The Netherlands has a "Li Hongzhang Hotel", what is the relationship with Li Hongzhang?

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The Netherlands has a "Li Hongzhang Hotel", what is the relationship with Li Hongzhang?

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The Netherlands The Hague is a coastal city. In the seaside of the city, a grandeurful building is a famous Kurhaus Hotel, Hague, Transliteration for Kurhaks Hotel. However, the local Chinese in the Hague said this hotel is "Li Hongzhang Hotel". What is going on? Does this hotel have any relationship with the late Monarch Li Hongzhang?

This is related to the trip to Li Hongzhang visited Europe and the United States more than 100 years ago.

On March 28, 1896, Li Hongzhang took Li Jingfang, Li Jing and other related personnel, starting from Shanghai, took the boat to Russia to participate in the coronation ceremony of Tang Nicola II, and took the opportunity to visit Russia. , Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada 8 countries, 90,000 miles across the three oceans, last 190 days, until October 3 to return to Tianjin.

Li Hongzhang's visit trip is arranged. The first station visited Russia and then the second stop visited Germany. Germany borders with the Netherlands, so Li Hongzhang ended up to the Netherlands after the visit of Germany.

The Netherlands is a country in the northwest of Europe, but in the 17th century, the Netherlands are world navigation and trade powers. Dutch East India has 15,000 branches that account for half of the total trade volume of the world. At that time, a total of 20,000 boats in the world, with 15,000 ships in the Netherlands, more than the British, France, and the total number of German vessels. At that time, 150,000 ship boats hanging on the Dutch Sany-color flag cruum on the five oceans of the world.

After Li Hongzhang came to the Netherlands, Li Hongzhang was received by the Dutch royal family. They are arranged to stay in the Netherlands's most luxurious Hague Hotel. On the evening, only 16-year-old Queen William Mingna drove the Kurhaks Hotel "Water Connectic Palace", and I personally invited Li Hongzhang to wait for VIP from distant China.

Since William Mingna has not been adult, it is temporarily regenerated by Mother after Mother. However, William Minga is a symbol of the Netherlands, and she comes from Li Hongzhang, reflecting respect and attention to Li Hongzhang.

According to the Netherlands royal etiquette, after the banquet held by the Queen of Dutch, a song and dance party also held. Carry out dance, singing and dancing. Li Jing said, participated in the trip to Europe and America, and he recorded the event of this banquet in the memoir "Li Jing Hou's Collections": "Banquet, Excellent Dream Skills, Pearl, Jade Whenever he is inadvertent. "

Not only that night, the Netherlant organizers still puts a wonderful fireworks on the beach, making people amazing that fireworks have formed 5 Chinese characters of "Millennium Li Hongzhang" in the sky. It can be seen that in the Netherlands, in order to welcome Li Hongzhang, it is true. We know that Li Hongzhang is a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, and it is also a powerful minister. In the eyes of Westerners, Li Hongzhang is the most democked person outside the Emperor Emperor, Cixi. The emperor is "Long live", Li Hongzhang is not "thousands of years old"?

Of course, the information is still not open. In fact, in 1896, Li Hongzhang visited Europe and the United States 8 countries, Zhili Governor, the North Ocean Minister and other real rights have been removed, only the Wen Hua Palace is an emotional, and there is no implementation in his hand.

Li Hongzhang visited Europe and the United States this time, the journey is not exempting something unpleasant. Now, the passionate and courtesy of the Dutch, let him be happy, feel thousands, poetry, write a poem: "For 40 years, 忽 海 地 仙 仙. 华筵 娱 竹, 千 岁镫 花 喜 report. "It means that I have been 40 years of officials, and now I am ordered to make the Netherlands. Overseas Wonderland. The seaside of the North Sea held a grand meeting, which is happy to put the lamp, which has my name, and record it. In the back of this poem, Li Hongzhang also added the cause of the preceding cause of this poem: "Dutch multi-literature. Harmony, Zhang Le played the Beihai Bin, Zhang Le Faming Lighting, China now, the five words, can be described as good Prayer. The poem is born. Guangxu 2nd year May 25, that is, July 5, 1976, July 5, Li Hongzhang. "

Later, Li Hongzhang was incorporated by the poems of "Li Wenzhong 's Ghost" (Volume 6), add title to "Netherlands Haikou Yunkue Night Point", and change some words.

Li Hongzhang left to Belgium in the Netherlands, but he left a deep impression on the Netherlands. The Kurhaus Hotel in his stay is called "Li Hongzhang Hotel" by the Netherlands.

Then, why is Li Hongzhang that will be arranged in Kurhaus Hotel? This is because Kurhaks Hotel is luxurious, compared to the Palace. June 9, 1887, Kurhaks Hotel was in use, the first check-in and signed a celebrity is the Dutch Queen William Mingna and his mother, the regent Wang Ema Princess. In a long time, Kurhaks Hotel is designed to receive the head of various countries.

After many years, Li Hongzhang's grandchildren arrived in the Hague. I saw the poem written by Li Hongzhang in Kurhaks Hotel, and I took photos with the hotel manager.