What is Einstein playing long woman: wife is pregnant to find a female classmate, divorce does not give money to the wedding cousin

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What is Einstein playing long woman: wife is pregnant to find a female classmate, divorce does not give money to the wedding cousin

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The Chinese have a sentence, called morality. Perhaps it is affected by this sentence, we all think that there is a very much moral level. In fact, morality has a requirement for talents, not everyone has only a talent. For example, Physicologists Einstein, he is definitely a genius in terms of physics, but in terms of men and women, Einstein is a slag man.

Einstein wedding twice in this life, his first wife named Mileva Marić, Serbian. Mikova and Einstein at the same time at the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, the two were the same class, and Mi Leva was the only girl in the class.

Although the wolf is less, although there are a group of IQ very high science and engineer competitors, Einstein wins, he got this unique girl's heart. It can be seen that Einstein is absolutely not a nerd, and he has a set of girls in dealing with girls.

In 1902, Miliva took a girl in the next girl in the mother. Children were born, Einstein in Switzerland. After Born, Michab leaves the child to the grandmother, and I will return to Switzerland. This is an irresponsible relationship between physicists.

From Einstein and Milova's communications, people know that Lectra is infected infected with scarlets. I don't know if this is a feeling of irresponsible couples. However, from Einstein later performance, his embarrassment should be not much.

Einstein and Mi Leva were officially married were in 1903, that is, when the daughter is born, two people are still unmarried. After marriage, Miliva was born in Einstein - Hans Einstein and Edward Einstein.

Einstein and Miliva feelings are not harmonious, and the two are not moving. In 1910, when Mi Leva, I Einstein was derailed with other women. This woman is actually an old couple of Einstein, named Marie Winteler.

Einstein wrote in the letter of Marie Wenteler: "Every minute is free, I think you with sincere love; I now feel that only men can feel unhappy." Unhappy, It is because I am with Mi Leva, I can't make it unhappy with Marily, sincere love is naturally gave older Mary.

A married man is still writing such a meat love letter in the situation in pregnancy, you said that he is not a slag male?

After the two children were born, Miliva and Einstein have become worse and worse, and the husband and wife are resident, and the Minlov leaves the child to Zurich live. Two people divorced in 1919, Einstein declared to the Nobel Prize bonus obtained by the optoelectronic effect to Mi Leva, as a wife and children's divorce support.

In fact, most of this money is used by Einstein to invest in the United States, and most of them have made water drifts, and finally only leave a little mother child. Due to the division of the two children Edward, Milova had to sell two sets of Swiss apartments left by Einstein, used to pay daily expenses, and these two sons, Einstein never take care of after divorce. pass.

After the divorce, Einstein did not have the old lover Mary Wenteler, but married to his own cousin Irisa after four months. The mother of Einstein and Einstein is a sister. The father of Einstein is a brother, and the husband and wife have no children after marriage. I don't know if it is afraid that the child has genetic defects. .

Irisa wedd for the first time in 1896, divorced in 1908. After that, she moved to Berlin with two daughters. In 1912, Ersha had an hour of play with love in 1912, and two were falling into a love. At this time, Einstein has not been divorced with Mi Leva. In other words, in Einstein and the first wife's marriage, he has been derailed twice.

After Einstein got rid of Michou, he was finally coming with Elsa. Two people live together in 17 years, Ershawled in 1936, since then Einstein did not marry.

However, although there is no marriage, Einstein did not stop the flowers. In 1935, during the heavy period of Ilsa, Elsa's daughter Mono, who had a father of Einstein, introduced a girl named Margarita Knecova.

Knestova is a wife of Soviet sculptor Shelkin Knekov, but Einstein is still in love with her. After many years of Einstein, he was auctioned with the fifty letters of Knecova, and people knew this genius of physicist's marriage.

However, Knecova is actually like her husband. They are all Soviet spies. They are close to Einstein's only purpose to understand the US atomic bomb program, and hand it to the Soviet authorities. Einstein Fee did it, and eventually became the Soviet intelligence tool.