Single ride is falling, ten thousand people are heading, and the juvenile hero wingong

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Single ride is falling, ten thousand people are heading, and the juvenile hero wingong

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Short-lived strong Hall of Hands - 骠 骠 将 军 军 病 (3) Main pen: idle

At the river west of the Han Xia, the Xiongnu co-detailed soldiers were nearly 50,000, the worst of the past failure, the Xiongnu is full of Izen, naturally.

The big order is generally not worried, once it is awkward, it is terrible, he wants to kill.

The first one to kill is naturally a Han. This is the battlefield of Hexi, the Xiongnu invaded the county, Yanmen County, and killed hundreds.

The second thing to kill is the defeated army will be evil, and the second king. They commanded nothing and turned around, causing 40,000 Xiongnu gerbera to fight the sand field, and did not kill the Ming military discipline, and did not kill.

As a result, I scorpion ordered, and the two kings came to the north. I would like to explain how this is what this is what it is. Or is your responsibility?

Photo: The Huns in the TV series "Hanwu Emperor" single in Izen

The two kings of the evil and evil are not stupid. Of course, they will not go, they will definitely come, but they will not be more dead. What can I do?

Izen slanting ambiguous chess, forced the two.

Nowadays, there is only one road in front of them, that is, Dumi.

Two princes were retired, you scallfully slanting the Han Dynasty, ran to the indifferent cool, but let us be a gray in Hexi, the water is hot and the Han Dynasty, and the result is a single force. It is our responsibility and want to kill us. There is no more shameless person in this world than you. So don't blame us to betray you to fall and go, you have to blame yourself, you are forced to us.

According to historical projects, the Ministry of Western, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Treasures, or the moon of the moon, and the Xionggen's Xiongnone, even by the Xiongnu, the nation of the Huns, even if they surrender Dynasty, there is no so-called moral burden.

So, the autumn of the Yellow River was in the Yellow River, the Mono-order, Li Ya, who was prepared to prepare the Xiongnu, ushered in a regular guest, known as the secret special envoy of the Xiongnu King to contact the decentralization.

Li Ya did not dare to neglect, quickly sent people to use the fastest passenger, six hundred miles to fly to the court.

The Emperor Han Dynasty readed the report of Li, which was caught in meditation.

浑 邪 为 大 大 大 大 万 号 万 万 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 示 是 示 示 示; 示; 示;; 以 以 以 以 示Preparing for my side? That is that the wolf is in the room. In case so, he will laugh for Hu Qi, thousands of loads can not be restored!

Obviously, this is an opportunity and an adventure. Therefore, it should be cautious. Can't be sent to the door of the meat bag to death, starving, and smashing.

So, the Emperor Decided to send Huo to the case of the army to go to the armed forces, a red heart, two hands prepared: If it is true, friends have a good wine, but don't blame us too enthusiastic; if it is fraud, wolf comes with a knife gun, Don't blame us too much!

Huo goes to the disease, it is, natting this work, he has taken several times in Hexi, with experience. The two sides are old opponents, familiar enough. This goes to him most appropriate.

On the other hand, the King of the Evil King and the Tour of the Han Dynasty arrived by the Han Dynasty, allowing them to lead the people to accept the whole department in the north shore of the Yellow River. Location is okay to Han Guo, which is obviously considering land security.

However, things are really not so simple, before the past, the Huang Wang refused.

After all, it is a huge shame for the surrender to the soldiers. Moreover, here to go to the Han Dynasty, the future is uncere, he will not be beautiful Qilian Mountain Prairie, he is more reluctant to be a small pity that the unconstrual strength. What's more, in the two major tribes, the Ministry of evil is heavy, and the strength of the ministry is not serious, he doesn't want to be so easy.

浑 邪 王 一 王 王 王 反,,, 王 王 王 王 王 王 王 王. 王Mom's repeated villain, I have become the top and become, you play me; Guangming wants to pull me back in front of you, you harm me!

The Tang Wang pulls the knife shouts, I will hurt you, what do you want?

I don't want to do it, he doesn't do it, rush to a sword, the red heart, the Huang Wang holds the chest, with a poor is not willing, death.

The rest of the camp is chaotic.

Wei Yin immediately gave his armor to the King of the King and the prince of the prince (gave the surname of Jin, that is, the Han Dynasty's Truscendi Golden Day, the Japanese sound is low), announced the takeover The king troops continue to south, and rushed to the other side of the light.

When Huo's disease, certainly do not know all this, he led the army, crossing the Yellow River, and tied to the two kings.

Load the felt equipment, rushing the cattle and sheep livestock, dragging the home with the mouth, the Huns finally came, the two sides were far away.

The old opponent reunited again, it turned out to be this kind of situation, and it was really sigh.

However, at this time, there is still something.

It turned out that the Xiao Wang of the Xiongnu and the departure of the Huns saw a huge Han Dynasty army, mostly refused to fall, their ideas were almost the king of the Huge, in short, a kind of destiny, the helplessness, let them sorrow, Let them fear, such a psychology spread like the plague in the Huns. Finally, someone can't help but move the horse, and the vibration arm is high. "I don't want to fall as my north!"

Suddenly, the people should, suddenly, hope that the scenery is unparalleled, and the king of the evil spirits and Huo have been stupid.

When is it bad, it is too changed at this time, and the number of people is so much. This is a good job. Huo goes to understand that he must now make a chair, otherwise only dragging a moment, things will not be able to clean up. At this time, if you go to the disease, Huo go to the disease: In the first Hiuxi battle, China is not the prince of the King King? The hostage is in hand, this change, it is not related to the king of the evil. Even if it is related, there is also the money gambling!

Zhou Qifeng is quiet every event, and the Huo goes to the disease, but he only hesitates less than five seconds. It will be as strong as the alarm of the alarm. Ben to the king of the evil king, 睥睨 睥睨 顾, said: "The King of the Evil, how can you really feel?"

All Huns are shocked, they are running, have not yet run, except for the distance, all by Huo go to a serious gallbladder to shock.

This is the self-confidence and the power of the world. I did that year, I'm "Typo> 喑 喑 is awkward, thousands of people are all wrong. Today, I went to the illness to ride, and ten thousand people bowed. The Romance is in the case of Guan Gong's single knife, and it is far away.

Originally fooled, the general wilderness, suddenly a quiet, the Xiongnu is in the popularity, the gallbladder, the poor and evil king is unstoppable, and the sorrow is not possible.

Huo goes to the heart, it seems that the king of the evil spirits is true, but it is good to kill the army. Otherwise, if it is innocent, this is a rare king, which is a rare soup.

Sure enough, after the evil king went back, He Yue Chengcheng 跪 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 单 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 见 我 我 见 见 见 我 我 道 道 道 单 单 单 见 道 见 见 道> Request, I am only sincerely attainable, I'm going to report the generals. The people who have become chaotic will be confused by the crowd against the rebellion, and the little king is not constrained, but listening to the general order. "

Huo went to see the horse, helping the king of the evil spirits, laughing: "So, I will clean up the portal! Please wait for the true spiritual, speed, put down the weapon, the negative side view will be flat!"

The King of the Evil King also came down: "Everything heard with the general disposal."

Huo to go to the horses, and the whirlwind is like returning to the Han. , Let go of the weapon, don't kill, and fight against the kill! "

The whole army broke out in the mountains and hits: the general might! The general is invincible!

It is also no wonder that everyone is excited, and people may not create a legend, but as long as they participate and have witnessed a legend, even if only once, enough! Just like the legend of the generals today, it has been deeply mood into everyone's mind, and the situation is forever, and life is memorable.

Huo goes to waving his hand and stops the cheers, and the horse has a long-awaited, and the army will catch the prairie.

The general cross rides the rain, and the white bones are like a mountain bird.

Come, see it, conquer it, this is legend.