In the prison, the Qianqian teenager, the small buser organized by the prisoner

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In the prison, the Qianqian teenager, the small buser organized by the prisoner

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In the great cause of liberation in the Chinese nation, there are countless revolutionary martyrs to be bravely dedicated, of which only 8-year-old carrot head - Song Zhen, a child growing up in prison. Although he did not have seen the world outside his life, he always full of hope in the future.

The father of "small radish head" is called Song Yun Yun, like Mother Xu Linxia, ​​is the Chinese Communist Party Member. After the "four seconds" counter-revolutionary coup, he was sent by the Party Organization to Yanghu City, and served as the President and General Editor of the Northwest Cultural Daily. On the eve of Xi'an Incident, Song Yun's participation in the eight advocations of the grass, Yang, and the anti-Japanese Save the country, Xu Lin Xia preparatory women to save the Congress and assisted Song Yunyun to carry out revolutionary activities. After the incident, Song Yunyun used the "Northwestern Cultural Daily" to fully introduce the cause of the incident, after active evaluation of the essence and significance of the transformation, and widely publicized the stabilization of the civil war, the agreement of the Japanese anti-Japanese

Song Yun Yun

Xu Lin Xia

On December 11, 1936, he was called by Yang Hu City to the office to participate in an emergency meeting. The next day, "Xi'an Incident" shocked. In 1941, it was already Song Yun Yun, a major member of the National Party's Fourth Army, and he was cheated at home with a fake telegram. Who knowing, Ji Yun, who just entered the house, was secretly arrested by the tricks. After Song Yunyun was arrested, his wife Xu Linxia went more than 30 miles every day, and he went to Xi'an City to listen to his husband's fall. Looking at Xu Lin Xia running around, the special skills have been technically hard, let Xu Lin Xia send a dressing clothes. Although I know that this is probably a trap, Xu Lin Xia is still holding the "small radish head" that has nothing weaned, but it is just that this will never come back.

"Small radish head" and mother will be held in Xi'an. Here, the cell is narrow, dark and humid, not sunshine in the whole year. It's not far from the stood, put a tank, and the smell is not breathed, and people who are closed here are every day, they are smelling this taste, sleep, in a narrow cell, stinking It attracts flies, mosquitoes, bugs. In addition to the pungent smell, there is still a terrorist sound from us, every time I am deep, I will come from the tragic scream of my faces, as well as the extravagant bark. People who were in public are here, only one bowl of smelly soup cooked in a bowl of milded rice bran and bad cabbage. Due to the long-term malnutrition, Song Zhen has changed the appearance. He has a thin arm thin leg leather bag with a bone, but the small body has a big head. The prisoner has a nickname, called "small radish head."

Small radish head - Song Zhenzhong

Song Zhenzhong's desire to be outside is not only like to run like the peers, but also to learn from the same age. It turned out that with the growth of Song Zhen, Song Yun and Xu Lin Xia have made requests, I hope he can go out, but this requirement has been rejected by the prison. In the face of such a situation, Song Zhenzhong's Xisheng Prison Secret Party Branch decided to help them in a hunger strike and strike. After everyone's unremitting efforts, the prison finally promised to make Song Zhenzhong accepted education in prisons and assigned to the generals of patriotic generals to serve as his teacher.

According to historical records, from the end of 1947 to Song Zhenzhong, he has been studying culture in Huang. "In that, Huang Xiang Sound not only gave the 'small radish head' geography, telling him how much China, but also tells him about historical stories, let him have a full understanding of the Communist Party and Marxism." Wang Hao Say.

While learning knowledge, Song Zhen also uses his own age advantage to become a transportation firm in the Temple Party Organization, and has made a lot of work for the party organization. According to historical records, the Song Zhenzhong nects from the Songzhong prison, and the Song Zhenzhong met Chen Ran who was imprisoned here. After understanding Chen Ran's experience, Song Zhen helped him to contact the underground party organization, and put the news of Huang Xiang Sheng's abstract to him, after simple hair, then he sent these small paper on Song Zhen. Each cell. These small sheets were also known as "prison in prison" by hard friends, and their existence made comrades in the struggle in persistence.

With the victory of the Liberation War Festival, the Kuomintang reactionary rule has been shaken, but for the "political prisoners" secretly detained, Chiang Kai-shek orders are not allowed to release. On August 25, 1949, Chiang Kai-shek did the secretary of the "political prisoner". On September 6, 1949, a small radish head fell into the blood. After they were killed, they were buried in the hut in the ground. They also watered the cement on the ground, rinse the blood on the ground to cover up their own. offense. When sacrificed, the small radish head was even less than 9 years old and was founded only 24 days from New China. After the liberation of Chongqing, when the remains of the small radish head were discovered, his two small hands were killed in the chest. Inside, the teacher in prison gave him a small pencil.