After the UK decline, the United States continues to interfere with its Middle East colonies, and Churchill said it is very helpless.

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After the UK decline, the United States continues to interfere with its Middle East colonies, and Churchill said it is very helpless.

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The United States is a country that is evolved from the colony, and therefore has a tendency to make domestic colonialism. In 1950, the US State Department pointed out in the draft of the colonial area:

In the face of colonial issues, every American seems to be in the instinct of the colonial people against their European rulers.

US President Roosevelt believes that the UK's colonial rule has been outdated, and the US colonial rule will be the most suitable.

In fact, Roosevelt has always hidden him with its gorgeous language covered him to achieve the goal of the United States. Just Roosevelt has this ambition but there is no chance to show.

As we all know, the United States has since independently, due to the weakness, the "isolationism" diplomatic policy has been pursued to avoid involvement in European disputes.

With the strength of strength, its ambitions also expanded, and attempted to establish a blueprint of the world's new order under the United States Leaders, the chief designer is Roosevelt, helpless isolation is still the mainstream thoughts of the United States.

The outbreak of the World War is in the style of the Roosevelt, but if there is no legal reason, the US people will not allow the United States to participate in the war, happened, Japan gave the United States a "excellent" reason - Pearl Harbor incident, from this, the United States The times really started.

During World War II, the United States's mother-in-the-year support is supported. However, while supporting the United Kingdom does not fall into the hand of Deep Day to maintain the world order, the United States is even more than how to entroy the inside of the British Empire.

From the "Atlantic Charter", it is not in line with the territorial changes that do not meet the national freedom of expressing the wish, promises to all the people's claims, "this content can be seen in Roosevelt. On the eve of the Atlantic Charter, he pointed out to Churchill:

"This is unable to play. If we say that we are confronting the people of the slave people, and on the other hand, they don't want to help the people around the world libene from the backward colonial policies."

Churchill immediately realized the US intention, he replied: "Mr. President, I believe you are in the idea of ​​destroying our Baby Empire." He said helplessly: "You already know that we know no United States, British Empire is station Can't stop. "

Shortly after the "Atlantic Charter", Roosevelt pointed out to Churchill's commentary in the lower house: "The principle of" Atlantic Charter "is guaranteed to the world - all ocean and mainland."

This content is not only for the occupation of Germany, but also points to the Life Line of the United Kingdom - India.

During the Independent Revolutionary Revolution 1775 to 1783, the British colony had 13 states, and these independent sovereignty formed a huge confusion. By the end of the 1783 revolution, the 13th sovereign is united in accordance with the "Banglian Ordinance", which continues to exercise power until you can form a permanent federal in experience, test and errors.

Therefore, Roosevelt recommends that it is also a temporary government in India, which leads from a few representatives, including different classes, occupations, religions and regions - this leadership group will be recognized as a temporary autonomous government.

In fact, the so-called "temporary" changes over time will become permanent, which means that the UK will lose this colony. In this regard, Churchill said angrily:

"Although the United Kingdom doesn't want to get any new territory or base, but intend to keep all of them all, don't pass war, you can't take anything from the UK."

In 1944, Roosevelt resisted the practice of the British and Russia tried through the political agreement to determine their trust in Eastern Europe. On October 9, at the first meeting, in Britain and Su, Churchill made a recommendation in the most sensitive Balkan region.

He believes that the Soviet army in Romania and Bulgaria, and the UK has interest in these places. In the United Kingdom and Russia, they need a "fair" melon solution.

In order to "fairly" the potential range of melons in the Balkan region. Churchill proposed a famous "percentage" program:

That is, Russia: Russia accounts for 10%, other countries account for 10%; Greece: 90% of the United Kingdom, Russia account for 10%; Yugoslav: Russia accounts for 50%, Britain accounts for 50%; Hungary: Russia accounts for 50%, UK accounts for 50%; Bulgaria: Russia accounts for 75%, and 25% of other countries. In this regard, Stalin agreed.

In this way, the Balkan is a simple and rude "melon", but Churchill has to consider the attitude of the United States. Churchill guarantees to Roosevelt. When they handle everything, they will not make Roosevelt is constrained, all Britain and Russia The preliminary agreement, if there is no such thing as the coordination with Roosevelt, anything will not be determined.

Although Roosevelt is very reluctant to see this situation in Balkans, in order to overestimate, it is a three-month pure is in military practices.

In this regard, historian Arthur Renne accused, Roosevelt's view of the Dalin Dalin. He believes that the Soviet Control Poland is to prevent it as a safe barrier that prevents foreign aggression.

US Secretary of State, Detachina pointed out in its book "Roosevelt and Russians", the United States must accept the Soviet advice because it worried that the Soviet Union will be more consolidated in Europe. Stri Dingnashz believes:

"Certain people who criticize the Yalta meeting will be better if they don't reach an agreement with the Soviet Union. However, if we can't reach an agreement in Yalta, the Russians will still occupy the European regions, and some people hit Roosevelt seem to put this area. The Russians were given. As he said in a congressional meeting: The British Empire is a practical problem that the United States has no power to destroy.

Roosevelt knows that the Russians have a strong power in Eastern Europe. It is obviously impossible to drive them away. Therefore, the only practical practice is to use the impact of the United States to improve the situation.

The United States took the opportunity to assist in the time of war, while ensuring that these places did not fall into the virtues, the hand was allowed to enter the British colonies to achieve the purpose of the British colonies.

In the Middle East, the United States did not stand in the Middle East before the war, because the British is fortified, and the US economic force is difficult to infiltrate.

After the explosion of the World War, the British strength is limited in the Middle East, Germany, and the military will step by step, the Middle East is urgent, and the United Kingdom can only turn to the United States. To ensure the Safety of the Middle East, the United States will have to assist in UK.

In fact, before the US participating in the war, a large number of arms and materials have been taken to supply the Middle East British authorities. After the official participation, the United States directly sent land, sea, and the Air Force directly entered the Many areas of the Middle East.

On April 30, 1942, the United States officially joined the Middle East Supply Center, and the State Council officials were appointed the Madam President of the Executive Committee of the US in the Middle East, and also appointed the military commander in the center. Welcome to the memorandum: "The United States should consider playing a more important role in the Middle East business."

Later, the United States appointed Roosevelt's thinking group member Landis succumb to Huaisan, then the status of Landis and the Minister of the Cabinet Middle Eastern Affairs.

It can be seen that the United States has been sitting flat with the UK in the Middle East and enjoying equivalent power. On the other hand, the United States starts to build your own position on the one hand, forcing the UK to make concessions and get more rights. The US representative in the Middle East began to send representatives to each Middle East country, expanding the United States, and entered the UK's strictly controlled economic field.

According to statistics, the US exports to the Middle East were doubled in 1942 in short-term order in 1942, which greatly exceeded the UK.

On the other hand, it is the struggle of the colonial people against the British colonial rule, and strive to expand the political impact in the Middle East. US officials criticize the behavior of the United Kingdom, and the sympathy is self-determination.

Roosevelt When visiting North Africa and Iran, Rooseo, when faced by the Sudan, Egyptian kings, Egypt, and the Iranian king, have also raised their national requirements, which greatly improves the political impact of the United States in the Middle East.

However, in the UK's resistance, the United States wants to completely control the Middle East or not reality. In 1941, Yingyi broke out, the United States took two-faced practice.

On the one hand, the US EMB provides the UK's action information about the Iraqi, on the other hand, the Iraqi nationalist government does not have no negation, but conduct private contacts, understanding its political intention, and is prepared to determine the next step.

Hull also told the US Effect to recognize the issue of the Iraqi government, and the United States is not willing to take a constant position now. "

In addition, the United States also took the opportunity to intervene in Palestine issues. Because the American Jews strongly asked the United States to ask the status and future of the Bahji, as well as the important components of the Jewish votes in the United States, the US government had to pay attention to the Palestinian issues and their solutions.

Moreover, the United States is also rushing to seek a foothold in Palestine to build its own site.

However, there are two kinds of advice when the US's highest authority has developed policy. There are also two new opinions in the United States: The US Congress believes that it should be helmed; a group of military officers believe that it will not be sinful, otherwise it will affect the support of the Allies. Control of oil, therefore should take either, either neutral stand.

This also led to the entire war, the President Roosevelt had an impermanence. His successor Dulun was standing in the Jews here. Dulun said:

"In my opinion, it is possible to help those fugitives who are unfortunately persecired while notice that their homes are possible."

Since then, British and American contradictions have become increasingly prominent.

In Egypt, in order not to let it fall into the virtues, the United States strives to ensure the British weapons and logistics supplies and dispatched the Air Force to support the war, and even support the British Message to the Egyptian king.

But the United States is also a chance to enter the British Empire. The United States forces the United Kingdom to retreat again, it steps step by step. In November 1941, the Rent Act expanded to Egypt, which is both the UK's hopes and created a condition for US capital into Egypt. Ambassador to the Egypt said: "It will bring huge politics, economics, and financial interests for the United States."

In the restrictions on the pounda group, the United States has also achieved results. In January 1945, the UK was forced to give Egypt 40 million US dollars, greatly expanded the US Egypt, and the total trade was 3-4 times before the game; the US imports from Egypt also increased significantly, more than the UK.

More importantly, the United States has enhanced political influence, the United States, and Essengers have touched the most advanced contact.Roosevelt met the King of Egypt in February 1945, talk about the content of talks, but also made the UK uncomfortable.At the end of the war, Egypt's independent voice is stronger, and the UK will weaken, and the US will come in.

In summary, we can see that the United States affects the British colony from the Middle East.With the development of the war, the British Empire is weak, and it has been weak to control the various colonies of the national awareness to awaken. At the same time, the United States will rise, with a powerful strength, constantly impact on these colonies, and to successfully play the US interestsGo in.

Although it is unwilling, it can only be "accepted", but he can only pass the past.