Zhu Yuanzhang invents a kind of torture, just a common paper, why no one can resist?

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Zhu Yuanzhang invents a kind of torture, just a common paper, why no one can resist?

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Zhu Yuanzhang invented a kind of torture, this torture is very special, without a knife does not bleed, only one paper is needed, but there is no one can resist.

In the past few years, the ministers have been smelling.

How much cruel is this kind of torture? Why is Zhu Yuanzhang to invent this torture?

For corrupt officials, Zhu Yuanzhang has always been "zero tolerance", which can be seen from a provision in "big martial law":

As long as the official is greedy of 60 consumed, it is necessary to be "peeled solid grass".

In this way, Zhu Yuanzhang can hate the pole for corrupt officials.

It is important to say why Zhu Yuanzhang is so hated for corrupt officials, but also from Zhu Yuanzhang's experience.

As a cloth emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang, who was a child, was actually sprinkled, and the court was murdered in the end of the Yuan Dynasty, and the official was corrupted and the people complained.

The natural disasters came one after another, the original court dialed the disaster removal and disaster relief food, the people can also get over, but the officials in Nai Dynasty were too corrupt, and the disaster relief food could not come.

So many people cracked by the family because I couldn't eat it, Zhu Yuanzhang is one of the victims, so he has been thinking that his family is dead, so he is these corrupt officials.

When Zhu Yuanzhang was on the emperor, in order to rectify some officials, he worked hard.

The "four cases" that occurred in the beginning, in essence is Zhu Yuanzhang for the great shuffle of the court, the "Guo Zhen case" and "empty printed case" is a large-scale suppression of corruption officials.

In the "big martial law" of Zhu Yuanzhang, he personally pressed the corrupt officials, Zhu Yuanzhang invented many extremely cruel penalties.

Some criminals are cruel, but some penalties pay attention to "murder in invisible".

Of course, the murdere of us here is not invisible, "I don't know unconsciously", but to let the prisoner have no one miraculous skin injury.

So many people ask, how can people die without any skin injury? If you are pulled, there is a scar on the neck, even if the poison will die, there is any death law in addition to this?

In fact, this is the gain of Zhu Yuanzhang.

Under the authority of Zhu Yuanzhang, Jinyiwei assisted Zhu Yuanzhang invented a penalty called "attached to the official".

The name of "attached to the official" is very literate, but as long as you understand this criminal law, we can know what Zhu Yuanzhang acts.

The method is actually very simple, just let the prisoner sit on the chair, then tie their hands and feet, let them struggle, and then cover the face of the prisoner with a common mulberry paper.

In the population of punishment, it contains a bite of wine, and the baked wine is sprayed on paper, and the paper will become humid, thus bonding in the face of the prisoner.

As for why it is called "attachment"?

The reason is that the executioner will shout loudly when the first is posted: "Give the gods to the nine officials", when the second is posted, it will shout: "Give the big people to upgrade eight officials" ... with this analogy.

If it is filled with 10, it is a product official, but it is generally no one can rise to a product. It is probably about five products.

If a prisoner wants to confess, then the leg is indicated, then this penalty is over, if it has not been recruited, there is only a dead part.

The wet mulberry paper is tightly bonded in the face of the prisoner, blocking their nose, making the prisoner and suffocating.

If the prisoner has not recruited, in order to torture them, they will open the mulberry paper before they will suffocate, let them breathe fresh air and re-cover.

This penalty is not painful, but repeated asphyxia and res will make the prisoner's psychology collapse, Zhu Yuanzhang is the criminal law to invent the prisoner's psychology.

When the prisoner was attached to the fifth floor, it was generally suffocated and dead. After the paper is dried, it will form "human face" on the face of the prisoner, which seems to be "jumping on the stage" The mask of the Guns "is the same.

The name of "attached to the official" is here.

In fact, this criminal law is just aimed at the officials of the facial matter. After all, if you have passed out, it will inevitably make people 'sickness.

So why there are so many criminal laws, Zhu Yuanzhang still invented the Criminal Law of "Addition"?

In fact, the Criminal Law of Daxing in the Han Dynasty, the Criminal Law of Zhu Yuanzhang did not like Zhu Yuanzhang. In the TV series, we can see the emperor will have orders that make people "play the fifty big board", and is punished People often have a great shock.

In the eyes of our modern people, they are playing a few tablets, and the top more ass green, why is the person who punish it often? In fact, "playing the plate" did not we think so comfortable.

The front end of the ancient plate is wrapped in a beef tendon. The board is extremely heavy. Generally, it will change the punish per fight, except for the ass, there is a criminal law in the back and legs before the Yuan Dynasty.

The beamer is blooming, and it is a light. Generally, the 20 plates have been finished. It is not a bone to break. Even if they are carried back by their families, there is no antibiotics in that era, once infected, it is a little fierce.

Some of the people who are martial arts are hard, maybe I can get 20 big boards, but if the general literati or women, almost 10 big boards.

Thus, if the emperor ordered the hit "50 big board", to be almost identical to each other's lives, so often the condemned dreaded. However, to the emperor here, if you are faced with a number of officials, at least respectable outside body should, then hit the big board on the somewhat ugly, so he invented a number of "kills" the criminal law.

In addition to "stick official promotion" outside, minister of the Ming Dynasty emperor remediation some means.

For example Sanchaoyuanlao Xie Jin.

Xie Jin was a loving son as a good officer, but Zhu Di has long been unhappy to see him, so secretly want to look for opportunities to kill him, and once Zhu Di expedition, he finally caught the opportunity.

Xie Jin Qi Zou was in a hurry, but coincided with Zhu Di expedition did not return, so Xie Jin had met the prince, but came back after the Yongle know about it, even very angry.

He decreed immediately to the crime of "ignoring the minister Etiquette" will imprison the Xie Jin.

Later, in order to completely kill Xie Jin, he inspired Ji Gang, after knowing Ji Gang, Xie Jin first with the wine drunk, but will drag him buried in the snow.

So Xie Jin died in unclear circumstances, and if someone knows Jin also understand the cause of death can not find anything, after all, Xie Jin himself drunk, went crazy in the snow to freeze to death, others doing anything at all?

Throughout the Ming emperor invention so these "honorable" way to kill, you know just how ruthless kings are.

Of course, these cruel invention of criminal law, indeed effectively halt the rampant corrupt officials in North Korea, but at the same time, this kills the way also brought great disadvantages.

This makes the drawbacks of ruling and opposition parties up and down into another mess.

Zhu Yuanzhang "strict rule" concept, making the Hongwu years of corrupt officials has greatly improved, the number of the emperor is said to kill as many as 15 million people.

Over time, however, the court unhealthy intensified, with the great age of the emperor, deterrent penalties even slowly reduced.

When the emperor in his later years, not only corrupt officials once again rampant, criminal law side effects emperor invention are slowly revealed.

For each trap many officials will use these killings were silent. In the preparation of the emperor "Ming Patent", it recorded a reorganization on thousands of criminal law.

At that time the emperor in order to deter "Patent" almost from the officials to the people a hand, in addition to "stick official promotion" outside, there are many more classic way to kill.

The way to kill everything is amazing, for example, there is something called "waterboarding," the criminal law also makes sounds more suffocating.

This Penal Code with "paste official promotion" in fact, has the same purpose, and that is the prisoner tied to the bed so that he could not move, then cover with a towel facial live prisoners.

The executioner poured water kept prisoners to face up to the suffocation of prisoners, leading to "drowning."

This criminal law is not bleeding, no knife, looks better than the cut in pieces, Julie's gentle punishment too much, but this psychological torture, happy than the knife, leaving prisoners uncomfortable.

The death of the prisoner will not start, but he could slowly come to realize the process of dying, this gentle criminal law in the terrible terrible, you know they will die, but had gradually began to feel despair of death.

And this is not only the criminal law has been passed down overseas, even up to the civil society still exist, and also evolved become a way to kill.

Prisoners can be used indoors this way, create the illusion of the dead drowned, so that you can confuse exculpate himself.

Had a lot of torture in ancient Han Emperor period has been abolished many, including a cut nose, pig and other brutal torture people, but to the early Ming period, but the emperor would have restored a lot of torture.

Not only that, he also invented many torture to be used to deter officials, and these criminal law has been passed down to the Qing Dynasty still exist, these torture the emperor's recovery, but also people of his mixed one of the reasons.

Of course, though now a lot of people criticized the emperor Zhongliang mutilation, burning bridges, and other brutal nature, but objectively it seems, was born commoner emperor is very concerned about the sufferings of the people.

Few large-scale construction during the reign of the emperor, waste of resources, because the original King of Qin Zhu Shuang fan to massive construction projects in the construction of the palace, the emperor therefore he is not like, leading to the emperor think that this son did not listen directly to him to exclude it from the crown prince.

Although all of them trembling in the hands of officials of the emperor, but it is rare people live and work, just from this perspective, the emperor is indeed a child of loving the people as a generation of enlightened ruler.

During the reign of the emperor as to encourage production and to develop the economy, this opportunity to a number of corrupt officials, but unfortunately suffered because of the emperor's childhood, he was hated extremely corrupt.

So he govern for corrupt officials, the invention of these criminal law also makes sense, do you think?