The most powerful dynasties in Iran, established the first empire across the Asian and Europe, the national 祚 220

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The most powerful dynasties in Iran, established the first empire across the Asian and Europe, the national 祚 220

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It is not Huang Pu to sell melon self-selling, the author is a historical author of the history of the world, has introduced the dynasty and its historical monarchs in various countries in the world, and many of the world historical figures and events, the author I hope that I will grow world history knowledge for readers.

Ok, don't talk more, continue to introduce the world historical dynasty. The author is now introducing the most powerful dynasties of the Iranian historical idea, because the readers may think that Iran's strongest dynasty is not this, so the author said that individuals believe that this dynasty is the Ackière Dynasty, there may be The reader will think that Iran is not this, so the author said individual thinking.


Iran is located in the western Asia, the official National No. Iran Islamic Republic is ancient world civilization, and its civilization is only in the world's four civilization ancient Egypt (5500 BC), Iraq (5000 BC), India (4500 BC 4500) Year), China (4000 BC), was born in 3,500 BC, and the Erazman, the Mi Dynasty, and the Mi Dynasty, and the Yalean people also appeared at this time, and Yalean has a lot of branches. The Persians are one of the branches, in the Erand Dynasty, the Mi Dynasty Dynasty, and the Persians lived at the primary life.

For about 6th century BC (ie, 500 BC 500), the Persian tribe leader Taspas began to expand the site, and the Persian tribe became more and more strong. After that, his future generations inherited his megading, and he went to his grandchildren. Lu Shi did the tribal leader, and Jurus inspirations, and then destroyed the History of Iran's history and the rice dynasty, and finally destroyed the history of the Iraqi history, but also destroyed some countries around, realized the history of Iran Once a big one, I immediately built a new dynasty, because Jurs was born in the Acki Germany family, according to the world historical dynasty rules, the dynasty of his established Dynasty is called the Acki Germany, is the first big in Iran. In the dynasty, the official national number Persi, so the first empire of Persia, the capital Pasalgard (located in Today Iran Fars, only the site).

Although Jurs was a Kaisian, but he was a grandfather, a grandfix, a grandfix, a grandfix, a grandfix, a grandfix, a grandfix. Grandfather is a world, and his father Gabbiis, so he is a founding monarch, but he is a kimior.

Iran's first big dynasty dynasty

On the question mark of the monarch, the monarch title used by the Jurus II is Shah. According to the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign contracted, Sha A is equivalent to the king rather than the emperor. The first emperor in the world is the first big dynasty in China. The Dynasty opened the country of the country.

On the issue of the dynasty in the dynasty, the Acki Germany Dynasty established by the Bill of Jursi is still a slave dynasty. It is not a feudal industry. The first feudal dynasty of the world history is the first big dynasty in China. The dynasty.

On the issue of religious beliefs, Jursus II established a worship of the national education, and worshiping the fire, respecting the trivial education. It has appeared in the Mi Dynasty. It is one of the earliest religions in the world. Big, the 7th century, was replaced by Islam, gradually declined, and today, it has been nestly died, believers are very small.

The Tsi Dawn Territory, which is established by Jurus II, is roughly the territory of Iranian and surrounding countries. The second world is of course not satisfied with this territory. He is inductive to rule, constantly opening up the land. The Territory of the Ackiègnide is almost occupied by West Asia, because the great contribution to the historical history of the Iran, he was honored by the Iranian.

The Emperor of Jonger, the Emperor of the Emperor of the Emperor of Judi, and his king

After driving in 530 BC, the Junli, who has been in the eldest son, and the three sons, the three sons, and the Mo Muna will be the grandson of Jurus II. Bisis II and the Tale of the Temple of Mada I have successfully, he is a great monarch in the Iranian history after the second world, that is, he put the territory of the Iranian Acki Germany. Development to across the Asian-European non-Three continents, east, India River Plains and Pamir Plateau, west to Xiaoyia and Balkan, South to Egypt and Libya, Northern Caucasus Mountains and Saihai, is the world's history first territory The Asian-Europe's universal dynasty, so the Acki Germany Dynasty is definitely the most powerful dynasty in Iran. Therefore, the driver I was also honored by the Iranian.

Dr. Emperor's millet arrogant

During the Iranian Acceini Dynasty Dynasty, the Kingdom of Macedonia was also developing. The Kingdom of Macedonia originated in Greece. Since the Acki Germany Dynasty Territory went to the Bargan Peninsula, it was unable to be Hand, of course, is the Agid Dynasty, which is a great Achimino defeated.

The Iranian Acki Germany Dynasty Territory across the Asia and Europe

Unfortunately, the Dr Wansee drove after 486 BC, and the Iranian Acki Germany Dynasty is full, and it has not completely destroyed the Kingdom of Macedonia and left the heart. In 336 BC, the 23rd King of the Friday of Macedonia, the 23rd King Alexander III, is a famous Alexander Great. He inherited the results of the generation of the ancestors, and the prince against the Iranian Ackière Dynasty, eventually in the BC 330 Ackilis Capils, Person, Capris (exactly the capital of the capital from Pasalgard to this, located in the territory of Iran Fars, only the site), the thirteenth The last Sandy Taski II was killed by the chaos of the Escape. Iranian Armeir Dynasty Dynasty Monarch Drilling III

The above is the most powerful historic Dynasty of the Iranian History of the Iranian History. The Iranian Acki Germany is the first in the world's first territory. It is established in 550 BC. The opening of the kingdom of Junju is a slave dynasty. Two capitals of Passalgard, Person Polys, 330 BC, were destroyed by the Kingdom of Macedonia, and the Monarch Military Talents III, the National Heroes of 220, the monarch 13.

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