Li Zi became what only made the Emperor of the 18th Day

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Li Zi became what only made the Emperor of the 18th Day

2021-12-02 12:15:17 52 ℃

Speaking of Li Zicheng we are familiar with, he led the peasant rebel army overthrew the corrupt regime of the name, established Dashun, Dashun made emperor, but the emperor he was only 18 days, for reasons we may not know it ? What do you listen to me.

This thing had to start from Li Zicheng father. Li Zicheng father was a legend of feng shui, geomancy physiognomy help people every day, is said to Father in Pat Heung also some fame. Find his physiognomy geomancy people can be said to be an endless stream. Relying on this craft, but also to earn some money.

This year the Spring Festival, the family reunion dinner together, Li Zicheng eating eating eat, his eyes looked at his father said: "Dad, you see every day to others physiognomy feng shui, you show me the pictures. "his father said:" a child, see what see, "she said Li Zicheng pleading:." Dad, I-five, not small, you give me a look at it every day to go to the landlord cattle, but also to ! can not some money, and when the head ah, "he father said:" Do you think that anyone capable of living ah, because I did not give you money club geomancy, people did you just let it live, you're watching look cattle, not tired, how many people have wanted to do not rush on it! "Rereading not speak, but focusing instead on eating. But he was not willing to eat and wondering how to make him father with physiognomy.

After dinner, a retreat to the back of the Father, is to rely on the pile and pulled out pipe in his mouth, and quickly went over to Li Zicheng father lit cigarette, Father puff, slowly cigarette from the mouth to children , really comfortable ah. Watching father and now she is happy, Li Zicheng it laughs and says: "Dad in this smoke, I really like a fairy, Lao Shenxian, to the baby with the physiognomy of it." Self into this ass shot is good, narrowing his Father I perused the front of the eye's eldest son, do not look at this matter, Father covered Ji Ling. He made an effort, but a closer look about it, and then facing the Li Zicheng, said: "My child, you go, we are not the cattle." Rereading these words to say ignorant circle, and asked: "Dad, how do you, just do not said live cattle is to ask you finally, the moment ye did not allow me to put the "Father said:"? do not ask, go, go to the army, "Li Zicheng more wonder, asked. : "? Dad, why do I go to the army ah" father said: "do not ask, not disclose the secret." father said the more so, the more Li Zicheng want to know how it is. He is constantly begged his father to tell him how it was. Father could not stand the son of importuning, finally tell the truth. "Son, I see you in the future to when the emperor, to 18 years it when you go to the army, to lead the troops to fight in the future, you overthrew the Ming dynasty, you're the new court of emperor ah." The moment Zhang Li Zicheng mouth surprised.

He recovered, Li Zicheng asked: "Dad, what you say is true when I became emperor ah??" Said Father, you see our family room behind the pit small willow tree yet? When Shujian next to the water, and when you will be able to emperor of. "After listening to the words of the father, Li Zicheng to quickly pack up, ready to go to the army over the years. Before leaving, he found a small partner's best self respect, whispered in his ear did not know what I saw from King nodding, said: "trekking, you worry. "

Li Zicheng gone, since the King went to his house daily press room small willow tree.

Do not know better than a few years, the trees become a tree, but it did not grow up, but more and more inclined towards the water. Seeing Shu Jian quickly finish the long march of the water, pressure from King much more frequently.

On this day, a man came to the village on horseback, all the way to inquire about the find self-respect, the two came to the pit, he saw a large willow see lying in the water, then stepped launched and ran and ran.

It turned out that Li Zicheng sent, though he scored Beijing, Chong Zhen also on the crane, but he did not dare immediately became the emperor, he remembered his father saying, but did not forget their commitments to smaller partners. When people see the willow sent a sharp finish the long march of water, she took to the capital of the self-respect. Chose a good day, officially became emperor ascended the throne, as Dashun toward change, respect for the self-sealing Happy king, the other meritorious are all raised him.

To celebrate Zhu Dashun established, Li Zicheng eat dumplings every day and ministers, ate 18 days to 19 days when Beijing was broken Nurhaci led Qing, Li Zicheng was killed, luckily escaped from King, fled the village, messenger to the children's father, Li Zicheng. Li Zicheng father listened, heads shaking like a rattle, he said:. "Impossible, my son can do it for 18 years emperor, this 18 days, he can not have an accident."

Li Zijing quickly said: "Uncle, this thing is really such a thing I can do this from nonsense to let me help him pressure willow, said the tree down to the tip of the water he can suffer when the emperor, pick me up? to become a high official. I do not want him dead! "a Father, anxious, this tree can press it? When did when the emperor, that God has long been arranged, you early in the Shujian suffered a water pressure, but the timing has not matured, his throne can do it stable? Blame Me, I should not disclose the secret ah, I killed since become ah!

Since then, Li Zicheng father no longer be looked feng shui.

This story tells us, no matter what the situation, we must follow the law of development of things, anxious, they will do things to hit. Friends, do you agree with me? Welcome to leave comments.