Battle of Chibi can't be placed?There are more fierce battles!(2)

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Battle of Chibi can't be placed?There are more fierce battles!(2)

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It is said that I have to be in history, "Leaves" in the history of 7, 6, 5.

TOP 7, Battle of Poyang Lake

The Age of Battle: The end of the year.

Both sides of the war: Chen Youyi soldighted 650,000 vs Zhu Yuanzhang military 200,000 (soldiers ratio 3.25: 1)

Battle Results: The decisive role of Zhu Yuanzhang is united in the south and sweeping the sixth.

There is a very similar place in this war and the Battle of the Three Kingdoms. And, this war is also considered to be the largest water in the medieval world.

At the time, the main insurrears of the end of the Yuan Dynasty was very similar to the last year of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Before the Warm of the Poyang, Zhu Yuanzhang analyzed the situation, and believed that Zhang Shicheng was more conservative and did not expand the heart.

If you attack Zhang Shincheng, Chen You will also support it, it is difficult to stand. As a result, Zhu Yuanzhang decided to take a premiere of Zhang Shicheng, priority to consider the thrower of Chen Youliang for the power of Poyang Lake.

Previously, Zhu Yuanzhang also made Yuan Dynasty to fall, and Chen You will pay for Kangmao to write a sombrer, and seduce Chen Youmei ran, and the water and land simultaneously attack, and the big sizzling of Chen You may. Have a challenge and pursue a big battle in Yanghu Lake. Zhu Yuanzhang's military fleet is not in the case of Chen You, but with the help of fire, it is final victory.

The water battle, from July 20th to the end of August 26, there were 37 days before and after, the length of the time, the size of the scale, the stroke, the ship only, the battle is unprecedented.

TOP 6, Saar

The Age of War: Ming Dynasty.

Both parties: Yang Zhan Mingjun 200,000 VS Nurha Chi after the Jinjun 60,000 (the force ratio 3.5: 1)

Battle Result: This battle became the prelude of the Dynasty.

Saar is in today's Liaoning Province Fushun, Ming Dynasty is a big battle with Yang Hao as the coach, and the post-gold regime led by Nurhachi has undergone a decisive battle. According to the "Qing Shu", "Saar is a bureau, the business is fixed. Dangdu Shenyang, the scale is far more than," "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Enter the foundation of the main Central Plains.

This battle is more interesting that Nurhachi is a focus on his own strength and defeated the four ways to Mingjun. It can be said that on the one hand, because the Ming army is far away, itself comes with a disadvantage; on the other hand, the post-gold army relies on the intelligence, and arranges the order of Mingjun in the United States.

Although the funeral power of the post-Jinjun is unquestionable, the key to the winning power of this battle is more about the accurate intelligence to make Nurhach Chi make the correct decisions. From the perspective of Mingjun, more is more strategic mistakes. There is absolute advantage in the troops, but I have made too many tricks, and the snake is added.

TOP 5, Guandu battle

The Age of War: East Han Dynasty.

Both parties: Yuan Shaojun 110,000 VS Cao Caojun 20,000 (troops 5.5: 1)

Battle Result: Cao Caojun laid the foundation of the unified northern part.

This battle is also a famous scene in the Three Kingdom Story System. He is the battle of the Chibi, along with Liu Bei to report the brothers of the Yiling of Dongwu, and called the three famous battles in the Han Dynasty.

In the battle of Guandu, Cao Cao listened to Xu Wei's suggestion, hitting the crick, burning Yuan Shao's weight. Yuan Shaki is only to escape from the sorrow, and then there will be almost unable to organize the resistance to Cao Cao. The two major trends in the Northern Land is Cao Cao and Yuan Shao. This battle has come down, laid the foundation of Cao's north, and then consensively in the moon, unified northern.

In the early days, Cao Jun was completely due to the state of disadvantages, and after Cao Cao heard the suggestion of the ministers, choose the appropriate way, gradually reversing the battle, and finally defeated Yuan Shao. People who are familiar with the Three Kingdoms know that the key figures of this war have three: 彧,, Xu Wei.

The result of the battle of Guandu, the most negative ability of the two parties. Yuan Shao is a lot of people, but he lacks the power of strategic vision and killing of a coach. Cao Cao is different, and it is possible to select the most favorable one according to the actual situation from the actual situation.

TOP 4, the battle of the water

Era of war: Eastern Jin.

Battle of the war: Qin 800,000 VS Eastern Jin 800,000 (troops than 10: 1)

Battle Results: After the war, the northern family began to rebel the former Qin rule, and the Eastern Jin Dynasty was no longer.

Before this, I briefly said that the former Qin Empire and the initiator of this battle.

Qiang Qin is a political power established in the Wuhu Baiki, and the royal family is also the strongest family in the 16th National, and Dingdu Chang'an. Yan Jian is the three monarchs in Qi Qin. When he is in place, it is also the most powerful era of Qi Qin. The battle of the water is, it is intention to destroy an action in Dongjin, unified north-south. Finally defeated the North Palace of Xie Xuan.

Water in today's Shouxian County, telling an external question, this place is also the birthplace of tofu. In fact, this battle has a lot of incredible places, the war itself has no strange place. Just as the Jinjun, Qin Qin was preparing for the Fujian water, the Jin army down will yell "Qin Jun defeated," said it is borrowed and the dead, hosted wild Sichuan. "End, Dongjin only Five thousands of casualties, most of the Qin losses.

Many war's success or failure have accidental factors. The ancients superstitious "God", giving these historical events a lot of mysterious colors.In fact, in our point of view, some uncontrollable factors have played a decisive role.The so-called "seek things in people, the business is in the sky" is the truth.