Xiao Yanyan's Golden Sun Yailu Zong:

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Xiao Yanyan's Golden Sun Yailu Zong:

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In ancient times, women's appearance is too beautiful, it is easy to recruit, such as the peach blossoms, it is due to the appearance of disasters, becoming a victim of the strong. But sometimes, men are too handsome, and they will also cause disaster. Zongsha Wang Yuezong, the Liao Guo, the Liao Guo, who was too high, was forced to take her widow, and the original wife of Zong Yu, the original wife, was also a pool of the pool.

Yelu Zong (1005-1064), word guaranteed, Ki Dan named Xie family slave, or the karn is the Royal Royal Scorpion in the Liao Guo.

Zong Huizheng is the baby of the Liao Zong Yeli and the heaven, Xiao Yanyan, the king of the Liao Shengzong, the pro-Zhenzi, the trip to the Empress, the mother, the mother, Qi Guo.

By the way, Qi Guo Xiao is both a mother of his son. It is also a Zong Yun's cousin. Longqing, it belongs to the marriage.

Therefore, Zong Yun's grandparents are Yeli Xian and Xiao Yan Yan, the grandparents are Xiaozu and longevity women, the grandmother is both the grandmother is also a mother, and the kid, the royal family of the royal family, the neighborhood of the royal family, and the relationship is complex. Go to the brain.

Zong Hui is not only good, but also grows well, "Ki Dan Guo Zhi" praised him tall and blessings, he also learned well, good character, be happy, and the amount of adults, very adult, is very loved by the uncle Sheng Zongli, He is like a biological son, "loves deep stem".

Kai Tai Six years (1017), only 12 years old Zhu Yun, was held by the uncle Shengzong, and the festival of Zhao Yijun, Sealing Changsha County King, and carrying out the three products under the book.

Under the protection of the uncle, the young Zong is very smooth in the official, but after the death of the father, Zong Yun has encountered the largest crisis in his life.

At the 11th year of June (1031), the third day of June, Liao Shengzong rushed, the prince is really relaxed, it is Liaoyun Zong, and the old lady, Xiao Yu, who is not grateful, and Xiao Ji, the power, and on June 20 On the 5th, the coup was launched, defeating Sheng Zong Qi Qian Queen, Xiao Bodhisattva, gave the death of Xiao Bodhisattva, and the little bodhiser, Xiao Yu, Xiao Zi, to migrate the Shen Bodhisattva to Beijing.

But the old lady's Xingzong was forced to retreat to the second line. He became Xiao Yu's world. Her family also took this more, and the brothers and sisters became the top-level power of hot and powerful smoky.

Xiao Yan's big sister Qin Guo, originally married to the Zongshuiqiu, Wang Yue Ning, this Yeluning is Zeng Sun, the Liao Tai Zuoi's brother, Zeng Ge, after marriage, Xiao Big sister, is unwilling, naturally unfair The guest, therefore, Xiao Sister is a famous name in the power circle.

The Empress Dowager Xiao Yu, of course, knowing the rhyme of the big sister, but also prepared for the big sister to find a more handsome, this is not, unlucky Changsha Wang Yue Liza will be divided by Xiao Ji because of the handsome master.

That's right, although Yelu Zong is illegally ate the kid of the son, but the arrogant royal is still preparing to make this handsome big nephew to do our new sister, and the marriage of Liao Qiyu is even more age.

Zong Hui is born and 23 years (1005). His little master Xiao Ji is born in the middle of Qianjun (980-983). Xiao Sister's life is also 980 years ago.

In other words, Xiao Big sister is less than 25 years old. When Jing Fuxi (1031), Zong Yu is only 26 years old, and Xiao Da is 51 years old, so that Zong Yixing Yun Xiao Sister, but it is a tree sea. Pear.

As a royal family, Yelu Zong is of course not willing, with the unreasonable requirements of the wife and the sons, the unreasonable requirements of the Mother of the Mother, Xiao Yu, a child, can get to repair, let alone husband's pro-nephew? The original wife of Changsha, who sent people to kill Zongsha, promise! Now you have no wife? Widow, how good! The poor red intersteration of Changsha Wang Hao, because the husband is too handsome and killed, it is really a mildew.

Yelu Zong is helpless, even if he is also the royal family, the scene of the baby, the love of the genius, the emperor of Shengzong, the emperor of the Emperor, the emperor, the emperor, the emperor of the emperor, the Emperor Xiao Duoyu I can't even have it, I can only marry Xiao Sister's five or sixty-year-old old widow.

Telling true, older women are common, the old woman is really uncommon, in front of the power Yelu Zong Yun can only be forced to marry the old woman, can't you die?

Perhaps there may be the meaning of Zong Hui, or maybe Zong is the descendant of the Emperor. In short, Zong Hui is very smooth in the future, and then serves the observation and disposal of the Tianxiong Festival Weizhou Tube. After the Chongyi Jun, Xingguo Army, also adding a wait, Jin Han Wang, King.

When I arrived at the nephew Dao Zong Hongji, Zong Hui also gave him a smooth successor, Jin Feng Chen Wang, Betan Prime Minister, and added a gift to the Qigong, and the order, Jin Feng Lu Wang, and the Sisters.

Qing Ning Ten Years (1064) Dao Zong knew the next day, the next day, Xiaoyu was chasing Zheng Wang, and the number "Congratulations".

When he died in Zong, the widow of the widow, who was forced to marry, had already killed, and it was praised in Zong Yun's epitapy: "Chunlan is bright, is amiable, the jealousy, the sacred, and Russian is awkward."

In fact, Xiao Yu's sister's sister is very ristler, not just her big sister love beauty, my sister Jin Guo is not more, Xiao Xiaomei originally married the south of the Song King Yellych, the northwest Road, the right god, Wu Wei, the general, Yess, Yess, SealMrs. Jinguo, after the death of Ye Riyuan, changed the Marriage of the Marriage of the Mustail.After Yan, Xiao Xiaomei was once again guarded again, and he was hit by the house to make Yu Yuan Zi Shuai.Xiao Yu, who is repeated, killing Yu Yuanji's wife, and let Xiao Xiaomei marry 元 吉.

It can also be seen from the deeds of Xiaojia sister, and the Kidan Liao State is more open in marriage, and the two marriage and even three marriage, four marry, are very common.It's just that the murderous wife is forcing marriage, and the means will be a bit. Of course, Xiao Yu will have a mist to say that she is learning with her mother Xiao Yan Yan, and Zong Hui stall said helpless.