The disfillet thought that the eyes of the Yan Double Eagle were scamned, and it is not as turned to him.

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The disfillet thought that the eyes of the Yan Double Eagle were scamned, and it is not as turned to him.

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Yan Double Eagle would want to assassinate him one by one by a sniper gun spike, leaving only the last killer, but he can't say that he sent him to scare him, Yan Double Eagle, heard him. It is quite humor, raising the sniper, threaten that he is rest assured, he will not play his heart, will only let him slowly die, clearly feel that every point of pain, facing such a torture, this person is dead Before, it was a murdere of Zhang Bao's arrangement. Yan Double Eagle was again separated from Lin Yuxian. Lin Yuxian took the initiative to tell her that the accommodation is the 4th Exclusion of Shapingba Grand Hall.

The boss came to the old nest to open the agency. From the mouth of Zhang Baolu, the people they sent were dead, and the public security urban management force has been surprised, and the boss is aware of the Communist Party. It is really a compensation. The lady has been folded, once the Communist Party involved in their situation is very bad, the boss has to admire Yan Double Eagle, for the safety, the boss is forced to close all the contact points in the city, all personnel hide, no orders Phavishment, but for the Yan Double Eagle, he launched the B group C to continue to track his trace. Once you find that you can't act quickly, you will report it to yourself. This person is not infinite after you! At this time, Li Ruishan reported Lin Yuxian back, Lin Yuxian and the boss did not smash the window paper, but said that the failure of communication means that the battle will not trust Lin Yuxian, Lin Yuxian's self-righteousness is surrounded by the boss, he Dare to affirm her before and Cheng soup in a piece, so she monks her day and night. The next day, Yan Double Eagle and Zhao Yaqin came to the Spring Mahjong Hall. He knew that the enemy is the older of the underground activities. The so-called scally rabbit three caves, Zhang Bao is not here, but he wants to knock on the mountain shock to fight the snake, he wants to tell the enemy here. He has already stared to Zhang Baolu, although they will be more guard, but it is necessary to move forward, he has the opportunity, otherwise he will find the trail of Zhang Bao,

So he broke into the Mahjong Hall to breed the trouble, swaying a grenade in the big bed of the brand, and others surrounded by other people suddenly scared, Yan Double eagle was more than 100,000, they took money On the occasion of the pistol, Yan Double eagle turned back to turn their guns, the shop boss was scared, and Yan Double Eagle threatened his position, threatened his position, although the contact point received the boss's order Closed, but the Mahjong boss can't afford the Yan Double Eagle, Yan Double eagle let him hold his grenade, hung him on the grenade, he really can't hold, Yan Double Eagle calmly tell himself Not in a hurry, he is not willing to reluctantly, he has neid himself, and he finally gave a contact with the contact of Zhang Bao, Song and deputy officials hiding in Yongxin Brown, and suddenly someone knocked the door to close the store, the boss did not say Yan Double eagle Dynamic, after a patrol and analysis, according to the boss said, Song and deputy officials who are responsible to Zhang Baozhi, now there is an accident, they will try to inform Song offices, and then pass the Song Er. Zhang Bao, Yan Double Eagle I lied him, so he let Zhao Yaqin have secretly follow the boss to let go of the wall out of the wall, find the location of Yongxin Brown Villa,

Yan Double Eagle and Zhao Yaqin immediately rushed to Yongji silk, ready to explore, did not expect that there were no humens from the city, but did not have the meaning of all the meaning, just informing the view, Yan Double Eagle is from the Mahjong owner. The Contact Song Director, the Song Deputy Erwa was proud of him to deceive the Yan Double Eagle, Yan Double Eagle once again appeared in front of him, the Yongxin Silk Brill is not a contact point, but he is Hui, so he cut I lived in this halfway to make a bait, his identity is also what he tells himself. Yan Shuangying once again be lied to furiously, he must kill him. Song officer This is the real hidden body of the old man. On the 10th, she still didn't let the surrounded by the special agent to kill the double eagle. The result was that they were killed, and then bombed the Mahjong Hall, the Madi Hostel's gun and the spring mahjong bombard caused Li Yanping and Wu Yuxia. Attention,

Through the identity investigation of the deceased of the cloud brigade, these deceaseds have been affiliated to a branch of the military before liberation, a three-in-one, the rudder is called Zhang Bao, all the talents of the military, what is these specials do? Wu Yuxia passed the survey on the spot, and there was a lot of bouncing holes on the wall. It can be concluded that they are rushing into the 206 room to assassinate and kill the people in the room. The most strange thing is the last deceased. On the wooden bridge outside the street, this person is a master. Through analysis, the first bomb is extremely accurate, which has achieved the purpose of killing the opponent, and does not affect the hostel of the surrounding room. Secondly, it is not difficult to see from the bomb playing. It is the monk hand of the Baifang, after the reminder of Chen Tang's words, they quickly realized that this is the clue to the Yan Shuangying gave them, so they smashed the secret contact points of several enemy.