The Northern Song Dynasty God made itself, it is difficult to surpass

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The Northern Song Dynasty God made itself, it is difficult to surpass

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At midnight, a top banquet entered a climax.

Under the gaze of the new Koi Yuan Lang, the famous songs of the famous song, the famous songs, the famous songs, and jumped up the hottest six.

Han Xi, the owner of the banquet, personally lifted his drum.

The monk monks that can't be in the case and break into the scenery of the dance, which is slightly embarrassed in the crowd, but this does not hinder the soaring of other people's adrenaline.

"Han Xi Night Banquet" is dancing.

In the corner, there are two universal passengers to happen all the night, and they are in the heart: Who is the banquet? What kind of clothes are wearing, what is the expression of expressions ... Tongxiang but their eyes.

They are the Southern Tang Painting Institute to be in the middle of the middle and week Wen, the life of Li Wei, the master of the country, to implement a secret task.

Gu Yisheng will then heard the meeting from the banquet, and painted a reel with the skillful skill, presented to Li Wei.

When Li Yu exhibition opened the draw, when he saw the song and dance of the rumor, he finally decided to stop the appointment of Han Xi.

"Han Xi Night Banquet" is part.

Han Xi is a good and ability, which is considered to be prime minister. Li Wei wants to appoint Han Xi to carry as a phase, but the wind review of Han Xi, which is in the wild.

Han Xi built a late in his later years, and it was unruly. He went more than forty gods who could blow up, and all the year ago gave guests, night and night.

In order to seek care, Li Wei also sent a picture, with a task attended the banquet of Han Xi.

He hopes to see the master's Danqing, and see if Han Xi is as decadent, and it is so decadent.

The painters who are ordered to act, do not know that their "Conduct", and later became a famous painting.

In the history of China's long painting, political winds, society's thoughts, and the emperor's preferences, always in the foreground of this art.

"Han Xi Night Banquet" is local, Han Xi is finally bid.

From the "Han Xi Night Banquet" drawn in Gu Yizhong, Li Wei saw his vision of his prime minister and sorrow. He broke the idea of ​​making prime minister with Han Xi.

But Li Wei didn't know that all this is Han Xi.

As early as Li Wei, Li Wei was in place, Han Xi was ambitious. He suggested that Li Wei sent troops in the northern exteration of the Central Plains, but Li Wei did not listen.

A few years later, the Central Plains turned from the Han Dynasty. Some people in the South Tang Dynasty suggested that the Northern Expedition, Han Xi also said that the Northern Expedition is my ambition, but it is not realistic.

In his eyes, the emperor Guo Wei, the emperor Guo Wei, is Cao Cao, and the Nan Tang self-defeat is difficult, and the Northern Expedition.

Not long after, Han Xi is in the heart of Li Wei, reminds attention to the people around him, but will be retaliated by Feng Yanxi, Song Qiqiu et al. Since then, he is more pessimistic about the time bureau.

When Li Wei succeeded in 961 AD, the Central Plains is already the world of the big broadcast.

Although Li Wei appreciated Han Xi, he intended to reuse, but Han Xi also saw the world's great potential. He said to someone: "Central Plains taste the tilap here, once the real is the same, Jiangnan abandoned, I can't be a long laughter." Zhongyuan unified world is a general trend, he doesn't want to invest in the Southern Tang Dynasty. - He didn't want to be a thousand jokes.

Therefore, Han Xi loaded the Deming monk, "I am self-contaminated," I will avoid it. "

It turned out that he could engage in the private banquet of these sound dogs.

Li Wei passed the paintings of Gu Yizhong, and he was indeed a dead heart to Han Xi. Just he didn't know his country, soon he will die in another picture.

After Zhao Wei established the big concierge, he sent a group to the South Tang. Among the group, there is a painter who is good at painting portraits, and the author of Zhao Wei himself - Wang Wei. Wang Hao's mission is the portrait of three people in secret painting: Han Xi, Song Qiqiu and Lin Renzhen.

In Zhao Wei, these three people are the most influential characters in Nan Tang, drawing their true image, in the future. After Wang Hao completed the task, she took the portrait to the north and was rewarded by Zhao Wei.

Song Taizu Zhao Yu portrait, passed the painting of Wang Wei.

Soon, Song Qiqiu, who was Jojun, who was in the South Tang, lost his death, and died in Jiuhuashan. Song Qiqiu's political enemy, the prime minister candidate Han Xi is willing to self-contamination, and it is not willing to enter the phase. By the 970 AD, Han Xi was died, and Zhao Weijie jealousy Nan Tang three people were only left in the South Tang "War" Lin Ren.

At that time, the big Song has been flattering the West, Jinghu, Lingnan and other places, and the Southern Tang Dynasty situation is in jeopardy. Lin Renyi believes that this is a chance to Nan Tang. He suggested to Li Wei, Song Jun used to use the soldiers, thousands of miles, and the soldiers were precise. Ask Li Wei to give him tens of thousands of soldiers, capture Huainan.

"Your Majesty can declare the insurgents of the minister, then the minister is successful, Huainan returned to the country; Chen Ruo defeated, the majesty is full of me, saying that he is not aware." Lin Renzhen said.

After Li Wei listened, it was frightened: "You must not say that this will come to the country."

In 1997, after more than ten years from Wang Yu, the portrait of Lin Renzhen was finally sent.

This is a "clever" induction. Zhao Wei arranged a luxury home prepared by Lin Renyi in advance, housing in the house. When visiting the Nandang Messenger, deliberately letting them see the portraits inside, so that Lin Renxi will soon be a rebel country, and become the owner of this luxury home. After returning to Kang Kang, he quickly reported this.

Having Lin Renzhen's Nan Tang General Huangfu, Zhu Quan, etc., and also took the opportunity to speak to Li Yujin. Li Wei gave a lunch, and he didn't divide the green soap.

In addition to the last hard bones of the Nan Tang, Zhao Wei began to travel from the southern Tang. Three years later, Nan Tang was destroyed.

The big Song has received everything in Nan Tang, including site, wealth, and famous paintings.

Nandang's famous painters Dong Yu, Xu Xi and others, followed by Li Wei, who was moved, was moved to Jingjing. Gu Yuzhong should be in the Northern Movement, but the deeds behind him in the South Tang Dynasty have been annihilated.

Not only Nang Tang, the most powerful painters throughout China, are received by one by one, focusing on the center of the new empire. Zhujing becomes a painting art center.

According to the requirements, these returned painters have joined the ranks of building a new imperial picture. Their painted barrier, unloaded the palace and government agency buildings in Huangcheng. This is visually symbolizing the central king's culture to absorb the culture of Jiangnan, southwest, and symbolizing the Song Dynasty as the successor of the Tang Tang Empire, completed the great cause of the world.

The Northern Song Court Aesthetics present in the film and television drama.

In China, painting has not only aesthetic meaning, but also political functions. However, the most popular painters favored by the big Song dominant, the style of painting seems to be unwinding to the political manner.

Huang Quancai is a afterlife who is received by the big Song, is known for the painting of flowers bamboo birds. This is his home student.

His father is yellow, is a big painter who is a lot of time.

It is said that after the Lord's dominion has made Huang Hao paint crane on the wall, he painted very realistic, attracting real cranes. Now we can see a "sketchbook map" of Huang Yu, this is not his formal work, just the model of his painting to his son to learn, but the sparrow, donkey, turtle, insects, etc. painted in the painting Bird, vivid, jump on paper.

Huang Yu "sketching the bird map".

The painting of Huangji does not lose his father. Commentary said that he is fine in the outline, with a strong spirit, the fill is strong, and the image of the garden is realistic, and natural. He has a "Mountain Sparrow Chart", the picture scene is blending, the wild is full of life, and there is no launch, and it is very good.

Huangji Cai "Mountain Spagquet".

After the Huangjun was in Song, the pain of the father and son was strongly respected by Song Taizu and Song Taizong. The painter wants to enter the Painting Institute, must learn and imitate Huangji's painting wind, "Huang Jia Fu" has therefore dominated the painting in the Song Dynasty for decades.

At that time, he could have a higher father and son, which was Xu Xi from Nantang.

Xu Xi did not officially, and the yellow family was different in the articles of the hospital. He belongs to the body's painter. But do not interfere with the favorite of the people's painting. After Song Taizong looked at the pomegranate picture of his painting, "said the fancy, I know (Xu), the rest of the lack of understanding."

Because of his flower and bird, Xu Xi was known as "Jiangnan Pen".

Xu Xi "bird water map".

In the end, a brush outside the Xu Xi rely on the system, in the picture of the flowers and birds and "Huang Jia Fu" in the world, people call "Xu Xi Yunyi".

Xu Xi's grandson Xu Chongshi, but also a specialty of Xu and Huang two, creating "no bone painting" - do not use the draft when painting, directly on color.

Xu Chongzhen "鸳 花 花图".

At this point, the Huangpai in the Painting Theater and the Xupai outside the Painted Institute, and the double peaks of the Bird Dragonflies in the Song Dynasty. General painter, either learn yellow, either learn Xu, otherwise it will be considered a wild road, no teacher Cheng Yuan.

The Northern Song Song Bird's painting is known for its fine and realistic.

In Huang, Xu Erqi ruled the Northern Songhua Bird While decades, the rise is the new generation of flower and bird painting master Zhao Chang.

Zhao Chang lived in Song Zhenzong, since the "sketch Zhao Chang". The word "sketch" indicates his attitude towards realism. History, when the morning dew is not dried every morning, he went back and forth in the flowerbed, and his hands were touched, and it was drawn on the spot.

Zhao Chang "sketching the butterfly figure".

In the past year, Zhao Chang was quite proud of his work. After painting, he collected himself, it was easy to send people or sold. If you see your own painting, it is very angry, always pays back.

The painter Yi Yuanji, who is slight later than Zhao Chang, I plan to learn a flower bird painting, but I saw Zhao Chang's flower and bird painting, I feel that "the world is not launched", it is better to make a lot of flowers, attack painting animals.

Since then, Yi Yuanji digs a pool behind the house, decorates rock, bamboo, juhua and reeds, and stares a variety of booms, and observes the activities and gestures of these animals through the windows through the windows.

He also often abroad, one is a few months, "Tour Jinghu, into the Wanshou Mountain, with the gerbera of 觇 狖 狖 狖,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The posture.

With awareness and hardship, Yi Yuan Ji will become a stunt of the "secular who may not be spyed to", "commentary," writing the intervention, there is no right ".

Yi Yuanji "Three Pacionmap".

He is best at painting the monkey. During the Song Yingzong period, he was held in the Painting Painting Institute to paint "Hundreds of pictures" by the imperial court. The rumors rumors are died in the wine in the wine, because jealousy is his talent. After the death of Yi Yuan, did a few years later. Cui Bai, the greatest flower and bird painter in the Northern Song Dynasty, was called in the court.

This year, Cui Bai has been in his 60s.

Previously, he has always been a folk drawing. Xiangguo Temple was destroyed in a rain, Cui Bai participated in the red painting of the mural. When this project was completed in the first year of Xining (1068), Cui Bai received the appreciation of Song Shenzong and was called into the hospital. Due to Cui Bai personality, the Song Shenzong also special, if there is no royal purpose, no one can arrange Cui Bai painting.

Cui Bai skill is superb, you can draw a long straight line without a ruler. He draws the geese,, 堪 堪 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三 三

Because I have never been infected with the palace and paintings, the character is lifted, and it is paying attention to the sketch. Cui Bai has become the innovation of the Northern Song Dynasty. It marks a thorough change of the ink, the ink painting style of the Northern Song Dynasty.

Cui Bai's handed down painting, there is a "double joy map". Two mountains got a brown rabbit, the rabbit felt confused, a instant swearing painter captured. The scene is Xiao Yutan, but it is the reproduction of the natural life scene of nature. It reflects the details of the painter's observation of life, and the observation of the observer is endless.

Cui Bai "Double Happiness".

All of these top painters have realistic, realistic as the first basic skill of the painting. Behind it is closely related to the trend of the era.

At the beginning of Song, the science began to be prosperous. Under the influence of "Northern Song Songzi", the geology is known that the thoughts of studying physics are gradually gotting into the room, and smoked the aesthetic orientation of the literati.

In painting art performance, it is a realistic understanding of the realm of "grid" in the art of painting.

The "reason" of the science is to refer to the texture of the jade is taken out, and it will be introduced to the meanings of sorting, order, and reason. For the realistic portrait of the flowers and birds, it is aware of a painter's understanding of the natural "texture".

From the yellow horses of the Song Dynasty to the mid-term Cui Bai, the flower and bird painted several times, and each change is gradually deepening in the influence of science and learning. From the initial discovery style, slowly move toward "poor", the painter began to pursue the inherent part of the picture. The final form is that the painter has a soul, and can send personal understandings for the world in the painting.

Northern Song Dynasty's famous painting and calligraphy, Guo Ruoxi said, if the Buddha Taoist, the woman is bamboo horse, the Song people can not be as good as the former, but if the landscape stone, bamboo bird, "the ancient times".

It can be seen in the spread of the science, except for flowers and birds, Song people have reached the peak in the field of landscape paintings. Next, let's talk about the landscape painting.

Water painting barrier presented in the film and television drama.

The landscape painted in the Northern Song Dynasty, and it can also be traced back to the five generations. It is exactly that it is in the late Tang Dynasty, the 9th century AD. This is in synchronization with the decline of the Datang Empire.

Prior to this, from the Han to Tang, the character painting has always been the mainstream of Chinese painting.

Because Confucian believes, through the training of painting, you can improve the spirit of people. The portraits of the outstanding historical figures can release mental appeal while being viewed. So the emperor of the past is highly praised.

Yan Li Ben, known as "Tang Painting", is in the advocacy of Tang Taizong Li Shimin, has created "Qinfu 18th Bacteria Map" "Twenty-four people in Ling Smoky Hadu" and other characters. Painting works to cooperate with political propaganda.

Yan Li Ben's "Step Chart" is highly majestic Tang Taizong image.

The greatest painter Wu Dazi, the Tang Dynasty, although a painting did not circulate, even reliable transcriptions, but not hindered him to take the altar of the world - because his Buddhist figure can be said to make the viewer Upper sweating, not cold. "

In the rising period of the Datang Empire, a group of outstanding figures passed their work, showing a positive development of the Tang Tang weather. The famous ladies who draw "piratory map" and "Mrs. Wu Guo Tour Spring map" also showed the opening and prosperity of Datang through the noble life of the aristocratic woman.

Zhang Wei, "Mrs. Mrs. Guo, Tour Spring Map" (本, partial).

However, after the chaos of An Shi, the best era of Datang was interrupted, and the empire began to landslide. The spiritual temperament of the whole people's class has taken great shift, gradually pursued from the outward fame, go to the inward spiritual appeal. Celebrate the ruler's aristocratic person, religious story theme painting, at this time, the painter will turn his attention to nature.

During this period, the great landscape painter Jinghao was born.

Jinghao was born in the end of the Tang, during the five generations of the beam, due to avoiding the war, retreating, hidden in the Taihang Mountain Hong Valley, self-evident "Hong Valley". He has cultivated several acres of mountains, and the daily research landscape painting.

His painting absorbed the northern mountainous water, painting "There is a pen with ink, cars," .

He also left the famous "Pentical", and the false care of the mountains met an old man in the mountains, and made an angry, rhyme, thinking, scenery, pen, and ink painting "Sixth" in the form of mutual question and answer. This is the classic of the theory of ancient mountain water painting.

Jinghao "庐".

Jinghao's landscape painting and theory affects great impact. His work was sent by the five generations and the Song Dynasty. After him, Jing Zha Chang'an (now Xi'an, Shaanxi) is the rise, leading the northern mountainous water painting to continue. Guan Hao, the early Normal University, to the point where the sleeper is forgotten. After learning, in the artistic conception of the mountain water, it has exceeded Jinghao's pattern, and it can show the unique momentum of the mountains and rivers, known as "Guan Jianshan".

Enter "Guanshan Tourism".

In the same period, the southern landscape painting also ushered in the masters - Dong Yuan.

Dong Yuan mainly lives in the Nan Tang period, which is quite seen from the Nan Tang Zhongli Li Wei. He has painted a "Lushan Map" for Li Wei. After Li Wei, he didn't release his hand, and his deared was hung in the bedroom, and the paintings were viewed at the same time.

Interestingly, Dong Yuan was originally a teacher Fa Ji Hao, but because the southern mountainous water and the northern mountainous water differences, then he directly in Jiangnan Zhenshan real scene, and not a cheap pen, thereby became the nose of the south of the south.

History, his landscape painting "Plain, Tang None", Tang Dynasty people can't draw this style.

Dong Yuan "Summer Shankou Refersible Drawings".

Dong Yuan's disciples called Juran, and in the early years, he went home in Nanjing Kaiyuan Temple. After the authentic biography of Dong Yuan, the South Pai Shanshui Painting Painting was promoted.

Great "Wan Yansong Poetry" is part.

Shen Kuo commented on the two representatives of Nanpai in the "Mengxi Net Talk" said: "Dong Yuan's good painting, Yutong's autumn vision, write more Jiangnan Tiangshan, not a cheap, Jianye, ancestral" (Dong The source method, all of them. "

At this point, the first peak of China's mountain water painting is formed during the five generations period, and the world is called "Jingguan Dongjie" four.

After the Northern Song Dynasty Dynasty, Dong Yuan and Juli have arrived in Beijing. After entering the Song, Dong Yuan as the representative of the south of the south, and the teacher, Zi Zong, Li Cheng, and a little late, the three people are called "Northern Song Dynasty three", the influence profound: "Three people Ding Li, no ancient people, after the two, the landscape method begins. "

Li Cheng was later known as the "Northern Song Song Dynasty", but he did not have to be in the world. At the time, Song Taizu Zhao Wei was more appreciating character painting and flower bird painting. Plus Li became a height, he did not want to "rush to go to the door", so the depression is unusual. Empty talents and everywhere, can only be pinned in the painting of the bleak.

He has a hand-moving painting "reading a stone map", painting on the winter field, a riding old man is stopping in front of an ancient restaurant, looking at the inscriptions, near the mountain, growing away Cold tree. This painting with a dry and silence atmosphere with a dry tree, stone monument and the old man, suggesting the sorrow of history and individual.

Li Cheng "Reading Monument Map" is part.

Li Cheng died in 1997, only 49 years old. In his death after death, he truly appreciated his "novice" - Song Shen Zong Zhao Yi was born.

It is said that Zhao Wei's grandmother, Queen Cao, who was Song Renzong, who has searched Li Cheng's multi-painted, and posted on the screen in order to make Sun Er. After Zhao Wei saw it, he really jealous and enjoyed the end of the day.

Li Cheng "Qinghe Temple" is local.

Unfortunately, the emperor's preference is too late, Li Cheng is falling, and it is not known to know the award. However, his influence is getting bigger and bigger, and Song people believe that Li Cheng has a kind of feeling that naturally feels natural, and the lanquil painting teacher is wide, Xu Dingning, Guo Xi and others have Li Chengshi.

Van Guan started to imitate Li Cheng, and later suddenly realized: "I am in harmony with his teacher, it is not a teacher, and I am in the object, I have a teacher, I have a long time. Watching students, in the case of the scene, finally His painting peaks are thick, and the momentum is magnificent, and the entire screen has a harmonious order.

The most famous work of Van Guan is "Xi'an Dow Tibet". In the painting, the monk dominates the panorama, the mountains, Morin Cong, and the two peaks intersect a white waterfall, such as the silver wire. The fog liter in the foot of the mountain. I can't see the figure in the painting. Only, I can see two small characters to drive the team, and there is a bridge, and a semi-hidden temple - all traces of these human activities, the rest is Nature of manpower can't touch.

Full picture of Van Guan "Xi'an Dow Tibet" and Partial.

Such a wonderful work, the world is far-sighted, no wonder Dong Qihang said that the "Xixishan Travel Tibet" in the Ming Dynasty is "Song Painting First".

The only Song painting in the majestic momentum and the "Xixiang Mountain Travel Map" and is a "Emotion" of Guo Xi. This painting was in 1072. It is the work of Guo Xi's old age. It has a strong uneasiness and screaming, reflecting another majestic of landscape paintings.

At that time, the Song Shenzong dominated the case, Guo Xi's appearance position of the courtyard, so there is a comment that this painting not only shows the early spring of nature, but also the early spring of the change.

Guo Xi "Early Spring Map".

Guo Xi is also a strange person. He is a Taoist who is good at painting, and the clouds are four squares. When they were in the prime minister, they were prime ministers. Song Shen Zong Zhao Zhao, called the Royal Painting Institute.

Song Shenzong specially likes mountain water paintings. He loves Li Cheng has already made ancient times. He finally caught a living landscape painting master and must be very good.

Guo Xi entered the Royal Painting Institute and changed the phenomenon of painting in the early days of the Northern Song Dynasty. History, Song Shenzong loves Guo Xi's landscape paintings, "Taking the temple is full of heroes", it is said that Guo Xi's painting is hanging in a hall. Guo Xi is here to "Li Guo".

However, Guo Xi did not escape the mission of the emperor. The Song Shenzong's mountain water painting hills in the 18th year of 18 years. He was attacked by the new successful Song Shen Zong son, Song Zong Zhao's cold - his painting was removed from the high wall of the temple, it became a slammer Wipe the grip of the table in hand.

We don't know if Guo Xi is still in the world. Art is no exception.

When the other son of Song Shenzong, when Song Huizong Zhao Wei, the impact of the fate of art and artists, but the future of the entire empire.


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