Late Qing Dynasty photos: Cixi is too late to take pictures with pet dogs, women's belly

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Late Qing Dynasty photos: Cixi is too late to take pictures with pet dogs, women's belly

2021-12-02 12:13:26 57 ℃

Elegant beautiful pregnant women, the villagers who are juggling, the messy, the Qing army queue ... one scene late Qing Social life scene, is permanently fixed, becoming the first-hand material for the history of the future generation.

Tianjin, Qingjun Team.

The banner on the field of school is surprised, but those soldiers have no spiritual shake. Although they are arranged in a queue, they are messy, the military capacity is not entirely; maybe because of the time of the winter, the weather is cold, they all insert their hands into the cuffs, the military post is not serious. There is a puppy in the picture to the ground, is it a military dog?

Tianjin, Qing army soldier.

This photo allows us to see the costumes of the two soldiers, equipment, one person holding a rifle, one person holding profits, standing downright is very tall. Starting from the late Qianlong, the Wuupu wrinkling, the Qing Dynasty did not train any army that really could fight, even if it was as fixed as Xiang Huaijun, the "Jin Travel" of the Taiping Heaven, was still not harmful.

Shanghai Daxie telegraph company reports.

In 1869, Danish Danbei Telegraphs established, expanded its business to China, and paved the telegraph cable in Shanghai. The company often sees the first step, first secretly laid, and then seek the recognition of the Qing court. Under the pressure of Liangqiang, the Qing court has to agree to its operation. Since 1880, the Qing court began to develop telegraph business. By 1911, Shanghai has been China's telegraph center. At that time, there were 503 Telecommunications Bureau, and the telegraph line was 5,0001 kilometers.

The official photo.

The five officials are tightly squeezed together when they take pictures. Is it to show the relationship intimate harmony?

The juggling performance of the countryside.

A child is kneeling, and then lie down, an adult stepped on his belly, showing its strength and flexibility. The villagers consciously watched their performances with their performances. There are not many casual entertainment in that year, juggling, and singing can attract people's enthusiasm.

Handsome little woman.

This woman is sitting in a well-designed photography shed, fan, handkerchief, vase, tobacco bag, tea bowl is the standard of photo studio. She is young, handsome, head decoration, and clothing are gorgeous, I can identify that she is from big family, and ordinary people can not win the test.

Pregnant young woman.

The young woman is touched by six, and there is a portrait of a rare late pregnant woman. In that, people's understanding of photography is constant, worried about their soul, if they are not all very open, will not allow a pregnant woman to take pictures to the photo.

Cixi took photos with her pet dog.

Diji, I like a pet dog very much, I specially set up a "domestic dog" in Donghuamen, Palace. There are four eunuchs that are specially responsible for dog diet, tuning and modification. Every dog ​​has a silver, and the eunuch is collected on a month. She is the most known to Jingba (purebred Jingbian very expensive), the black puppy who is squatting on the ground may be.

"李 半 仙" 卦.

We don't know how high this "Li Ji Xian" level, but can see that he will boast your own, what "I really pay" "命 同参" "sincere", indeed attracted some passers-by Fort. Mr. this kind of fortune, generally read a few years, and did not have a special talent, and did this to earn some living expenses.


The shoe reader picked the landscape of the street, not only can be repaired, but also a new shoe. At that time, in winter, business is good, wait until summer, many people don't wear shoes, and customers are not so much.