Is the abolition of the imperial examination system accelerated the death of the Qing Dynasty?There is no connection between the two

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Is the abolition of the imperial examination system accelerated the death of the Qing Dynasty?There is no connection between the two

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There is also a saying that the Qing Dynasty has abolished the imperial examination system in 1905, and the results have gave birth to the Revolution of 1911 and accelerated their own destruction.

Is this correct?


The imperial examination system has gone in China for more than 1200 years of storm.

In 621, Tang Gaozu Li Yuan squatted: "Zhuzhou bachelor has early Mingjing and show, Junshi, Jinshi, Ming Dynasty Investment into the tribute. "From this, the imperial examination system characterized by the self-test is born.

In the next 1200 years, the imperial examination system has walked from the development to prosperity, and then gradually declined until the abolition of long years. Although the imperial examination system has such problems, it is undeniable that it is still the most fair talent selection system that the feudal dynasty may take. There are countless cold gates, through the imperial examination system, becoming the leader of the times. If you want to list, we can discharge a long list.

In the evening of the evening, with the development of the times, the progress of the society, the talents selected by the imperial examination system have been difficult to adapt to the demand for the times and society. "Eight stocks" has become a tool for talents. Under the impact of Xinshi University Hall, the imperial examination system gradually micro.

In 1903, Zhao Hao, Huangguang, General Zhao, Huangguang, Zhou Yu, two Guangjiang Governor, Qi Chunxi, Hunan Governor, Terminal, etc. I will stop forever, so that the world is the way, and there is no way. " The Qing court will abolish the trend and will abolish the Imperial Examination System as part of the Qing Dynasty. After the last meeting held in 1904, it was officially announced in 1905: "Self-rive (1906) is beginning, all the township will stop, All provinces, the examination is stopped. "

At this point, the imperial examination system is ending.


Many people believe that after the imperial examination system is abolished, let the grassroots intellectual lose the only rising channel, and lose the last point of fantasy against the Qing Dynasty, and push them to the revolutionary camp, and the explosion of the Revolution of 19on has accumulated talent power.

This kind of saying is not reasonable.

On the one hand, during the late Qing Dynasty, the imperial examination system has spent the Dingsheng stage, such as the West Mountain. With the new school, the spring bamboo shoots are generally emerged from all over the country, many young people have already bid farewell to the imperial examination system, and they have moved to the embrace of the new school. For them, there is no abolition in the new school, it is not important.

In fact, at that time, even the Qing Dynasty was also encouraged to enter the new school. It is also ordered to give a lot of students to study abroad. After school, they learn to be returned to the country.

On the other hand, the representative of the Revolution of 1911 is almost all the talents raised from the new school, or the elite for studying abroad.

For example, Huang Xing graduated from Zhang Zhidong, two lakes and colleges, and was sent to Japan by Zhang Zhidong. Song Jiaren graduated from Wuchang's new school school US Sheng Kung Wenhua Academy. Jiang Yuwu did not want to participate in the imperial examination with the Fang Xiong Jiang Xiangtang, and said that "slave fame, what should be used", and finally entered the Hunan West Road Normal School Student Reading.

We will say that if the imperial system is abolished, many grassroots intellectuals are really pushed to the revolutionary camp. Then the Revolution of 1911 will first explode in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places in the traditional imperial examination quota. However, in fact, the Wuchang Uprising of the Revolution of 1911 is carried out in Wuchang.

As we all know, the Huangguang area is not a strong province of the imperial examination.


A freshly known fact is that after the abolition of the imperial examination system, we will do our best, not like what we imagine.

At that time, the total number of people in the country and the total number of Gongshi had a lot of people, and there were hundreds of thousands of people. The young people in their middle have been absorbed by new schools in all parts of school and continue to study. For those who have a large number of people who can't enter the new school study, they are "admitted to each department", they can use the seven-piece Xiaoyan officer after the sect of the seven-year-old. If you have already got people, the Gens fame, distribution of the county, faculty, Zhilizhou State, Salt warehouse, Zhili State judgment, according to the interview, Yan Shi Division, Zhizhou State judgment, government experience, County prime ministers. Starters are sent by the county counties and the instructors to save the province. After choosing the best, they will choose to send the parties to the provincial inspection, and the history of the history.

Do you not be an official? Not. In accordance with the principle of "School of Mechanic School, the Act of Mechanics School, the reward is also unreported with the imperial examination", from the new school graduates, give the fame. In the graduation of college points, the best results, excellent results, secondary people can grant the scholars; graduates from the University Preparation and the various provincial high schools, the results are optimized, excellent, the secondary, the secondary, all as a person.

We should admit that due to the limitations of history, as well as the restrictions of their own capabilities, the Qing Dynasty has failed to do perfectly, and many measures have not been implemented in place. However, overall is already very successful, at least no bigger social turmoil. The wind and rain, precarious, in the Qing Dynasty, and spent 7 years before the declaration of death in 1912.

This with the abolition of the imperial examination system, there is nothing ignorant.