Tang Xuanzong's most gorgeous woman, with him for many years, helping him to win the emperor, because no children were abolished

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Tang Xuanzong's most gorgeous woman, with him for many years, helping him to win the emperor, because no children were abolished

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As the long-standing emperor in the Tang Dynasty, Tang Xuanzong Li Longji not only has multi-art, but also a versatile seed, loves a lot of women, especially the love between Yang Guizhen, but also a good story. At the same time, Tang Xuanzong is a thin man, who has intentionally or unintentionally hurts a lot of women who love his, every sigh. Among them, Tang Xuanzong's most gorgeous woman is undoubtedly his wife Wang Queen.


After the Queen of Wang, this name, the year is unknown (the wild history said she is "Wang Ling", the letter), the original Taiyuan Qixian, born in the same state, belonging to the Millennium Famous Family - Taiyuan Wang. Wang's born, the ancestors are the name of the Nan Liang famous, because repeatedly leaders got the army of the army, the official to the Northern Wei, the official to the Tooth; his father Wang Renzhen once served as the whole army, Ganquan Fu Yindu, etc., waiting until Tang Xuanzong After that was once, the respect of the National Buddhist Zun was super-special, the upper column, the opening ceremony, the same three divisions, Feng Yan Guogong, and the three hundred households were sealed.

Tang Xuanzong portrait

Due to the turmoil of the Tang Dynasty, the lack of the uterus, the Wang's specifically married Li Longji, and there was no clear record in the history book. In the righteous history, it was only a scribbled to ", when Linyi Wang, it is a fever" (see "Old Tang Book, Volume 51"). According to historical records, Li Longji has been seal as Linyi Wang in 693, and it is a 9-year-old young child, according to the practice of marriage in the age of 15-18, according to the ancient royal men, we can roughly speculate, Wang Shi should be at 699-672 During the year, I married Li Longji, between the age of 13-16.

When Wang married Li Longli, the Queen Huangwu is in the period, and the Li Tang Royal Holder has already lost his honor, becoming a focus, and a little careless will have a risk of a head. According to historical records, the Li Longki brothers guess the guess of Grandma, and the three sons of the second, "all in the palace, do not go out for more than ten years" (see "Old Tang Book, Volume 51) "), The danger of its situation can be imagined.

Wang's with Li Longji has suffered for many years

Fortunately, Li Longji is very tormented in this paragraph, killing the four-riculous years, and the wife of the wife and the wife, and finally hope to come to the Tang Dynasty revival (710). According to the registration, Li Longji is not allowed to be in the mulmonary period, not only the action is not free, and it is quite toned in the economy. When you have a birthday, you can't even eat a soup (noodles). Thanks to the old man Wang Renzhen, take off the new purple catering shoulder and retrieve the face, it is barely to have a candidate for the son-in-law. It seems that it is a unbearable year.

02 Help

Although the Tang Dynasty, the Political Bureau is more confusing than the Wu Zhou period, and the Zhongzong Li Xian, which is a breeze, is almost ignorant, and the Queen Weishi and the Love Girls will interfere with the political affairs, from the prime minister to the state of the county, most of them. It is their party feathers. With the increasing growth of the power, Wei Queu actually breed the idea to be a Queen, and Li Zhongzhong, who was united, and the 16-year-old Queen Li Zhongmao (the mother is unknown), when Jinglong four years (710) June.

Taiping Princess

After Wuxi took Li Zhongmao to go to the stage, we immediately diluted the politicism, and worked with the princess of Anle, intended to kill itself, and the emperor, and his primary eradicate, it is Li Dang (Tang Ruizong, Tang Zhongzong The father of the birthday, Li Longji, Taiping Princess Brother. When this is a crisis, the Princess Taiping and the nephew Li Longji launched the coup, killing the princess, Wei Queen and his party feathers, in July. Afterwards, the princess of Taiping was forced Li Zhongmao to retreat, and held Li Dang on the throne (this is the second time Tang Ruizong.).

After Tang Ruizong rebuilt, the Princess Taiping has a contributor to the new Jin Prince Li Longji with the new Jin Prince Li Longji. However, "One Mountain can't accommodate two tigers", Tang Ruizong said that the emperor will soon surround the power of power, the Princess Taiping has an unacceptable contradiction between Li Longji. Because of the contradiction between the two sides, Tang Ruizong is in the first year (712 years) to Li Longji, but this will undoubtedly arouse the princess of Taipong's suspicion and hate.


In the face of the bone hate from aunt, Tang Xuanzong launched the coup in congenital two years (July 713) in the second year of July (713), and his party feather. Therefore, Tang Xuanzong clear the political enemy and sits on the throne. According to the history of the history, whether it is the mother and daughter who kill Wei Wei, or the princess of Taiping and its party, Wang's play is a major practitioner. It is called the Emperor for her husband. Pre-democratic, in favor of the great cause. See "Old Tang Book, Volume 51").

03 no child was abolished

As a co-suffering, the sages were born for many years, and the Wang was deeply loved by Tang Xuanzong. In the same year of the husband, I was aligned as the emperor. The father of Wang Renzhen, the brother Wang Shou, etc. Life, is a glory of the Taiyuan Wang's family. The only unfortunately, although the Queen is married to Tang Xuanzong for many years, he has never gave birth to a half-woman. This is the ancient society, especially the emperor's family, especially the emperor's home. The encounter of Wang's future buried a huge hidden danger.

Wu Huizhen

At the same time, with the consolidation of the throne, Tang Xuanzong began to be fascinated with beauty, so soon, the colorful beauty is incorporated into the palace, and the book is sealed as Hui. As a grandchildren of Wu Zetian, Wu Hui is not only beautiful, it is good at being met, and the belly is very strong. After entering the palace, it will give Tang Xuanzong's four sons and three women, so I won the emperor's favor. Over time, the young quarry, the queen of no girl, and the Queen of the child began to be cold, gradually, Tang Xuanzong actually created the queen of the queen in Wu Huizhen. After the sound of the queen, the Queen's brother Wang Shou, the Queen's brother, Wang Shou, is deep in terroristic position, and inviting the monk Mingzhan to serve the bought of Beidou, and then find the trees of thunder, and engraved on the earth. The name of the emperor made the queen to wear, and called "I have some sons, when I've been compared with the emperor." (See "Old Tang Book, Volume 51"). Unfortunately, this thing is very fast by Wen Hui to report the eyeliner around the queen, and she took the opportunity to make it difficult, and in front of Tang Xuanzong curse the emperor, and effectively imitate Wu Zaitian called the emperor.

Tang Xuanzong has experienced a series of hurricane blood rins, and the character has become extremely suspicious. What's more, the Queen's Palace has indeed found "evidence". Although the king of the Queen repeatedly defended this is for the purpose of doing, but Tang Xuanzong is still a dead king, copying his family, and the queen is the king of the prostitute, when the prostitute is 13 years (725) in July.

Tang Xuanzong listened to the words, the queen

Because the Queen has a great effort, the end of the line is correct, and it is generous for people. For example, the right thaw king is the "Changmen Fu" of Sima Xiangru, once served as "Cui Yu's Account", the one-of-the-art etheren, advised Tang Xuanzong, hoping that he can restore the back of the king, but finally did not stop. After the Queen of Wang was abolished, live in the mood of the whole day, often washing face with tears, and the physical condition is getting worse, only 3 months, it is only three months.

After the death of the Queen, Tang Xuanzong and the husband and wife of Tang Xuanzong, plus her once helped himself to remove the political enemy, stabilized the throne, so the next song was buried in the Qili Temple. Because the Queen of Queen is very good, it is very good, and never for no reason, the eunuch, so the people in the hometown miss her. Over time, Even Tang Xuanzong also gave a sense of remorse, so there was no book after passing the queen (Note: Wu Hui, although the pet, but until the death was taken as the queen).

Tang Dynasty

Finally, the question is high. Although the Queen of Wang, although there is no son, but it is born to Tang Su Zong Li Heng (Tang Xuanzong third son, and the mother is Yang Gui) for many years, and he is as good as yourself. mother's name. Until ascended the throne in Tang, Wang gratitude for the kindness of raising its parent Tang Su-tsung, was ordered to restore her title of empress, when in Baoying first year (762 years). At this point, the king after the Queen in the ground wronged 37 years, should finally restore the identity of treatment.


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