Xu Wei's son was ordered to order the dagger, why no one stood up for it?

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Xu Wei's son was ordered to order the dagger, why no one stood up for it?

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Zhonghui should engage in Xuyi military law, the first decision, not no one comes, but there are many people to ask, but the clock will be alone, do not accept everyone's conquest.

The father of Xuyi is a famous "Tiger" Xu Wei. Xu Yan is acting as the general of Wu Wei, MO Townshou, and the position is not very high, but the responsibility is very important. Xu Wei's main responsibility is to protect Cao Cao's safety. Xu Wei's life has also done due diligence, saving Cao Cao in the event of a line.

For the first time, Yangyang City, Cao Cao encountered Lu Bu, Xu Wei, one horse, rushed to the first, single chalk cloth, the purpose is to save Cao.

At that time, Lu Bu did not recognize Cao Cao. Lu Bu with the painting buckle in the helmet of Cao Cao, Cao Cao is very dangerous. Xu Wei arrived in time, and the enemy Lu Bu twenty round is not divided, and later, Xiwei, Xia Hou, Xia Houyuan, etc., Cao Cao's insurance. The people will rush to Lu Bu with a group.

The second time, the battle of Chibi, Cao Cao defeated the north to escape, and he had encountered Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei in the Ulid Road and Hulu. Xu Wei was the first place to protect Cao.

These two encountered are the top battles, Xu Wei always rushed first. It should be said that Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei did not succeed, Xu Wei played a major role. In addition, Xu Huang, Zhang Liao, Zhang Wei, etc. also.

The third time, the battle of the water, Cao Cao band soldiers to the water, and the tactics of "Semi-Trike" tactics were defeated by Ma Chao. Xu Wei will save Cao Cao.

At that time, Xu Wei won a small ship to carry Cao Cao. Xu Wei took the boat, one hand shielded and arrow, Cao Cao was able to escape.

The fourth time, the Battle of Confucianism, Cao Cao was chased by Dongwu, Han Dang, Zhou Tai chased, Xu Wei arrived in two hundreds, Cao Cao was escaping.

Fifth, Cao Cao cited more than 50 rides to observe the terrain and was surrounded by Sun Quan. Han Dang, Zhou Tai, Chen Wu, Pan Wei Four will bring three thousand archers, chasing Cao Cao.

Xu Wei killed the tiger guards in time to rescue Cao Cao.

Cao Cao did not play courageous, but she likes to be a first-sien. Every time, there is a danger of life. Thanks to Xu Wei to guard Zhouquan around, Cao Cao is only a dead again and again. After the death, Xu Wei served as Cao Cao's bodyguards and very qualified.

Xu Wei also has a lot of war, and it cannot be listed one by one. When Cao Cao bed, Xu Wei was over, soon, he was crying after a while, and I followed Cao Cao. Xu Wei is the first courage of Cao Cao's hand, the first loyal minister, this point Cao Cao is convinced.

Sima Yi once said:

"What exactly what is the loyalty to the prime minister? It is the order to order him to kill his father, he will not frown."

Xu Wei loyal, hard work, so the son Xu Yishen inherited his title. Xu Yi did not only inherited his father's title, but also inherited his father's brave and unprecedented battle spirit. So, when the hour, Xu Yi, Xu Yi, who heard himself as a pioneer. It should be said that Xu Yi is also an excellent one. With Xu Wei's credit and prestige, Xu Yi is lying on his father's credit book, and it is unusual to live in a lifetime. However, young Xuyi is not sitting, but it is also necessary to build a success. However, the first battlefield, as a pioneer, the risk of its risk.

What is the pioneer? It is the first troops, it is necessary to open the mountain, in the bridge; to eliminate all difficulties and obstacles on the road on the road. The responsibility of Pioneer's official can be said to be only the commander.

Xu Yi takes the initiative to ask, everyone is also a word:

"Non-this person can not be a pioneer."

There is no way to say that I will encourage the allowance to ask for the request. At the same time, Zhong will emphasize:

"This is a rugged mountain risk, when the army is fill the road, repair the bridge, the mountain rupture, do not make obstacles. If it must be in the military law."

In other words, the hour is a priority, it is not task, it must be engaged in military law.

Xu Yi made two major mistakes:

First, the greed of gratitude, the grab is failed, and the detail will be detailed.

Xu Yi took the soldiers to South Zheng Guan, led the people to struggle. The result was killed by Zhuge Lianzhu.

Second, there is no task to repair the bridge.

When I took the horse, when I passed the bridge, the bridge was collapsed, trapped in the horseshoe, and I have lost my horse. The horse is also struggling, and I have to abandon the horse. The 将, a shovel is biting, and he is shot by Wei. When I will pick up the army, I will give it a military armor.

After the hour, I went back, and I made the prison bridge, causing the coach almost killed by, and pulling Xu. Everyone will come, and the hour will not be allowed. This allows for the first time, and the inch work is not allowed to be engaged in military law.

It should be said that although Xu Yi did not complete the task well, the consequences of the cause were not serious, and they will also be:

"His father has a good job in the court, looking at the directions."

And why should I force a lot of confessions? What is the reason?

First, Zhong will take the soldiers for the first time, need to be a serious military law to prohibit the line.

Kill the license, it is just like this. Because Xu Yi is a pioneer and the descendants of the name, the influence face and strength are very large, and there is a role model. It turns out that the hour will reach the purpose. We look at the "Three Kingdoms Romance" and the Wei will respond:

I am angry: "The military law is unknown, why?" 示 众. The public will have no obvious.

See it? The public will have no obvious. Just feel fear, from now on, who dares to listen to the order? The facts also prove that only the power is not good. At the end, I would like to rebel, and I can't move the generals and rebel.

Of course, it will also understand Ens. At the same time as he kills, the awards have a good job. It's just that he took the soldiers too much, and the prestige did not set up. So, many times, qualifications are one of the necessary conditions for victory. The qualifications of the clock will be too shallow, and the commander is fully authorized by Sima Zha. His fox fake tiger is also barely feasible with Sima Zhao to direct the army. Once the rebel Sima Zha, the army immediately doesn't listen to him.

Second, Xu Yi did violently violated military orders, and there was reason to kill him.

As the saying: people go to tea, Xu Wei has passed away. Xu Dynasty did not have a good job before his death, but he guarded himself in Cao Cao, no private forces and circles. Therefore, Xu Wei died, his descendants lost their mountains. Xu Yi should not pursue the establishment of the establishment, as long as it can live in place. Because, the situation is different; and he is not as good as the martial arts of Cao Wei.

Third, it is not excluded that the clock will be loyal to Cao Wei's power.

Xu Wei is only loyal to Cao Cao, and it is a big arrival. Then his son Xu Yi is only loyal to the emperor of Cao Wei. Sima Zhao has a wild heart, and the world knows. Because the proverb of "Sima Zhao's heart, passerby is known" Therefore, as the close of Sima Zhao, it is more clear that Simma Zhao is planning. When I went to clean Cao Wei Zhongchen, I will take Yue Yue to make the Sima Zha. The idea at the time was to be the Kaifu of the Jin Dynasty. Later, I was repeated by Jiang Wei and was forced by the situation. As a result, the rebel Sima Zhao was killed.

"Sun Tzu War" cloud:

"Will, wisdom, letter, benevolence, brave, strict."

Zhong will kill Xuyi is nothing more than sacrificing a Xuyi, and it is a qualified commander that is a qualified commander of the army.