"Beauty without tears": Advanced!Emperor is extremely eye-catching, some is just use

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"Beauty without tears": Advanced!Emperor is extremely eye-catching, some is just use

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01 Fuxing identity becomes an emperor

Da Yuer is the Fuxing of the Coleland, deeply loved by the grassland. She is in harmony with the heavenly pears, she is a Fuxing, who is like, Hailan Bead into a disaster star.

She is more than just the Fuxing on the grass, but also like a pure and good angel.

She is really much better than Hailan beads during the teenager.

Huang Taizhen wants to be a uniform world, but there is such an easy day. The Crown of Huang Taiji is still a sacred sacred sacred sacred.

When Nurhab is difficult to choose between the emperor and Dolt, plus his body is not ill, the holy purpose is not left, and Yu Chie likes Huang Taiji, so after Nurhak, she fake sacred Give the throne to the emperor.

Yuer is a Fuxing of the grassland, and is the Huaxing of the Emperor.

Huang Taiji also heard the title of Yuer Fu Xing, so the jade is nice.

In fact, the emperor has no half-story, his heart has Jiangshan, just heard that Yuer is a Fuxing, and will hit the idea of ​​Yuner, hoping to rely on the title of Yuer Fu Xing, let him sit still.

According to reason, the Emperor is the father of Yuer, but he married his daughter for a must-have name.

Erily likes his own father, let her marry the emperor, she is also happy.

Yu Chifong became the Crown of Huang Taiji from the grassland.

At that time, Yu Chi is simply fascinated by Huang Taiji, so do our best to help the Emperor.

02 is not favored by the emperor

The Crown Prince's scorpion is too much, and Yu Chi is not in his eyes.

Huang Taizi gave the power to the queen, will really gave heavenly beads, and only the big jade did nothing.

At that time, the emperor wanted to take the Hong Contribution section, got the important object in the Hutong Known, but the flood cathedag watered, and the emperor didn't help him.

Huang Taiji learned that the wife and Yuer of Hong Chenggang were very similar, so they let Yuner help themselves to take the flood field.

The emperor is the truth, Yu Child is her peez, is his emperor's woman, but he actually in order to take a hero, I would rather push your woman to the top, Yu Children can have no.

Dolu likes Yuer, when you know that Emperor is to give Yu Child to the prosperity of the city, when you want to kill the flood catalog, so as not to humiliate. But against the emperor, he personally gave Yuer to the flood.

It is really a beautiful person. Yu Chi likes the emperor for so long, but he was sent out by the emperor. This truth is finally paid. In the Empress, she is nothing.

It is because of this, Yu Children have no more love to the Crown Prince.

Emperor is an extremely iron heart to use jade to change the things in the hands of the treasures. It is also good to know a woman who is cool, there is the woman's existence, and Yu Chi is not going to walk with Hong Chengdu, and the key moment is still Dore to save Yuer.

The emperor is at all expects.

03 missing lover lonely endless

Huang Tai Chi and Yuer's heart gap, even after the death of the Emperor did not let go of Yuer.

During the danger of Huang Tai, the son of Yuer has led to the child and Yuer. After the death of the emperor, the relationship between the jade and the child's mother and the child is also as water, which is the emperor.

When Yu Peer realized that he had no time to choose the wrong person in this life. She is able to know early with Doir, and the end will not be so tragic.

Emperor is extremely dead, Yuer's child has a home, Dolg is also left, and there is a lonely life in the future, there is only Yu Lei himself a person.

Young Yue Children have a friendship to the emperor, but mistakenly thought that I found true love. Later, I found that it is just a mistake, but I can't go back.

She lied for the emperor of the extreme, and swearing to say that the sweat was passed to the emperor.

She really should have the oath: her husband does not love, her children are not filial, and lonely is enduring.

Yu Chi is a Fuxing on the grassland. If you don't marry the Emperor, maybe she will find a brave and good man in her hometown, live freely and chic life, or choose Dolu, with Dolu, They will be very happy.

But in this life, she chose wrong.