Ming Dynasty's most mysterious little person: Zhu Yuanzhang wrote a brother, saying that he "accidentally did the emperor"

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Ming Dynasty's most mysterious little person: Zhu Yuanzhang wrote a brother, saying that he "accidentally did the emperor"

2021-11-29 12:06:42 47 ℃

Text / fast wind

There is a world singular book, you must know, Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang's "Tiandu".

The full text is as follows:

"Yuan Yu visited the brothers, not under ten years, the corner of the corner, the end of the cloud, how to forget it. Nearly, the Tiger will stay in Jiangbei, for the joy. Two, please, and inside How to see this. The brothers are unique, and they are not allowed to make the ink. Wen Chen is so ink, the words can't be in the hearts of the people, special book, thoroughly, one or two, wish brothers .

The old man of the old wind, the brother advised me to be a self. After the completion of the hard work, the staff will be guilty, once Jinling, I will meet the spring: "The great cause has been fixed, the world has the Lord, and the four parties since then, enjoy the blessing of Taiping, no longer come to more things!" I thought it turned, not TYPO> I / TYPO> It is also true. The emperor is tired, so that I will destroy the aggression and drive the northern thief. No morality, dare to be self-respecting? The world is pushing. Chen You may know, the disciples are smiling! Three years here, visit the sages of the mountains, and will be given. Brother Move Jianan, very close to Beijing, not to avoid me, and refuse me. Yesterday made a rumor by , and sweat. Although people know each other, it is like a brother. I am two people, different parents, very good. In the past, the happiness of this is, when it is, it is the time, and it is not a timely. Undiscovered brother, only the brother, but the closed door is over, thinking that the accounting is also.

The emperor is the emperor, Yuan Zhen is self-cultivation. Yuan Zhen didn't even be an emperor, not an emperor, change his head and changed, not Yuan Zhen. Originally, I have a brother, not to be an emperor, and I've been thinking about the brothers. May you think about the love of the brother, I will ask the monarch. As for the Ming Dynasty, the brothers can help. Otherwise, listen to it, only the love of the brothers, don't talk about the country. Beautiful beauty, the water in the river, the clearer is self-cleared, the turbidity is turbid. No, river, not feet. "

This letter is written in Hongwu for three years, and the words are humble, saying that he "abandoned the brothers", saying that "no morality, 自 大 大?" The letter did not forget the love of the brothers, "The emperor is the emperor, Yuan Yu Since the Yuan Zhen. Yuanzhang is even as an emperor, not an emperor, reflecting the face, is not Yuanzhang. "

You know, this is a letter written by the emperor. Zhu Yuanzhang has just hard and strong, more suspicious, and treats the hero. It is killing, treating corrupt officials, treating any violations are killing, when is it asking for people?

This will say that Zhu Yuanzhang said the "brother" Tian Xing, "Typo> Why do you also ?

It is surprising that there is no record in "Ming History", and his anecdotes are recorded in the history of local pen.

Tian Xing is a Haojie, Qingzhou, Shandong, burly, and brave, and is a hero. Zhu Yuanzhang was in the age of ten, and the ill paced on the side of the road. Tian Xing saved him a life. He later put it into Zhu Yuanzhang's stupid staff, advised him from the Red Scarf Army Self-establishment, when Zhu Yuanzhang attacked Nanjing, Tianxing quickly resigned, and rushed to the quarter.

After the merger, the insight is "can not be rich in trouble", what kind of chest and knowledge?

After Zhu Yuanzhang founding the country, it is unforgettable for this troubled brother, and he will not send people to visit. Refuse. Don't have, Zhu Yuanzhang wrote this letter, love is true, saying "As for the Ming Dynasty, the brothers can help it. Otherwise, listen to his own, only the love of the brothers, don't talk about the country."

The end of the letter, I still don't forget to have a sentence: "No, the river is not a feet." It means that you are not in the river, it is not a good Han.

Under the invitation of Zhu Yuanzhang, Tian Xing finally came to Nanjing and Zhu Yuanzhang to see it, but he was very unwilling to be an official, and finally in Liuhe, the children and grandchildren were served as Jin Yiwei officer, there is "tiger" The remains of the depression.

Tianxing this person, the art can finalize, Wu Can play tiger, high sense, Shenlong see the end of the first-class character.