be self". His father, a book, don't make a long, I have to use the teaching as the industry, and raise a seven port.

Cheng De is full of talented, diligent, and the academic progress is very fast. However, due to the poor family, the Cheng can't bear to work hard, did not go to the fame, but to go out of the father, share the pressure of the family. In 1878, the 18-year-old Cheng Dequan, "Shunning the parents' life, and the female Qinshi people of the farmer". Qin Shu Liang Liang, filial piety, is the sage of Chengdequan.

In 1884, Cheng De was taking the age of the year (when the Qing Dynasty, Shengsheng can enjoy the money provided by the government, and can enter the national sub-supervision and learning, and can even obtain the official eligibility through donation, however, The money is donating the official, that is, send Cheng Deqing to the capital of the capital. Until 1888, 28-year-old Cheng Dequan walked out of Sichuan and began a new life mileage.

After Cheng Dynasty entered Beijing, I learned from Guoshengji as a tribute. In 1890, Cheng Dequan participated in the list of Shun Tianxiang. This time, the process is already, but it has never been able to take advantage of the name, it is inevitable that depression is unusual. Fortunately, in the Sichuan Club, the Sichuan Hall of the residence is supplied to the hometown, Chengde's full renest mentality, read hard, and turned to care about the state affairs. At that time, the Qing Dynasty povered poor, Cheng Dequan heard the situation of China 's territory, especially the northborn border defense. So he pays attention to collect information about Northeast and pays attention to the situation in the situation.

An accidental opportunity, Cheng Dequan met with Shou Mountain, Taoranting (one said for the process). Shoushan is the Bai flag of the Han army, at this time at the Holy Wait. Both people have a long-awaited blood youth, and they will discuss the events together. Cheng Dequad learned that Sshan is the flag of Northeast, asked Russia in Northeast, and talked about his views on the situation. Shoushan saw a Sichuan student to understand the people, geography, property, etc. of Northeast, and the views were quite surprised, and they were very surprised.

This acquisition has changed the destiny of Cheng Dequan. In 1891, Shoushan heard the deputy of Heilongjiang, and the whole hand urgently needed to be familiar with Russian affairs and Northeast geography, so it recommended Cheng Dequan.

In 1891, Chengde Quan Shoushan's recommendation and went to Heilongjiang to serve as a full-time. Although Cheng De will have not embarked on this black land, and it can have a long study for Northeast China, which makes him familiar with everything. He is responsible for the collection of Russian matters and the "Social map" in Heilongjiang Province. Cheng Deqing did his best and left a deep impression on his colleagues.

In 1894, China-Japanese War broke out, and the war was burn from North Korea to China. The Qing army's green river defense is less than three days to collapse. The Qing government began to expand the army for the Defense Japanese army. General Iktang, General Hekang, Yushi Mountain recruits talent in the army. Shoushan recommended Cheng Dequan again. So Cheng Dequan "Single ride to the camp, the pain of the occasion, the wishfulness", several months, with Ik Tang A "in the shot of the gun, refers to Jiangshan, try to fight". "

Ike Tang Ai Dynasty is very appreciative, and it is also a special trip. In February of the Second year, the Qing court picked the Jiaotian Awards. In the same year, it was assigned to Anhui to make up the county. In 1899, he was treated by the Heilongjiang Mejun Yushou Mountain, Cheng Dequan was sent to Susou Hill. In 1900, Shoushan promoted General Heilongjiang, Cheng Dequan as the general of the generals, and the bank of the Yinyuan Bureau.

On June 21, 1900, the Eight-Past Army entered Beijing. In the same period, the Shatiang of the Saulato, the Saula Russian, the Saha Russia, the Salary, China, China. On July 6th, Sand Russia was "protected" the Middle Eastern Railway and the Attack Rise, from many directions, and the border army fought again. On July 8th, Saudo Amur Governor Golo Cove Excused, "Protecting Railway, and Bao", to Heilongjiang Province will propose from 瑷珲 军 南 南 下 到 至 至 至 至 至 至 至 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 无 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 至 向 下 至 无 下 无 下 无 无 下 无 无 下 至 无 至 至 下 至 下 无 至 至 至 至 无 至 至 下 下 至 至 至 至 至 至 至 至 下 下 至 至 至 至 至 至 至 无 至 至 至 至The military frustrated Russian army has created the "Halan Bubble" and "Jiangdong Sixty-four", a total of at least 7,000 people were massacred.

On August 1st, more than 16,000 Russian military offensive, Heilongjiang deputy, Fengxiang, more than 3,000 Qing army, brave resistance, and finally due to the disparity of strength, squatting. On August 11th, the Russian Jun attacked Qiqihar north barrier Erlong Mountain. He is a leader, raising the rain, led the army and the enemy to kill, from 10 o'clock in the afternoon to 7 pm, more injured, and he was born due to high injury, and he was killed by soldiers. Since then, the portal of Heilongjiang Province is open. At the time of the crisis, Shoushan appointed Cheng Dequan is the prime minister of the Camp Office, "to the supervisor to the supervisor, to put all the best." Cheng Dequal immediately rushed to the front line, line to the Borodo station (in today's Heilongjiang Nahe City), it is worthy of Harrow, the north bank blocks tens of thousands, crying. Cheng De fully directed everyone to take the door to the river bank, and try to cross the refugees too shore. On August 19th, Shoushan conveyed the telegram of the Qing court, saying that the court's anti-Russian will have changed, to try to persuade the Russian army to entrunly entered the army. Cheng De is around the whole, and it has been found that many people are in terrorism, and they will conflict with the Russian military negotiation, so I decided to go to the Russian camp.

After coming to the Occup, Cheng De fully shows that the Russian army wants to pass through the South Bank. The Russian military attitude is tough, and it is insistent to cross the river. Considering that there are countless southerners, the Russian army is cruel, and if the Russian army passes the river, refugees must commit suicide, escape, and the consequences are unimaginable. Cheng De fully gave an idea, no matter how you can't let the Russian army cross the river. The two sides argued again. Cheng Dequan attitude is firm. The Russian army saw this, and the attitude has a mild. The two parties finally agreed to wait until August 24th, before this, "Russia in the north bank, I am in the south bank, I am not allowed to pay one person, send a shot."

On the 24th, Cheng De is full of Russian camping, please ask the Russian army to stop the troops and the Russian party refuses. Cheng Dequan "dismissed the phase resistance, and cried and cried, and the hardships". The Russian army insisted that the Cheng Dequan spoiled and was stopped by the Russian army. The Russian army saw his strength, he was guaranteed to "did not attack the provincial city, did not kill innocent, did not plunder property, Russian soldiers stationed in the city of Beijiang Board, waiting for each other."

At the time of the intensive and Russian military business, there was a megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload The Russian army then torn the contract and the soldiers went to the provincial city Qi Qihar. On August 28, Cheng Deqing heard the news to the Russian camp to block, the Russian army did not pay attention to, and fired to the city. Cheng De fully interprets that the explanation is invalid, and the body will take the gun mouth before, and several times will be taken away by the Russian soldier. The Russian army stopped the shell.

Shoushan heard the sound of the guns to make a record and failure, and decided to take the country, ordered his hand to kill himself. After the Russian army occupied the provincial capital, the Russian military officer saw Chengde and had a courage, so I wanted to pull the way, appointed him a commander of Heilongjiang. "German is full, don't listen, I will swear the tender river from sinking, and the Russian saves is very good." On September 16th, the Russian army was forced to go to Germany. When he went to Hailar, he encountered the Russian Red Cross.

Cheng De is full of manifestation in the chaos of Gengzi, has been appreciated by the court and is promoted. In 1903, Cheng Deqing sent Beijing, Guangxu Emperor and Cixi were visible, and the lifting the doctor, and rewarded the leading lead, Acting Qi Qihar deputy. In May 1905, the military machine is electronically toned to the Heilongjiang General Heilongjiang. Cheng Deqiao became the only Han in the Qing Dynasty in more than 20 years, and the only Han people in General Heilongjiang.

During his tenure, Cheng Dequan is facing the exquisite Saulan, and he strives to strive to sovereign and national interests. Gold mines, coal mines, revised, clarify forestry and coal, etc., and reduce the plunder of Shatula Russia to Northeast resources as much as possible. Strive for tariff rights and recover the right to post and telecommunications. Open trade, the establishment of industries to restore the economy, and the people will be recreated. Reform official system, rectify the rule of law, intensify education, build a new army ... In addition, Cheng De fully opened the earliest official park, now Qiqihar Longsha Park is built here.

In 1910, Cheng De fully transferred Jiangsu to governor, according to the provisions of the Qing court "Supervisor Different Citys", the two rivers' Governor's government is located in Jiangning (now Nanjing), and the governor is located in Suzhou. Cheng Dequan and Zhang Wei, Shen Enfu and other constitutional interactions. Their claims are the "Monarch Constitution", which represents the concept of the upper part of the bourgeoisie of the landlord, bureaucrat, and merchants. They don't want to cancel the rule of the landlord, so try to maintain the Qing dynasty, but the decadent court hinder their development of capitalism, and not satisfied with the excessively plundering of imperialism.

On October 10, 1911, Wuchang Uprising broke out, and many provinces announced independence. On November 3, the Shanghai Democraticman and the Commercial Group launched the uprising, the next day, Shanghai was high. At this time, there is a constitutional and local homesick intended to recommend representatives, and ask Cheng Dequan to announce independence. However, Cheng Dequan as the court of the court, unwilling to actively rebel. On the evening of the 4th, the 50 civil army officers and men departed from Shanghai came to Suzhou, and contacted the 23rd mix of the New Army stationed in Suzhou and prepared to launch the uprising. The next morning, the Junan has controlled the various city gates in Suzhou, and then sent representative to see Dece.

Under siege occasion, Cheng Tak-chuen, in favor of independence, hoping not to disturb people. Army uprising had a good moment, "military governor of Jiangsu," the seal goes. Cheng Tak-chuen, a whim, to say: "That is a revolution, since should blow away the cobwebs, Jiangsu, a recovery should be so." Then he ordered the eaves tiles with a bamboo pole on a few triumph over former governor bureaucratic lobby, otherwise fill the new tile. Cheng Tak-chuen, he became the first to participate in the Revolution of the border province. Suzhou Guangfu arguably bourgeoisie new army, by force coercion governor of Jiangsu Cheng Tak-chuen, announced revolution. However, due to historical limitations, Cheng Tak-chuen, has served as a border province feudal dynasty, has always been at odds with the political views of the revolutionaries. But the way the tide, after all, for independent Jiangsu has a certain contribution. In recent years, the evaluation process for the full support of the German Revolution tends front of.

After independence, Jiangsu, Cheng Tak-chuen, presided over the overall situation, stable social order, reform government. December 2, Sun Yat-sen returned home from overseas, was elected Grand interim president, Cheng Tak-chuen move to Nanjing Military Government, was elected interim government House General. However, Cheng Tak-chuen, and the Provisional Government of the proposition is inconsistent, most of the time he is in the middle reconcile act as Yuan Shikai and the interim government in Nanjing.

In 1913, on behalf of the KMT chairman Song Yuan Shikai sent assassinated. After the truth, the revolutionaries finally recognize the true face of Yuan Shikai, decided to launch a second revolution. At this time, Cheng Tak-chuen, insisted reconcile attitude, Taoyuan after power under the threat of the revolutionaries. But soon after, he left Nanjing to Shanghai, in turn energized to reconcile the two Koreas, saying Taoyuan is passive, revolutionaries launched by his name. At this time, Yuan took the opportunity to draw him, and he refused. September 1, Zhang Xun captured Nanjing. September 3, Cheng Tak-chuen, was dismissed from the military governor of Jiangsu Province, and Zhang Xun was appointed military governor of Jiangsu. Once in pivotal situations Cheng Tak-chuen, finally falling politics.

After Cheng Tak-chuen, bid farewell to politics, he fled to seven years in Shanghai Concession. Do not ask political affairs, there are those who would like to take during its fame, door to persuade him to come back, and every time he declined.

He concentrated chanting Buddha, self-proclaimed "plain garden lay." In 1920, Cheng Tak-chuen, opened in Changzhou Tianning rule ordained monk under the seat, becoming Buddhist laymen. In 1926, the elders give Cheng Tak-chuen, named Ji Zhao, also known as first-hui. Cheng Tak-chuen, with the name of the law ordained to Mudu town seclusion cloud Um, Um cloud hosted and served as law. In 1929, Cheng Tak-chuen, due to severe rheumatoid arthritis, resigned presided over the post, back to Shanghai for medical treatment. May 29, 1930, Cheng Tak-chuen, died 70 years old.

In 1920, Cheng Tak-chuen, a former aide Song Xiao Lian, into a multi-Lu, Xu Dinglin (when people call "Jilin three heroes"), co-author written as "Qing Cheng Yunyang public monument to the victims themselves," the text, and how wonderful stand Lonza Park booth, named after the "love left pavilion." Later, due to various reasons monument was destroyed in the 1980s to be re-erected, but the inscription already clear. Until 2001, Qiqihar a heritage enthusiasts have bought a bale of rice paper waste paper in old things stand. Turn to go home only to find rice paper pick turned out to be "Qing Cheng Yunyang public monument to the victims themselves" all original inscription extension pieces. Since then, people know the real face of the monument.

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