Sun Eti Niang couples have a number of murder cases, why can I open a black store for a long time? The local government does not check?

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Sun Eti Niang couples have a number of murder cases, why can I open a black store for a long time? The local government does not check?

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Yang Heng talks about Water Margin No. 58:

Wu Song revenge for the big brother Wu Dalang, first, I was active, Pan Jinlian, and the knife cut Ximenqing, and the laws show that the lawsuit.

But I have a sincerity, and I have a self-first plot, how much is a little interest in the county, after all, it is my hand, then, Wu Song is:

"The nests are forty, the stab is two thousand miles away."

Wu Song made a confidence in March, sitting two months of prison, and got more than 20 days, arrived in Mengzhou Road, is already June. Just in the crosswalk of this road, Wu Song and two tolerances met a black shop, almost victim, and the owner of the black store was Zhang Qing, Sun Embusians.

But you must know that this is just a ridge city, Zhang Qing and Sun Eti Niang couple will be bold and big, dare to be a human beefar, not afraid of the government to check it?

Yang Hengfeng talks about the 58th issue of the Water Margin: What can Sun Endiang's black store exist for a long time? Say you may not believe, the local people support her!


The things of things are like this:

When Wu Song came to this place, Wu Song came to this place, thirsty and hungry, looking down from the riling, seeing the hillside, there is such a more than ten grass houses next to the stream, next to the willows hang a wine curtain.

Several people walked down the ridge, before coming to the hill, just met a coward, and asked where to ask, how far is it from Mengzhou?

The woodman told them that this is a road from Mengzhou:

"This rings are Mengzhou Road, and the front of the ridge is a famous crosshaver."

Several people didn't think much, I have rushed all the way, sitting waiting for guests at the door, is the mother-night fork, grandson, seeing them, is still quite happy.

As a result, this meal, I have a problem ...

When Wusong took the meat bag on Sun Erguun, I used her hand and found that some places were wrong, so I asked:

"Wine, this hoe is human meat? Is it a dog?"

Sun Erguou certainly did not admit it. As a result, Wu Song came to a very intriguing sentence:

"I have never walked on the rivers and lakes, and I heard people say: 'Big tree Zhun, who dares to do it? Fertilizer to do steamed bread, thin, to fill the river.'"

The problem also produced, since Wu Song said, many people on the rivers and lakes rumored the big tree cross slope, and the guests did not dare to come from that, because there was a special murder to make hoes.

Since the rivers and lakes have been spread, this place is just a way from Mengzhou City, but why didn't you come to the government?

After all, let's check it here, it is also a place:

"Zhang Qing fell to the man's meat workshop, see a few people in the wall, and the beams hang five seven people."


Some people say that Wu Song said this sentence is worthy of doubts, it is very likely that he is compiled!

If it is true that the rivers and lakes have been opened, then Wu Song followed the two tolerances, when he heard the woodman, he should doubt it, how can it go in to eat?

Second, if the rivers and lakes have been driven, then as the Lu Zhi, who has been wandering, and the head of the rivers and lakes, why will it go to this store?

Moreover, this is also on the side of the official road, so close to Mengzhou City, it is true, and the people have hide, and where do they go to the meat to do taro?

No wonder, Sun Mi Niang listened to Wu Song, and immediately refuted:

"The guest officer is there! This is your self-pinched."

In fact, Wu Song said about the rumors of the crosshave, it is very likely that it is not to make, he does hear a similar rumor. Although it is known that the people who know the secrets of Sun Erguun's secrets have been "beef" or "buns", but there are exceptions, such as Lu Zhi Shen!

Everyone often felt that Lu Zhishen fled from the Daxie Guoji, all of which were the big mouth of Lin Chong, and the family saved his life, but he went out of the seller, revealing Lu Zhi Shen's identity:

"This is, what is it, a willow tree, and even the root will be released."

In fact, Lu Zhishen himself also made the same mistake. After he met Yang Zhi and Cao Zheng, he talked his own experience. From the punching town, Kansai, to the big trouble, and then saved the life of Lin Chong, and met the black store of Sun Mi Niang:

"I came to Mengzhou Cross-slope, and some children have hurt their lives by a woman in a hotel.


Everyone thinks, Lu Zhizhou has encountered a strange Yang Zhi, and Cao Zheng will talk about his own experience. He will go to the Erlong Mountain. Will you talk to other small heads?

Will you find the military division on the E 2 Longshan, make a guide to the rivers and lakes, which clearly tells the truth, must be careful to be a young mother?

Rest assured, the Water Margin is actually a lot, the contact between people is also very subtle, and all people with a little name, almost the name of the name, and they can understand.

Everyone thinks, Lin Chong has only a long time, he is rowing in Wang Mun, has spread throughout the rivers and lakes. Not only do you know, Cao Zheng is also clear, even Lu Zhizhi knows that Wang Lun is not in, I would rather to withstand the risk to win the Erlong Mountain, they are not willing to cast Rent Liangshan.

I would like to win the Erlong Mountain with Yang Zhi, I have long been transmitted on the rivers and lakes, and the life experience of Lu Zhi Shen is a special table. Speaking that the little 二 in the second dragon mountain, I have to praise my family, and I am afraid of him three points.

In fact, Lu accounted Erlongshan after, also has sent a small minions to recruit Zhang Qing and Sun Erniang occupation, this is Zhang Qing told Wu himself said: "He was asking recently accounted for Erlongshan Baozhusi, and a What green face the beast Yang Pa Luocao in that party. repeated yielding villain with his trick of letters, but can not hook go. "

Guess signaling little minions will not go to this unscrupulous secret came out?

Erlongshan was not very far away with Liangshan, Liangshan is Chai Jin, Chai Daguan people plus single-handedly support the funding of your family everywhere he's rivers and lakes. We think about him in your home Wu also lived for a long time, has been kind enough to have contacts with the Liangshan's Song Jiang Chao Gai sworn brothers, you do not even heard of Erlongshan Lu Wal-Mart?


If we say that, before Lu and Monk, cross slope, this hotel is unscrupulous, maybe not many people know, but after that, the secret could not hold.

No wonder surrounding the woodcutter firewood, when introduced to Wu, specifically mention the cross slope, very "famous."

What does it mean?

Very simple ah, if Wu is the rivers and lakes, heard similar rumors, it is tantamount to remind him that this is a slaughter house, be careful. If Wu had not heard this rumor, then this store is a famous restaurant, you go and die now!

This also led, Wu bun at the time, with two completely different tolerances, he is deliberately ripped a closer look:

"Go on the stove to take a basket of bread on the table, picked up two Kimihito they eat. Wu to take a shot to open looked, cried ......"

Well, the problem becomes more complex, opened unscrupulous Sun Erniang very eye-catching location, next to the Guan Dao, and from a lot of businessmen and unscrupulous reputation had spread throughout the arena, why can exist long run?

This was talking about a couple from Sun Erniang life experience:

Let me talk about Zhang Qing, when he saw Wu pressing Sun Erniang do not look as if it counsels the way, quickly apologized:

"Appease hero! And forgiveness, and the villain from something to say."

In fact, this kid was carrying countless lives, and belongs to the people hard, the kind of speechless. The reason why he sent the nickname vegetable garden, not because he loves to grow vegetables, but because he for a vegetable garden, kill a whole temple of man:

"Villain name Zhang Qing, was originally a vegetable garden here Guangming species. A time to fight because of little things, from the monks of this bright line kill, white, do put the fire."


A temple, have asked people to take care of the vegetable garden, it's not enough to see a small temple, breath kill all the monks inside the temple, Zhang Qing why all right?

Yes, ah, we not only wonder, even Zhang Qing himself wonder:

"Later, nor head, nor to ask lawsuit, Jianjing only villain in this tree slope."

The so-called "Jianjing" is a black and it sounds like flowers and plants to pruning, in fact, robbery Road, highway robbery.

Do not look now Zhang Qing Wu kept apologize, if Wu Bushitaiju, non-dry with him, to be honest, really not be able to do a set Zhang Qing. You know, the whole "Water Margin" 108 "hero", like the start of a temple Tu, really not, Zhang Qing is the only one, Luocao starting point is quite high.

In fact, if just so, Zhang Qing or having failed to make the cross slope here, he also assumed a stance on foot at any time, been able to mix down, the key is that he met the honored person.

This elegant than others, it is the trees here have been cross slope of bread Sun Erniang father, sent the nickname given Sun Mountain Yasha!

Zhang Qing so fierce man, old man met Sun set, also give away:

"Suddenly one day, there Laoer knows the weight of the child over. He bullied the old villain, and his servant go out and grab. Fighting for more than twenty together, it is a plaque that Laoer bear knocked over."

Old man came out, put a pole Zhang Qing took the floor, and had given the young Sun is doing this, there actually was his place.

It is also this experience, the old man decided to protect Zhang Qing, and train him as his successor:

"It turned out that young Laoer hours loyal Jianjing, when they saw the villain hands and feet will live with the villain go back to town to teach a lot of skill and took the daughter-in-law did Uxorilocal villain."


Sun set foothold in the city, usually "do business" in the local cross slope, holding a human meat bun recipe, and the recipe and teach Zhang Qing, things take a big fat wife.

Wait until after Zhang Qing mastered the entire human meat bun purchase, processing, marketing, sale and other one-stop services, and expand investment in the expansion of cross slope to help the couple of dozen thatched cottage hotel.

Because of this identity Laozhang Ren, after all, he was removed from the lakes for many years, people on the road children also mostly buy his account, know that this is Sun's father industry, do not dare to stir up trouble.

As for the official side, do not forget the sun old man living in the city, there is a secret hideout in the city, in order to do business in Mengzhou city, so naturally packed up official.

It was also in doubt, do not look at the light RBI official, so many people have no say in the lawsuit human life?

We take a look behind the mercy of experience, but he opened the hotel business license, legitimate business, what can?

An official background goalkeeper Jiang put him sent packing, zero dollars transfer fee, the entire Foxwoods Hotel on into his. Do not forget, mercy or pipe prison camp, his father is an officer at any rate, he is the police, why not grab a goalkeeper Jiang, also own a fair?

Later, Wu Song did a meal of Jiangmen, and the transfer fee of Zero Yuan also took the Happy Forest Hotel. It was strong as Zhang Tunjun, nor Baidao did not walk, but also designed to be Wishong. You see, the vision of the government is in the place where the oil is more, and where there will be a slope, and people Zhang Qing, Sun Eti Niang couple have beautiful, so many years, there is no one to report.

Through nonsense, people who can report it, lying on the board, the next day, I entered the belly of others. They reported the case?

Into this store, as long as Sun Mi Niang wants him to live, it is strong, such as the Lu Zhi, such as the head street, has to be over here. Fortunately, Wusong is a tiger hero. The reputation is outside. If it is not the case, even if it is hard, then many young gatherings plus Zhang Qing, but also a pot of martial arts.


Moreover, Sun Ergua's store is not to kill, if people kill, then what she do is made of meat buns, made of yellow beef, beef beef, who sell it?

To this end, Zhang Qing also sets the rules. For example, the monks cannot be harmful, the poor can not harm, the tolerance is not harmed, and only a specific crowd, he will start:

"It's just waiting for the merchants. If you have the eye, you will die with him."

A team of people crossing the way, they are not daring, only the order, it looks rich, and will start, in order to ensure that the message does not disclose.

In fact, not only they do so, Lin Chong at the time of Liangshan, I met the business team:

"After volts, a group of people have more than 300 people, trails. Lin Chong did not dare to do it, let him pass."

It is the so-called "people who are not lung, the official is not", even if there is a total of crossing the black store, the news has already spread throughout the rivers and lakes, as long as they know their home, but as long as no one is reported, the government is too lazy.

Everyone thinks, even the Song Jiang's deposit dare to give it a letter, Zhu Yu and Lei are also as black and white, and Sun Mi Niang must also have an umbrella. The forces of this umbrella are still very strong, and their stores are also hard to go to Wu Song, and they have gone to the Erlong Mountain, and they have been strong.

However, these are surface phenomena, and those who really support this store are not the protect umbrella inside the government, but the local people!

"Put the big pieces of good meat, cut the yellow beef to sell, zero smashing meat, make a filling boy. The small man also sends some to the village to sell, so the day."

In fact, these beef and meat buns, there are three sales channels:

One is to sell it directly to the road like Wusong, and the other is that Zhang Qing said to sell the village. In fact, there is one, that is, pick it in the city.

Zhang Qing, Sun Eti Niang, got meat early in the morning, from Mengzhou City, just in the opening of Mengzhou City, went to sell a early market.


Of course, the business is transmitted to Zhang Qing, he may be afraid to enter the city, choose to go to the village, and it is every day. This also proves that their beef business is quite hot, and Lie Zhi is invited to go to the cottage and refuse, and it can see the abundance of profits.

But as the local people have increased the demand for cheap beef, Sun Mi Niang's store can't supply it. Do you see her to flourish Wu Song?

"Today, these three-year-old licensed goods, there is a good two-day tread selling."

This also shows that there are not many ingredients in their home. Three people are ingredients, but they only have enough selling meat buns.

Later, Sun Endiang's store opened several branches, and the ingredients were more supplied. After all, the name of the black shop of the cross is outside, and the light is waiting for the rabbit. It has been waiting for food. There is no way to open a few branches, and let people will catch people. Later, Wu Song blood splashed out, it was caught, or Zhang Qing jogged over and saved him, and explained Wu Song, afraid that they missed you:

"The goddess didn't know my heart. After you go, I am only afraid that you have some loss of darts, or come back early or late. So this kind of men and women, but if you get it, just live. Some of them caught, the enemy he did not kill. "

If it is just a graphic life, the sold meat bag is in the way, then they will not be able to catch people at all, in their eyes, the human meat is the most worthless money, and the fever can be seen in which the beef business is booming.

People are not stupid, the locals are estimated to be clear, what is the meat, what is the meat, but unfortunately in the Water Margin, many people can't eat it, eat the good "yellow beef", but also thank Zhang Qing. , Sun Embusians.

If they are prizing, even the local consumers don't let go, what about the beef of Sun Mi Niang?

(Dome said that this Sun Mi Niang is a madam in the "Sheraton God", how do I see, how to play, haha.)

Therefore, Sun Mi Niang's black store can exist for a long time, local talent is their largest umbrella, if someone comes to investigate, they will also say, what is a black shop, that is a conscience store!

My name is Yang Heng, I will see a way to see the water, you will find different fun! Please pay attention to it!