There are so many Xuan Wang, Xuan Gong, who is the most qualified king?For example, Yan Xuan Gong?

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There are so many Xuan Wang, Xuan Gong, who is the most qualified king?For example, Yan Xuan Gong?

2021-12-05 12:05:56 29 ℃

"Historical Record": "Yu Gong's sixteen years of death, Xuan Gong stands. Xuan Gong fifteen years of death, Zhao Gong," about Yan Xuan Gong's historical materials, roughly so much. " The Great Time of the Yan Guojun fifteen years, although the fifteen years is not long, but if the power is achieved, even if the Junlong, the Junlong Gong, the Junan Gong, can also be dominated, so he said Yan Xuan Gong's Fifteen years is not short. After Yan Wei's migrant city, when the capital is built, it is really the bustling of the city. It is this Yan Xuan Gong.

Yan Xuan Gong's number is "Xuan". The so-called "Xuan" is "Shan Shan Zhou Wen Xuan Xuan; Shi Shi does not send it; good asks Zhou Daxuan; Shi Shi is not secret; sincerity to see the outside Glorious Li Day, Xuan; Yes Zhou Da Xuan; can be blossomed to Xuan; Yanda has Dexuan Xuan; Xuan Shi four-party magazine; Zhe Hui Zhaoba Xuan; good news, this Yan Xuan Gong's Yanyong, Yan Quan Gong came to say that later generations are more likely to say. There is a possibility that it is from Yan Yong, the two generations of Daxiangong, Yan Qian, the two generations of Daxing Civil, the development of economic and military, and the rows are the election of the election. When you go to Yan Xuan Gong, Yan State should step into the right track. .

Yan Xuan Gong's successor, it is the peak of the peak, which seems to be a very holy monarch, which is not only diligent in government affairs, but also has a number of policies that are conducive to national development, but also accept it. The opinions of the courtiers, I am a very virtuous monarch between the court. Moreover, the monarch has also been very friendly to the Quartet tribe, and many behaviors have once distinguished the heart of the monarch. Considering that the era of the time is the princes of the vassal countries, Yan Guo is located in the middle and soil areas, which can be so stable, or with the low-key of the Yan Guo Guo, do not hit the battle.

Throughout the emotions of the emotions, there are many princes, mostly a relatively positive monarch. The earliest has Zhou Xuanwang, and there is Xuangzhong during the ruling period. There is Qin Xuan Gong, Song Xuan Gong, Lu Xuan Gong, Wei Xuan Gong, etc., all of them are the monarchs. It's just that many Xuan Gong, often in the era, many of the national strength, and many of the efforts, activeness, and implementing political and military strategies that are beneficial to the country, mainly for the rejuvenation of the country. While do not want more to participate in scale, we must protect the absolute stability of the country, so it is inevitable to have relatively moderate decisions. Not only is Yan Xuan Gong, and the Lord's Xuan Gong can only be counted as a king, it is not the Lord of ZTE.

In these years in Yan Xuan Gong, with the disputes in Jinguo and Chu, not only the Chu Guo has occupied the wind in the battle with Jin Guo, and Qi people also strive to start with Jin State. . The various trends in society have gradually emerged, Laozi, Confucius is also active in this period, and the princes are mostly admitted to the attitudes of various schools, and they are used, that is, let the society facilitate colorful tracks. Go forward. Ru Guo promoted the initial tax acre in this period, the main purpose is to solve the financial problem, you can see that the national fiscal system at that time is serving the increasingly frequent national war and international interaction, the princes are also deeply recognizing the reform of the country. To think from revenue. This is or affected by the developed social trend of the time.

However, Yan Guo seems to be less affected by these ideas, even in the north of Confucius, but it is to arrive in Qi Guo, turn to west and south, in the eyes of many vassal countries, and even those son sages. In the mind, the country of Yan State seems to be incorporated, still not there is the ability to participate in the Central Plains. In Confucius et al., "Zhou soutan, Zhannan, Yan, Yan, Wei, Wang, Zheng, Qi, Wei, Tang, Qin, Chen, Yan, Cao," Feng, there is no Yan Yan The wind, or the Central Plains is related to the attitude of Yan Guo, but also related to Yan Guo people do not actively participate in the Central Plains affairs. Yan Xuan Gong is "Xuan". If you interpret it today, Yan Xuan Gong should not be a qualified monarch. Of course, the "Xuan" of the Spring and Autumn is different from the meaning of "Xuan" today.