The last generation of emperors were lined in the scene: messy dragon beds, eunuchs and palace women crying

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The last generation of emperors were lined in the scene: messy dragon beds, eunuchs and palace women crying

2021-12-05 06:02:49 49 ℃

The last emperor can say that it is the most tragic emperor in Chinese history. His life cannot be dominated by himself, and he is 3 years old. He lives in the influence of "The Emperor". Today, let's take a look at the old photos of the last generation of emperor, the old photos, eunuchs and palace women crying, and messy dragon beds seem to be indicating the final ending of the Qing Dynasty.

Yan Yi was chosen into the palace by Cixi, and became another Daqing Emperor after the emperor of Guangxu. Only, the Qing Dynasty was already in the wind and rain, and Yu Yi understood that I took over a bad stall. When I was a three-year emperor, I was already catching up the throne, but I still live in the Forbidden City after returning, still enjoy the emperor Respect. The Government of the Republic of China is tied to the gift of foreign monarchies; providing 4 million fees annually; special protection of royal private property, etc.

Later, Zhang Xun, who came to the Qing Dynasty, launched a soldier, and the 12-year-old 溥 溥 was also supported on the dragon chair. Soon after, Duan Rui soldier and crusade, Zhang Xun escaped into the Dutch Embassy, ​​the next day, the quarter announced the retreat, only the 11-day dragon chair, the 溥 溥 台 台 台During the restoration, there was a republicair to cast a small bomb over the Forbidden City, which was blown to the Yanchi Palace in the East Six Palace of the Forbidden City, making the building mild damage. This is considered to be the first air strike bombing in East Asia.

After the 溥 溥, he laid a period in the palace, and he also married one after another. Good days is always a long time, the northwestern warlord Feng Yuxiang countless to preferentially take the royalties, to remove the feudal residue, the last emperor, from the Forbidden City, and stipulate that the assets in the Forbidden City cannot be attributed to 溥 溥, only 2 溥 溥 2 Hourly time package yourself. This is natural that many treasures in the palace will naturally be taken away, so there is a messy scene.

The picture shows the scene of the Yu Yu Huang leaves the Bail City, the messy dragon bed, the mysteria girl and the eunuch, I don't know where, I will cry in the Forbidden City. The palace female eunuch is too small, but the scene is once confusing, crying, curse, and a scene of the dynasty.

As the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the Life is full of tragedy and comedy. His life path can be described as a variety of twists and turns.