Yu Emperor's folk life, with the beauty of the West Lake, children, joining knees, and confidant

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Yu Emperor's folk life, with the beauty of the West Lake, children, joining knees, and confidant

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Without others, how to persuade others to be good, there is no feeling of the same thing, only standing in the perspective of others, can think that the role interchange is also a good choice, in everyone's opinion, Yu Emperor is on, there is an endless Ronghua rich, but the greater the responsibility, the greater the responsibility, he also wants the life of the ordinary people, in the four life of Yu Emperor, which is the most envious of this kind Woolen cloth?

One inch of the gold, one inch gold, inch gold is difficult to buy inch, light is cloudy, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle, and the children have grown into adults. As the saying goes, the next year, people have experienced countless spring and summer. In the autumn and winter, what will Jade Emperor spend it in this long?

The sun climbed up early, and the flowers thank you still the same next year. They all say that the flowers are the most spiritual plants, the flowers of the emperor's gods are witnessed, this is a lot of mood every day. relation.

The flowers in the greenhouse are well protected, but they have experienced the wind and rain of the outside world. They have not experienced the hardship. It is difficult to solidize the root, the flowers of Yu Emperor are the same as him, and I will stay in the Tiangong all the year. Never seen the large world outside, people will be low, and the flowers will gradually wither.

It is very popular on the Internet last year: The world is so big, I want to see, this is the resignation letter of an employee, it is clear, click the center, yes, the world is so big, Yumi has never seen it. pass.

Adults have the difficulties of adults, children have their own troubles. Anything will not be absolutely speaking, not everyone can have been happy, there is no trouble, even Jade Emperor of Jiudi.

When people go to middle age, they are invisible, and they are bubble in the thermal cup. The body in life does not help with the age change, and the body changes, followed by the burden on the shoulders.

The first life of Yu Emperor: the child is joy, his wife is sitting together

Dong Yong and Qi Fairy's story is envious, the love of the cowherd woman, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Bing's ending have brought friends, do not ask for great expensive, just ask peace and happiness. Yu Emperor is also the most envious of this life, male farming, flatness is true.

The second life of Yu Emperor: Tour West Lake with the beauty, poetry

Speaking of the beauty of the West Lake, everyone first thinks must be the story of Xu Xian and White Niangzi, such a legendary story, Yu Emily is envious, and the life of the mountain is naturally beautiful, but it is not that everyone can So Yu Emperor will be very forward.

The third life of Yu Emperor: with the red knowledge

Troubled into the green grassland, people who live free lives like this herdsman's life, unrestrained, can take the pressure as the horse runs.

The fourth life of Yu Emperor: hidden mountain forest, and the life of people in Qingshan bamboo house

Small faintly in the mountains, Zhongyun in the city, big faintly, when people are tired of the life of the fighting angle, choose a quiet and leisurely life, and a good choice, these four life look easy to realize However, Yu Emperor has worker, but he only heresses himself, he can only fantasize in his mind.

Everything in front is the best arrangement. When you envy others' life, I don't know if there are many people who envy you.