Why is Africa have two "Congo" countries, how come they come

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Why is Africa have two "Congo" countries, how come they come

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Today's African continent has two countries, one is the Congo (Gold), the other is the Congo (cloth). The capital of the Congo (Gold) in Jind Shas, Congo (cloth) capital in Braiville. Why have the countries close to the country of the Congo river have the same national name? What historical stories are there after this back?

Above_Cigong River, Congo (Gold) Unique into the sea channel

First, the Congo (Gold) and the Congo (cloth) have been a country in history - the Kingdom of the Congo.

The ancient people of the Congo belong to the class language group, which was more than 1,000 BC, they were in the Congo River Basin. More than 400 years ago, the Congolese of the Congo has developed a smelting industry, and its civilization has become an important part of Nigerian Nako Civilization.

In the 14th century, the agricultural tribes in the Congo River Basin have been gradually unified, forming a unified Congo Kingdom. In 1483, the Portuguese arrived in the Congo and the situation in the Congo gradually be well known by the outside world. With the help of Portuguese, the power of the Congo's kingdom gradually developed and became the strong kingdom in the Congo River Basin.

Above _ Dutch pen under the Congo Kingdom Truste

Maintain a good relationship between Portugal and the Congress in the early 16th century. Inter-diplomatic envoys between the two countries, and solve the diplomatic dispute between the two sides by negotiation. But as the Portuguese has more and more colonies in Africa, the Portuguese also assigns aggressions of the aggression to the Kingdom of the Congo.

In 1622, the Police Junjun attacked the southern part of the Congo, the Congo military and the Police army launched Mismbang. After guilty, the Congo army returned to the Police, the King of the Congo, the Congolese, the country, hoped to alliance with the Netherlands, together against Portugal, but the Netherlands did not make a clear reply to the Kingdom of the Congo. After 1641, the King of the Congolese Kasia III Diki, and its joint and the Netherlands defeated the Politics.

The Congo combined with the Netherlands defeated Portugal to make the Portuguese colonists very angry, wait until the Dutch to withdraw, the Salad army is coming. In 1665, the Policeman defeated the Congo army in the Mavra Battle, and the King of the Congo was died by the Portuguese colonist. The people of the Congo broke the armed uprising against the colonists and forced the Police forces to withdraw the Congo. After the Police Force withdraw, the Kingdom of the Congo has fallen into a decades of civil war, and the national strength is weak.

In the 19th century, France, Belgium, and Portugal, the three countries of the 19th United States, a righteous kingdom of the Congo, a universal country that continued for several centuries became a history.

Above the picture _ 17th century stationed in the Portuguese army of Goa

In the second, 1884, the Berlin Conference of the African Colony, which was strongly held, buried a film for the birth of the two Congo.

Inciical birth, we have to mention one thing and one. One thing is the Berlin Conference, a person is the King of Belgium Leo Podod II.

Leo Pod 2 is a very strong king. He knew that Belgium was very small in Europe, but he was divided into a piece of action in Africa. In order not to cause other powers to pay attention to the Belgium action, Leo Podo II has a military team to go deep into the Congolese in the name of "National Investigation". However, what else Leopodes I can't think of it. His army will have a contradiction with France.

Belgium and France quarreled with the Congo, the Portuguese also came to join in the fun. These three countries have noisy for how the Congo is arguing. In order to balance the interests of the powers, in 1884, 15 countries held a meeting in Berlin, Germany. After 104 days of meetings, countries reached a consensus: France and Belgian two countries as the Congo River. Belgium's ratio Congo was established, this is the later Congo (Gold). In 1910, the French Equatorial Africa included today's Gabon, Chad, Central African Republic and Congo (cloth).

The respective Congo of France and Belgium, one for decades. During the World War, the French Congo provided considerable support to the free French exercise of Dai Gaulle.

Above_Beli, France, Portugal to the Congo Kingdom

Third, after the independence of the two Congo, its country has embarked on a different way of development, and the Congo (Jin) has also renamed Zaire Republic. Until 1997, Zaire recovered the national name of the Congo (Gold). Since then, the Congo (Gold) and the Congo (cloth) are identical in the same African national name finally determined.

From the 1950s to the 1960s, it was "African era", many African countries from the rule of the primary country. In September 1958, the French government held a national referendum, the equatorial African disintegration, the Congo (cloth), Gabon, Chad and Zhongfa became the part of the French community. In August 1960, the Congo (cloth) was officially independent.

The independent Congo (cloth) regime is very frequent. In 1961, Philler Bell became the first president of the Congo (cloth), but Philler Bell's regime was taken over in 1963. In 1968, the Congo (cloth) broke out "731 Sports", Maryian Enchabi became a new president of the Congo. Unlike previous presidents, Enchabi adheres to the socialist reform. In December 1969, the People's Republic of the Congo was established.

Above_Marian Enchabi (December 31, 1938 - March 18, 1977), President of the Republic of the Congo

After 1990, the People's Republic of the Congo changed the country to the Republic of the Congo. In 1997, the Congo (cloth) broke its civil war until 1998, the civil war has failed. Due to the economic backward, the Congo (cloth) today is still a quite poverty country in Africa.

In the colonial period, the Congo (cloth) was still going on in the French, but the Congo (gold) in the hand of Belgium can be more tragic. Leo Pod 2 is very happy, and its comparison of the people of the Congo have launched a horrible massacre, and the population of the Congo has dropped from 25 million to more than 10 million people. After the end of the Second World War, the International Status of Belgium had a long-term independence of the country's national independence to start activities. Under the leadership of Casa Wushu, the Congo (Jin) was officially independent in 1960, and Casa Warb became the first president of the Congo (Gold).

Above_Monbert Sees Seco (October 14, 1997 - September 7, 1997), President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In 1965, the Political Strong Monbeo launched a coup and overthrew Casa Wulf. In addition, Montibo starts to implement a perfect diplomatic route. In the 1970s, Montibo implemented more pragmatic diplomatic lines, and China maintained friendly.

We can see the strongman color of Montibo to governing the country from the change of the national flag. In the 1970s, Montibo believes that the country named "Congo" is the brand of colonialism. After the Congo (Jin) is independent, in order to reflect the power of independent countries, "Congo" cannot be used again. In 1971, Montibo officially renamed the Congo (Gold) as the Republic of Zaire. Until 1997, Monbeo was overthrown by the coup, and Zaire's famous name was also changed to "Congo (Gold)", a full name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Above_Cigong (cloth), Congo (Gold)

All in all, the two of the African Congo came from the prince of the Congo. After the Liangqiang's tallery is divided into Africa, the Kingdom of the Congo has become the colony of France and Belgium, which in turn buried the birth of the two Congo.

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Reference: "History of the Kingdom of the Congo" (meaning) Picafert Gansu People's Publishing House

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