16-year-old folk woman sealed, the queen: I cut hair, Qianlong: Put the Queen into the Palace

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16-year-old folk woman sealed, the queen: I cut hair, Qianlong: Put the Queen into the Palace

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After 30 years of Qianlong, the incident will definitely be called the headlines of the Daqinghou Palace, with an explosive effect, even an ancient society in communication, it can also be well known. Regarding the reasons why afterwards, the folk statement is that Qianlong wants to stand a scorpion, followed by, she cut the hair, Qianlong's standing, maybe it is a mood (Huanggui), of course, maybe it is possible Another woman from the people, she is Fuji.

Fang Yan, Chen, born in Emperor Qianlong, 15th, September 24, 40 years old, the father named Chen Tinglong than Qianlong.

About the specific homesthood of Fangli, the official historical material is not recorded. Let's recognize the event together, unveil the kill of Fangli.

That is in Qianlong forty-three years, when Fuji is a precious person, a Yangzhou named Chen Ji, came to the capital, after thousands of hard work, finally the relationship will deliver a child (letter) to the internal government The Minister Wulongan. In the middle, Chen Ji claims to be a brother of the emperor in today's emperor, and his wife is temporarily pinned in his mother's home.

Fulongan can not dare to neglect, after all, when you want to kill, as long as your mind is still normal, you will not do this, the only possibility is that this name is Chen Ji, it is indeed Brother.

Subsequently, Fulong will report this to the Emperor Emperor, and Qianlong makes instructions:

"There is a brother of the precious people, Chen Ji came to Beijing, with a peek, it seems that this person does not care, if you drive back home, it is inevitable to swim in a living, so that the Minister of China will give Chen Ji to Beijing to reward. It is not allowed to be outside, and inquiry his family is now in Yueqi Mother in Yangzhou. It has returned to Beijing. The family is still inconvenient to live in the original. Holding Yai A, I'm chasing, and I will be delivered to Beijing. Chen Ji said that there is still a brother in Yanguan. Today, Chen Ji came to Beijing. It is also known to hear, and there is no such thing as this is in his own, and it is not fixed. 朕 朕 宫 宫 眷 亲 管 管Extremely strict, from not yet in the country. I don't know my senses, I am so good, I am very indiscriminated. Where the family is still called 畹, ie, the real HAN, I will not be slightly false, If you live, if you are in Yea, such as Chen Ji's brother is in the Yang Shang quiet, you may still have to pay attention to the law, if there is an uneasiness, and if you have a life, you will take the control, pay the local The official strict is harvested, and it is not allowed to be a lot of money. Orders are dedicated to the foreneth. From the forty-five years, I will be able to pick up this along the way. It is often in Suzhou, and it has a relatives People, etc., also known as identified, strictly managed. Forty-five years of South Tour, it is not allowed to pick up the envelope.

Through this decree, it is known that Fuji is a folk woman from Yangzhou. There is a brother called Chen Ji. In addition, there is a land of the Qianlong's back palace and is a folk woman from Suzhou. Finally, Qianlong's opposite to Hanzi, like Fuji, is extremely strict, and even let them pick up in the South Tour. It is estimated that it is intentionally covering the facts of the Han Daughter. On the other hand, it is also worried about these It is shameful to yourself.

According to the palace, like the monk Chen's people, there is no qualification to participate in the draft, then how did she enter the palace? There are two possibilities:

First, Chen may be the beauty of the Jiangnan official to give the court. In the period of Kang Di, there were often some foreign officials, and they made a beautiful woman to the court. Among them, there were many Jiangnan, such as what Suzhou weaving, Jiang Ning weaving, these officials were the "Mi" of the Emperor. Kangxi Dynasty, Suzhou Weaving Li Wei once sent a sister Wang to the palace, the king is a Shuimin, which is the three emperors of Kangxi.

Second, Chen is also likely to be a beautiful woman in the Qianlong South Tour.

At the end of Emperor Qianlong, the 16-year-old Chen seal is often there.

Everyone can find that Chen is closed, and the south patrol of Qianlong 30 years is very close. The folk rumors have been cut after the princes of Qianlong. Perhaps this scorpion is clear in Chen. The later arifte is. As for whether this Chen is 娼 娼 or nun is born, we don't know.

Subsequent plots, you can often see it in the film and television drama, then the Laothy will cut off the hair because of the opposition to Qianlong, and this behavior is considered to be Manchuria, which is the emperor and the emperor. The big disrespect, the Thunder of Qianlong, and the Raisan was put into the cold palace and was notified.

However, from the perspective of follow-up, Qianlong Feng Chen seems to be a timely rise. Since Chen's entrance, Qianlong has a rare to her. The file is only recorded in Qianlong thirty-four years. On the 15th, the rewards of Chen's moon cakes, patrol, Chen's only in the thirty-nine years of Qianlong, and the river.

In the forty years of Qianlong, after nearly ten years after entering the palace, Chen was Jinzheng as a precious person.

In June forty-three years, Chen's mother died, Qianlong reused her two hundred and two silver, in July, Chen's brother Chen Ji came to Beijing, and the incident, I found that Chen's A brother, named Chen Hao, in the hands of proud, but also guarded oneself.

In the forty-four years of Qianlong, the Eunuch Changning Chuan Qianlong Pen:

"Yang Yin Temple will give it to the house, and the residence is given to Shun. Many often live in Shunyi. Yuanmingyuan is full of lives, giving the accommodation. Shun Yi is impending in Yongshou Palace "

From this decree, Chen's is in the palace with Shunxiang, and Chen's Chen has become a clear, that is, she has been downgraded by Qianlong. However, in the forty-five years of Qianlong, Chen was reserved as a precious person.

In the fifty-nine years of Qianlong, Chen's moved to Yonghe Palace. In this year, Qianlong held a long-term accompanied by a long-term arrival, 45, Chen finally won the main position of the intake of intake, and the volume was sealed as a fragrance:

"朕 惟 容 以 属 属. Natural pepper. Exhibition skills. Type of Huiyi. Shu Yi Xiqing. 采 增 增 陈 陈.. 辉 氏..,, 庆 庆 庆 庆 庆. 墀 墀. 其 身 身 光. 嘉 维 则. 晋 封尔 则 嫔 嫔 嫔 嫔. 命. 命 嫔 为 为Well. Yu Fan Milton. Aggressive Piva and serve. Qin. "

Jiaqing three years, has been done for the three years of Qianlong's Emperor Qianlong once again, and it is a fragrant:

"Hey, the official choice. First of the blessings. Zhongzheng service. Eskilian is a long time. Skills are 功 褕釆. 宠 宜 被......................... 襄. Jojia. Holding Wen Shu. Earlier birth. The gift of the pepper is voted. Yelu Yunnian. The Division of the Lan Dian is no. Zejin Head is Fu. Massage. The ambientism of the deputy, the mean emblem. Zhao Jinggong does not replace. Qin. "

From the post-two booklets of Chen, at least in the end of Qianlong, she is still very familiar with the emperor.

However, Chen's body is not very good, only three years (Jiaqing six years) I was buried into Yuming Yuanmu.

Fang Chen Chen's hometown in Qianlong, did not occupy an important position, and there is no highlight, and there is no life for Qianlong, but her entrance, but she gives people an infinite imagination. She may really lead to behind The mortal of the hair. But no matter what, at least in the end of Qianlong, Chen is still gaining some spirits, but it has not been awarded a national award for the family.

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