An immortal of Lin Zexu, seems to be leisure, but the sentence is sour

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An immortal of Lin Zexu, seems to be leisure, but the sentence is sour

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The Chinese nation has more difficulty, but every time, there will always be a human vibration arm, so we should gather, go back, countless intense, do not hesitate to throw the blood, only for more people can live a happy life. Every time I read these patriotic poems, readers will tear blurry, and feel more encouragement. Let's share the immortal work of Lin Xu, which seems to be leisure, but the sentence is sore.

Going to the goverk

Qing Dynasty: Lin Zexu

The force is a heavy weight, and the exhalation is not allowed.

The 利 国 死 死 以 死 因 因 福 福 福 福 福 福 福 福

The 谪 谪 is Jun En thick, and raising the tops of stroke.

Drama talking to the story, trying to send the old scalp.

Lin Zexu was sprigtoned because of smoking, and the army was sent to Yili. When Xi'an and his family, he wrote this first poem. The poet has insight into the serious harm of opium with deep eyes, and with a grand discouragement and gallbladder, burn opium, expels strong prune, showing the great wisdom of the shocking, and safeguarding national dignity.

However, the corruption Qing dynasty not only did not carry out award, but broke him, the poet has been huge since then. But the poet is straightforward, and he has a long-term idea of ​​his own experience, so reliers, so that they are as little as little as possible and sad, and their hard work is from the lines.

Whether the author is high in the temple, it is still a good fortune of the rivers and lakes. The poet first said that he can be strong, and it is unbearable. It will be difficult to support. Delicious: refers to the weak body, mediocre.

The word "God is tired" is a poem, refers to the fatigue, difficult to vain. When Guangzhou is smoking, the poet looks like the poet's harm and the enemy's madness; on the other hand, the emperor and the right champion are always flying, and they will be able to meet, and they are very embarrassed. "God is tired" is this situation and mood . These two sentences are the comfort of their families, and there is also a feeling of helplessness.

颔 颔 is a famous sentence, "" 利 国 国家 死 死 以 以 因 因 福 福 福 福 福 福 福. 福 到 福His attitude is firmly said, there is no size, as long as it is conducive to the country, even if the life is sacrificed, it will never encounter a disaster, and how can he see welfare, and desperately pursue? These two sentences are the passwords of the poet, and the teachings of their families.

Some generous words, the poet said again, "" 谪 谪 is the Jun En thick, raising the tops of the gain. "The army was sent, and the Yili, which is the emperor Tianneng high; It is stunned, just right to raise the temperament. The authors express a laughing accusation with a herde, hidden an infinite anger. He resistant to the enemy, but he was devalued.

In the end, the author used the allusions, "the play and the mountains talk about the story, tried to send the old scalp." It is said that Song Zhen Zong Wen Yinji Yang Pu Can poetry, call. Yang Pu said that the minister had a wife, "more restless, the wine, and mad love the poem. Today, the official is going, this will send the old scalp." The emperor laughed, let it go. Su Dongpo went to the prison, the wife sent the door and cried, Dongli said that "the sake can not be like Yang's wife, send me a poem?" The wife laughed, Dongpo is out.

The two sentences mean that the author jokes with his wife's story with the story of Yang Pu and Su Shi, advised her to have a poem of "discontinuation of the old scalp". The poet with a humorous pen tone and his wife, highlight the chest of the poet.

When this poem is written in the dead, but the whole poem is not separated from the sorrow, but it repeatedly stated that the country did not avoid the knife ax. This kind of understanding of hardships, and the bias is not written, but people feel sour. The poet helplessly, but said that the monarch is thick, and it is difficult to make it tired of gods and decent. These seemingly idle pen, just knocking side by side, but it can be seen that the poet's heart is extremely uneven.