What kind of nation is a saucer in history?Why is it called "Oriental Jews"?

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What kind of nation is a saucer in history?Why is it called "Oriental Jews"?

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After the "Eight Kings of the Eight Kings" in the West Jin Dynasty, there was a situation in the "Five Holidays", which was previously interrupted by the Silk Road of Hanwu Emperor, and the Central Plains is even more war. , But the same, this is also an unprecedented national blend of nationals in my country. Soon the Northern Wei Politics unified northern, re-opening up a new Silk Road.

Northern Wei is a minority regime established by Tuo's, there is a strong inclusive, which has a strong inclusiveness, combined with the Han nationality, Xianbei, Xiongnu, and others, and some of them are fresh. Known millet. Later, some Western scholars said the nation as "Oriental Jews", even set off a craze of the Sigdians, then what kind of nation?

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First, the origin of the sauce

The first thing to say is that the Sigte's relationship with the Jewish nation does not have a coy, even with the vast majority of the western people. At that time, the Silk Road was stunned, and the Zhongyuan and Western Regions were perfectly linked together. A large number of goods were transported to the West, but also let Westerners first entered the mysterious Oriental country, and the millet is the race of the East. one.

According to historical records, in the last year of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a sauce to get involved in the Central Plains. When they arrived in the Northern Wei period, they began to migrate a large number of settlements to the East. They are particularly good at trade, and have long been contacted with East and West, so there are many large and small city states, but there is no country that belongs to their own nation. In other words, the Sunte is a typical ancient business nation, which is the origin of its "Oriental Jew".

In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, they were called Zhaowu Jiuyan, the nine surname Hu, etc. What does this mean? Popular lecture is that there are nine of the main surnames in the Sunte National: Cao, An, History, Kang, Shi, Luo, Bai, Mi, He, Anti-and-Angkang's largest scale, like later, "An Shu Zi's chaos" An Lushan, Shi Siming is from it.

In addition, the Sunte is often called "hybrid Hu", pay attention! This is not a swear, but the Central Plains are too lazy to distinguish the college directly. From the perspective of modern human tribe, they belong to the ancient Iran, the earliest language is also in Iranian language, and has the text of the present nation.

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Second, the change of survival mode

1. Early fast Chinese

As mentioned earlier, the Sogdians did not establish the political power of the nation and came to the East, so they must follow the local rules. But in the era of Anlishan, suddenly interfere with politics, and even almost overthrew the Tang Dynasty.

After the "chaos of An Shi", people began to have hostiles to the Mussens, but the key to the problem is that any nation must have a bad person, and there is a bad person. You can't kill everyone.

Obviously, it is affected by the environment, most of the sauces are still willing to stay in their own lives, and their requirements are not high, and they can do business. The turning point of the matter is in the Tang Dynasty, and people began to exclude Sigmens's emotions, and their survival environment was rapidly deteriorated.

In order to live, they began to make changes, first is surname, then the family county is expected, in short, I want to do every way to erase my sauce's identity, and continue to stay in the Tang Wang dynasty with "Han Hui". . During the Tang Dynasty, I have rarely seen the Sutemone of "Original Juice".

It can also be seen from this point that Mune is a nation that can be intertwined and survive. Even if the Datang is far less than before, but they still have to learn to adapt, in fact, this is also their nation has not been peak. The direct impact of the appearance, said that the existence is relatively low in the Internet, the overall influence is too weak, and many things can only compromise.

Picture: People's stills in the Tang Dynasty

2, salad

Mustes living in the Central Plains need to change in accordance with the custom of the Tang Dynasty, so the Chinese is an inevitable result, and some Sigmators are living in the Western Regions and the Hexi Corridor, and they are in order to survive. Avoid contact with Islamic culture.

They integrate into the local ethnic groups are very fast. It can be seen that the entire Sigt nation has a strong environmental adaptability, and it has been survived in a variety of complex regions, and through the Silk Road, it has become a communication East Western. " bridge".

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3, the process of returning

If Chinese and Islamic are easy to understand, then a small part of the sauce will be easily forgotten. The return is also called back in the history book, and "the appearance rate" is full after the Mid-Tang.

In order to sell the people and the population of Changan and Luoyang as soon as possible, Tang Suzong has saved the help of Changan and Luoyang.

As early as the Tang Taizong era, Datang defeated the Turki people together, and the latter continued to eaten Xue Yantuo, from which it entered the heyday. However, in view of the fact that the Tang Dynasty is really too powerful, the early retrace has always been a state in the contest.

After the chaos of An Shi, everything has changed, and the return will start the victory. It is necessary to borrow the territory to connect the East Western trade. Under the influence, the sirman who is good at trade began to communicate with the returnees, and the main religion of the people is Monasi-teach, so many Sunte people have also begun to change their beliefs, which is the beginning of the Sunte.

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Third, the pocket moves ultimately in can't leave "the road to Hanhua"

During the Tang Wenzong, turmoil in the back of the back, plus the natural disasters, directly leading to the demise of the regime, so, the return is only three options.

First, choose to migrate in south, there are many sauces in the 300,000 people; two, return to the old land survival of returning people; the three, choose to migrate to the Anxi area, re-establish the regime.

In this way, a large number of Sigtes came to the Datang land, and the continuous smoked pottery of Han culture quickly made a new round of Chinese.