Why is Wu Zetian to stand a wordless?No one can solve it in the millennium, but it was secretly opened by an old farm.

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Why is Wu Zetian to stand a wordless?No one can solve it in the millennium, but it was secretly opened by an old farm.

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"Women of excellence twisting things around, Empress absolutely ancient and modern. Chiaki to debate the merits and demerits, no word monument over poetry."

Before the dry county in Shaanxi Tang Emperor and Empress Wu's burial tomb "Qianling", two stands tall stone. After a Gaozong Zigong into the stand hills "San said monument in mind", described Gaozong life and exploits the virtues; the other one is buried in the Wu Qianling, established the "no monument." Its magnificent tall monument, but did not book the word.

No word monument, erected intentions? Wu Zetian knew life merits and demerits can not be assessed, can only be left to future generations comment, or usurp Tang Jian Wu knew week, singing the praises can not convince the people, and therefore can not write, can only let the stone be left blank ?

Since the Western Han Dong Zhongshu proposed "three cardinal guides and the five permanent members," the feudal ethics, social status of women has been suppressed. After Wu Zetian, cling to male authority and vested interests of men, for the only female emperor in Chinese history who hold to the inherent hostility.

Dong Zhongshu

They stand in the position of men, shouted themselves hoarse to criticism and denounced the empress. Especially after the Southern Song Dynasty, Neo-Confucianism in China has dominated, the more negative assessment of Wu Zetian.

The late Ming famous thinker Wang Fu-chih, it is derided Wu "otherworldly will not be tolerated, were subjects of the blame." The rap like a roaring torrent vain wash the tablet without the word. Wu will then lay silent, that is still alive is a legend, after the death of the Queen continues to affect history.

Wang Fu-chih

Wu Zetian in history, is an outstanding statesman. Her talent, Personnel, social economy developed rapidly in power during and after its "Golden Age Kaiyuan" has laid a good foundation.

Wu courage to challenge the culture of Confucian ethics, to become the supreme ruler of female identity, which in the patriarchal society, it is outrageous. But it is undeniable, Wu Zetian in 30 years in power, the tired outstanding service.

Tang was faced with two enemies Tubo and the Turks, Wu Zetian "truce, to moral world" policy, and the two countries realized the "peaceful coexistence", Tang also reached the zenith of her hands.

In a famous historian, Mr. Fan Wenlan "Chinese history", commented:

"Wu is a strong and resourceful politician achievements made during the Golden Years unity and prosperity, and the rule of Empress Wu in half a century been effectively consolidate, this is her contribution to the history of Zetian lasted half a century in power caused by strong of authoritarian rule, the consolidation of national unity and progress of long-term social stability, is contributing. "

Those who criticize the Empress Wu, said she was to board the big bit, even the son were killed. In fact, Prince Li Hong Wu Zetian was not killed, but died Zhai disease (tuberculosis). Says "New Tang": "Prince Philip of generosity, Shen Zhai infants body, illness day to add."

Just because it is a multi-Houde Li Hong's crown prince, later died of illness, because people are suspicious rumors Wu Zetian kill. So in this case, Wu is being wronged.

Fan Wenlan

Qianling "Stele", thirty feet high monument, more than six feet thick, almost ten feet wide. Dragon-shaped tablet engraved side which faces the female and lacking word. For this phenomenon, she was said to be considering to own large, non-words can express high moral power, and therefore do not book the word on the stone.

The reign of Empress Wu, the central and local governments to strengthen control, with human rights firmly in hand.

She foster emerging landlord class against the wealthy aristocratic family, the imperial examination system to develop, reward Nongsang, irrigation, reduce lord, baojia perfect system, officials at all levels are encouraged to recommend talent, willing to take advice, doing a lot of things in line with the interests of the people of later, "Kaiyuan Spirit" played a role in the past and, so much merit, is difficult to express in words.

Some also said that Wu Zetian of stone without leaving word, she knew sinful, or do not write inscriptions good.

During the reign of Empress Wu, he believed in Buddhism, labor people greedy, ruthless official appointment, open the informant winds, killing innocent people, victims of tragic Queen and Consort Xiao Wang, develop their own trusted henchmen steal after living throne, eliminate dissidents, to consolidate his throne. Her hard-hearted, cruel officials enabled, so knowing sinful, can not be washed for themselves, only to "Stele" to a lame excuse.

But look closer scrutiny, these two arguments are untenable. He said Wu knew sinful, thus leaving the "Stele", which does not meet the Queen assertive personality, and there is no related death Wu Zetian "ashamed" of recording the history books.

Wu worked before his death her father made a "big week Takaaki high and the emperor supreme monument", established a "big week high Takaaki Queen supreme monument" for her mother, established the "Ode de Tianshu Zhou Wanguo big" for their , how will the self-inductance ashamed?

Wu If you think you merit too great to describe in words, that she died in the Emperor, the Emperor gave Li a "monument St. Clement said," and personally wrote a tribute to its merit, after the death of his own legislation if a "Stele" to express their achievements can not be expressed in words, that does not mean that the Emperor himself above, is a disguised form of demeaning the Emperor's behavior?

This is Wu Zetian this level politicians, is almost unthinkable.

The most critical is reset after Tang Zhong Li Xian Wu Zetian died. Although it is in cases of Empress Wu destroy it, but Wu Bi chapter of his mother, when he gave Wu funeral arrangements, it is impossible not only adhere to Qianling buried with his father, and let her set up a "Chiaki power offense left to posterity comment "no monument.

In fact, in cases of reverence for the mother, is from the heart, he said that Wu was "Tan Cong into Germany, and philosophy should be dissolved in. By Britain's Mo ninth day, the grand opening a little too", so how can mothers establish a monument without words and let posterity comment it? three,

For a long time, Wu Zetian no secret about the monument, causing a lot of controversy scholars. Hold the first opinion of the scholars Cen Mian, Simian, who, holding the second argument scholar Fan Wenlan, Jian Bozan, who, both sides argued, refused to give the debate ruthlessly.

Until 1982, one of the herbs in a farmer accidentally found that this solved the Empress Wu "Stele" secret.

May 21, 1982, Dengfeng County, Henan Province dry Kawamura villagers cussy pregnant when herbs in Songshan, at the top of the rock crevices inadvertently found a golden words engraved metal plate, but above a word he also do not know.

After returning home, cussy pregnant with this metal sheet showed a few old people in the village to see, want to know What is that thing. But the old people studied for a long time, who can not tell, just know that this stuff is gold, like a antiquities, should be quite valuable.

Cussy pregnant with the baby picked up the news suddenly spread in the village, many villagers are scrambling to bend home crowd, to see What is that thing. There are several villagers, with a few outsiders find cussy pregnant that want a thousand dollars to buy this thing. To know that in 1982, 1,000 yuan, is a salaried income wage cadre years, definitely be a large sum of money!

With so a lot of money, cussy pregnant hesitated. Say it, he is just an ordinary farmer, faced with huge sum of money is not tempted to say, this is not reality.

Cussy pregnant

Just when he was ready to hand, his own family a great-uncle reminded him that this might be a cultural thing, if sold privately, is likely to be sued. This sentence awoke cussy pregnant.

Especially those Tianyi night, will someone sneaking in wandering outside his house, which also made cussy pregnant frightened, I feel that there may be a piece of metal to bring something to trouble himself, might as well forget donated to the State , not in time trouble, regret may be too late!

After a few days dug this sheet metal, sheet metal cussy pregnant submitted to the local cultural relics department.

After the expert appraisal found While this rectangular piece of metal, is made of high-purity gold, the front three rows 63 engraved regular script hook word inscription, inscriptions and actually had Wu Zetian gave himself the name - "Wu Zhao" . This "Zhao", which is dedicated to Empress Wu made their own words, still in use today.

After all knowledgeable experts, they did not take long, they figured out the origins of this piece of sheet metal. It turned out that a "Fengshan gold Jane", experts will be named "Wu Zhao Jin Jane."

There are many emperors for personal immortality and eternal country, mountains and rivers tend to lead a minister to the altar to pray to God, pray to world history and words of blessing engraved on Jane books, then this simple book buried in the earth or into the water, which is called the "Fengshan." While this metal sheet is prepared Songshan Wu worship when the "golden decriminalization Jane."

The gold Jane are precious, because the brochure was found in the history of China Wang Fengshan with God, mostly jade Jane, Jane silver, and gold Jane found only this one.


In the spring of 699 AD, when the 76-year-old Wu went to Songshan Fengshan, he was infected with the illness. So she prayed to the Songshan mountain, the mountain god bless seeking her get well soon. At that time there was a Wu won the trust of priests Hu Chao, suggested that she do a gold Jane, his own sins engraved on it, pray god atonement, except for her sins in this world, so naturally disease-free without disaster.

Wu hear, immediately ordered Hu Chao Duzao gold Jane. While it is "Wu Zhao Jin Jian", in addition to praying, but also the meaning of sin talent Wu upward, the contents of which have their own reign of Empress Wu wrong all these years of penance done, including the Queen and Consort Xiao Wang and their children, as well as the common people of the world.

After it made of gold Jane, Hu Chao on July 7 at the top of the Songshan Dafa to do a thing. We chose this day because this day is the "Tanabata Festival", also known as "Qi Qiao" section, up begging for the most efficacious days. After the ceremonies, The gold buried in a simple peak on junji Songshan.

Cussy pregnant discovery While this "Wu Zhao Jin Jian", rectangular from 223.5 grams of gold produced, is engraved with the inscription "character on big week prison master Wu Zhao good music to the truth longevity gods wish to Yi Zhongyue sublime Gate cast gold Jane through begging three in addition to Wu Zhao nine government officials on charges of Jupiter moon Monkey Boxer Shichida seven a universe so small Hui Hu Chao Jishou Zaibai would like to play, "is extremely rare archival heritage.

Its rarity, in addition to the valuable heritage value, but also because it has the attributes of the file, a true reflection of the state of Wu in his later years of life, is a rare historical archives treasures, have rich cultural connotations.

"Wu Zhao Jin Jian" calligraphy regular script uses a double hook, font dignified atmosphere. Hook calligraphy born in the Tang Dynasty, is a unique art form of calligraphy of Chinese characters, commonly known as hollow words.

At that time in the absence of a photographic scanning technique, the masters in order to facilitate calligraphic works to spread, the outer sides of the original font calligraphic works fine pen strokes follow the outline of the hollow words, and then fill in black ink, in order to obtain an approximate authentic works, Empress Wu is seen with high artistic appreciation of a person's taste.

Wu made use of gold Jane, also reflects the special role of gold in Taoism culture. In the traditional Taoist culture, gold shows not only rich, but also longevity, Fengshan immortal, immortal.

Han Dynasty, it will have "gold that diet is the longevity, longevity and celestial sea are visible, see them with the immortal Gods," saying, in this religious and cultural background, the use of gold Jane Wu, lack of natural surprising.

Is one of the Five Sacred Mountains Songshan, Songshan Wu has a very special feeling. Songshan not far from Luoyang, Luoyang after Wu Zetian as God will have been in this long-term residence, he has repeatedly receives favor from Songshan. In the eyes of the ancients is located in the Songshan world, location, communication is the man of God, to seek bliss Taoist Holy Land. So Jane Wu will be The gold investment in Songshan.

Unfortunately, gold Jane did not bring longevity to Wu, Jane's gold in casting their fourth year, AD 705, Wu Zetian died, Empress this riding a crane to the West.

Before cussy The gold was found pregnant Jane, history books there is no description for The gold simple, so for the Empress Wu Fengshan, history scholars also know that much. While the significance of gold Jane found, then let the experts know, Buddhist founding of Empress Wu, old age has been diverted from Buddhism, Taoism that turned up.

This study of the history of religion in China, but also provides a big step forward. While this precious gold Jane, with the Queen's secret, on Songshan sleeping a thousand years, until cussy pregnant discovery.

Today, While this "Wu Zhao Jin Jane" as an important historical relics make up, collecting in China Henan Museum, silently telling people to see the Empress Wu Zetian of old age mental pursuit of immortality, but also for people to understand Empress Wu Zetian unique personality and heart world, provide an extremely valuable basis.


"Wu Zhao Jin Jian" is available, to let people know that even the Empress, has her weaknesses, Wu is not God, nor is it made of steel, but also ordinary woman of flesh and blood. The face of illness and death, she also fear, to be afraid of, will pray to God. So Wu is also a man of compromise, she was standing Stele, it is out of frustration.

Ancient women are not allowed to participate in politics, and Wu Zetian actually "usurped" the throne as a woman, of course, it was not Shijia Rong abide by the feudal etiquette. Wu serve over two generations of kings, has also done a monk nun, in order to board the queen, the daughter also hesitate to personally strangle among still in its infancy.

When the throne, she was nearly seventy years of age, he looks back around, his enemy gone, the family did not rest a few.

After his death, the succession of the throne, Empress Wu is the most troubling problems. She started neither wanted the throne to his son Li Xian, located Sansi do not want to pass this nephew, and finally in desperation, had to compromise to a patriarchal society, recalled the exiled son of Li Xian Li returned to Beijing to Huang Si.

She hoped his death, Wu, Li two can coexist peacefully, woe, Wu Zhou dynasty can last forever. Unfortunately, the coup occurred dragon year, so she had to abdicate in advance. Twilight of Wu Zetian, can not stand the blow, in November that year died miserably.

His death left a will: "get rid of Dili, said the days of Queen Story, with burial in the Emperor Qianling, the tomb are carved above does not write a word." The last words, revealed that the woman one kind of grudge helpless human mind, wasted step.

Wu Li Stele out of frustration at the time was forced to return power to the Tang too harsh under the circumstances, she could not go to show off their own merits, not to repent their own fault, would not think piece of legislation makes no comment on the monument, she was just putting all of deep frustration.

In addition, Wu Zetian this monument can not stand up, apparently got the Tang Zhong's acquiescence. After witnessing his mother and brothers and sisters for their vicious, cruel, Li Xian how to evaluate their own biological mother do?

"Ode to Germany" it was almost certainly killed the mother of Li Xian unwilling; "said evil" it, and not in line with the feudal society praised the "filial piety." Because, as the emperor, have an upper surface "sanctimonious." Vu Thi plus DPRK was a very powerful party force, Li Xian also consider a stable regime. Ming erected without a word, is probably one of the best solution.

In fact the beginning, Wu is to prepare the lettering on this monument. Because this "Stele" the sunny side, top to bottom, covered with plaid one centimeter square, the grid is only one possible, that is ready to stand on top of the original lettering, and has written inscription. Why they did not carve it up? This need to find a cause from the political situation.

In recent years, there is a saying that before the death of Empress Wu, Li Xian was forced to give way to restore the country, "Tang."

Although Li Xian Wu Zetian's own son, but long live in fear its despotic power, after re-board the throne although not openly vent their hatred of the mother, but could not speak to her real singing the praises of good things, Wu had to prepare good inscription buried in Qianling to the palace, leaving a blank for the Wu Zetian "no monument."

As is not the case, we have to wait for future Qianling excavation after the know.

Wu died, Empress disappear in the depths of history.

Wu Zetian and her husband buried in selecting his deathbed, never lie to her husband, her heart might think so:

"Li Zhi, you have sent my life, I have given me the glory of the world; the world is suspicious, I am having a love for you. I can give you, it is to take your Jiangshan, you will always accompany you.The emperor, she understands why the emperor is helpless, and the crown is heavy. I am not a drifting boat, when I arrived on the other side, I only help me with my silent wound. So I settled without a word,I have no regrets. It is right and wrong, all of which will come! "