my country's history in history, 400 years of history, still exists

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my country's history in history, 400 years of history, still exists

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On this land of China, there have been many Jianghumenmen, and some martial arts are still inherited, but this is different from the nature of the gang. Let's talk about it, the first substantive black gang in Chinese history - Hongmen.


First, from Shaolin

According to rumors, the end of the Ming Dynasty, there were eight princes to see the world, give up fame and fortune, escaped to the empty door, and placed in the Shaolin Temple Chen Huichang Hall, followed by the smell of Yi, practicing martial arts, practicing medicine, participating in Zen revelation, establishing A good relationship. Over time, Shaolin Temple Yonghua Tang became a royal monaster in the Ming Dynasty.

There are many new disciples under the family. They have created beliefs and doctrips, participated in the struggle of defending countries, and Wei Zhenhua, this is the predecessor of Hongmen. After the establishment of the Qing dynasty, the disciples of Shaolin Yong Huahui refused to shave the hair, tied the scorpion, and established an anti-Qing Dynasty underground organization "Hongmen". Since then, Hongmen Forces are all over the country and have many branches.

  , 会................. So, "the world's Hongmen exits Shaolin, Hongmen in Yonghua Tang" said that it will go. During the Ming Dynasty, Shaolin Yong Huotang disciples were closely related to the court.

They participated in the anti-Japanese war, suppressing the rebellion of the Tatar, conquered Yang's rebels, resist the girl, and suppressed gangsters and thieves. Eath swear to be the country, and blood sprinkled on the battlefield, loyalty and filial piety touched the authority and opponents. Such a black helping originating from Zen, I think he is a heart of Ji Shi Ren. And the fact is just this.

2, subversive development

The feudal system is a big poisonous tumor in China, but when it is shaken, the people living above will not be difficult for one. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the people were turbulent, the people were displaced, and the floodmen helm couldn't bear to look at the innocent people. They were in a deep hot, and vigorously operated their resource networks, all kinds of living materials, and often help the Revolution of 1911.

In 1903, Mr. Sun Yat-sen was grateful to Hongmen to the country's fairness and generosity, and resolutely joined the Honolulu Mountain. Zhuan Hall is an important branch of overseas Hongfa at that time, gathered a number of overseas people. I heard that the governor also has the participation of Sun Yat-sen. The Chinese have donated approximately $ 210,000 to Sun Yat-sen. Overseas Chinese have made a huge contribution to the Chinese revolutionary cause, and Hongmen is a medium that condenses overseas Chinese.

After the nine-eight incident, Japan broke out the war of invading China, and the Pacific War will soon explode. Japanese people not only invaded China, but also invaded Southeast Asia. The brother of Hongmenzi is unstoppable, and the domestic Hongmen organizes people condemn Chiang Kai-shek's non-resistance policy. On the other hand, people call on the people in Southeast Asia to save self-rescue, and store large amounts of materials and continuous supply through various channels.

In this turmoil, Hongmen people are not afraid of difficulties and dangers, relying on the belief of gangdong, gathering the people's power, and become an important force in the anti-Japanese war, making huge contributions, helping to fight against Japanese war, and even the whole resistance victory.

Third, attributed to the dust

After the founding of New China, overseas Hongmen base continued to exist. The domestic floodmen organizations were transferred to Taiwan. Hong Kong became a local gang, the remaining Hongmen organization in the Mainland also integrated into my country's important democratic parties.

With the advancement of history and the advancement of the times, Hongmen, the mainland has long been separated from the background of the gang, and the development of various industries will become a legal compliance. The rest of Hong Kong is also dissolved in response to the needs of local security management. At present, Taiwan has only private groups, but it has become almost different, and its status is different from modern times.

However, Hongmen people still have been concerned about the motherland. Take this epidemic as an example. Li Jiaxing, Chairman of the Philippines, and the President of the Party Cemetrist, and rushed to raise funds and medical materials. The trend of the epidemic allows every Chinese child who is holding the belly. Although the Hongmen people have been working overseas, they have been working hard for the fight against the epidemic.

 The majority of Fujian Hongmen people actively offer love to the people of the population and contribute to the motherland. They have been silent and expect the epidemic. Finite Flood Door Federation continues to act.

From processing donations and donations, try to purchase medical materials, organize goods, and declare customs. They are busy day and night. Donors and materials are like a vast mighty Hongmen army. The soldiers will be in place, and the prevention and control materials are sent to the countryside.

 Conclusion: Hongmen is a fashionable organization, they united, everyone is willing to dedication, this is the advanced collective of ideological progress, and they dare to stand up, it is a good lang in the motherland.