In order to save Liu Bang, Chen Ping sacrifice 2,000 beautiful women, after the abundance: my home will destroy

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In order to save Liu Bang, Chen Ping sacrifice 2,000 beautiful women, after the abundance: my home will destroy

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In 203 BC, Xiang Yu led the army to attack the Yangyang, although it could not overcome it, but broke the grain passage of Yangyang City. Liu Bang was trapped in the city could not get out, and the food and grass in the city had exhausted days, so that Liu Bang will be hobbed, so he will convene group ministers to negotiate countermeasures.

At this time, a very vicious policy appeared in Chen Pingxin. The records in "Historical Records, Chen Yongzhao" are relatively simple. Only a sentence summary: Chen Ping Nai Night, the woman, two thousand people, Yangcheng Dongmen, Chu He, Chen Ping, is from the city of the city.

In fact, this matter is not so simple, the author found more detailed records from "Coordinated":

Chen Ping, two thousand people in the East Gate, Chu because four sides. Zhixin is a king car, the yellow house left,: "Eat, Hanwang is clear." Chu is all old, the city is the city. Taking the sole Hanwang and dozens of ride out of the Westward.

Chen Pin is to find a person who is similar to Liu Bang to the Hanwang. This person is called a letter, and it is called a car driver special in Hanwang. And I also found 2,000 women, using the light in the night from the east gate from the east gate, said to the Chu army: "There is no grain in the city, so Han Wang decided to surrender."

Because there are many people from the city, they are also beautiful, and Chu Jun naturally uses a lot of people to surround them. Correspondingly, the guards of other city gates have a lot less, so Han Wang uses this opportunity to escape from West Gate.

Throw away the poisonous or not, this policy is really a quiz.

Imagine if the 2000 soldiers accompany themselves, the Chu army will believe that they are surrendering? I am afraid that they will play it immediately. If the beauty is small, then surrounded or watching the number of Chu army will be less, and the difficulty of Liu Bang breakout will also increase.

Although the plan is wonderful, it is a bit of a viral. Whether it is pretending to be Liu Bang or these women, the ending will not be good.

However, it is strange, Chen Ping's life, with many women.

Chen Ping is actually a beautiful man. The history of history is "a long beauty." Chen Ping's poor, with my brother, because Chen Pingxi is good reading, brother will stop the lives in the family, support Chen Pingyou read.

The township in Chen Ping has a rich man named Zhang Len. He has a daughter Tiancheng Kraft, and five husbands have died, so that no one dares to marry her. Later, Zhang Dao saw Chen Pingyi Hordic Hall, there will be a big as a future, so I will go to Chen Pingjia to push, I want to marry the daughter to Chen Ping.

And Chen Ping is also very people, immediately agreed, this is really not dare to ask others. After the family's daughter, Chen Ping's life became better and better, "Historical Record" record: "Flat 张 女, 赍 赍, 饶 饶," Maybe this is the so-called "life ", The wife of Kv is only a hard-working husband to match it.

Chen Ping then followed Xiang Yu and did all in the army. However, because Xiang Yu did not adopt Chen Ping's suggestion, Chen Ping believes that it is difficult to become a big event, so I will go to Liu Bang.

After Chen Ping and Liu Bang, Liu Bang quickly discovered his talent, so he seled Chen Ping. This makes Liu Bang people are very dissatisfied, Zhou Bo, Irrigation and other veterans will find Liu Bang, destroy Chen Ping, say Chenping "Stolen" and "Gorge". There is no "stolen" in the history book, but it also seen from the side, Chen Ping is very good at dealing with women. And Liu Bang does not care about this kind of small matter. He value is only Chen Ping's talents. If it can be used for it, as for its character, Liu Bang does not value.

Later, Liu Bang was hit by the Huns, and was paid by the Huns to sleep on Bai Dendishan. And helping Liu Bang is struggling, or Chen Ping, but more smart, Chen Ping's plan is also related to women. "Conduct" records: "The emperor uses Chen Ping's secret account to make the embarrassment."

This plan once again verified that Chen Ping very well understood a woman.

阏 阏 是 顿 单 小 小 小 小 是 小 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 女 她 赂 美 美 美 女 女 美 美 美 女 美 女 女 美 美 美 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 美 美 女 女 美 女 女Will get the unique beauty, and you will find new happiness. The messenger said on a portrait of a beautiful woman on the side. After seeing the scene, he promised to cooperate with the Han Dynasty, and finally persuaded to put Liu Bang.

Chen Ping's heart is extremely deep, and Liu Bang and Lu have become the object of him.

Chen Ping's policy is biased towards the pilot, and is different from Zhang Liang, so he is not good in the Han Dynasty. And Chen Ping can fly Huang Tengda, and it is Liu Bang, if Liu Bang has driven, then who he rely on it?

So, under the power of the power, Chen Ping decided to go to the mountains in Lu Wei.

After Liu Bang defeated the market, he was hurt, and the injury was ill, but it could not mention the news of Lu Wei, Liu Bang could not stop it, but they had to arrange Fan Wei.

However, Fan Yigang is soon, and the palace will pass the news to say Fan Wei and Lu Wei together. If you want to make your own favorite, you will be unfavorable. So decided to remove Fan Wei. At this time, Chen Ping gave Liu Ping, let Ziubi replaces Fan Wei in the army, and he will take the opportunity to take the head of Fan Wei! "

However, I haven't seen Fan Wei yet, Chen Ping has changed a statement:

"Fan Wei, the people of the emperor are also more powerful, and it is Lu Yu Lu Yu, there is a pro, the emperor is angry, and if you want to repel it, you will be prison, and you will be in the past." In the meaning of saying, Fan Wei is Liu Bang's old man, and it is also a brother of Lu. Now that you may listen to others, you will kill Fan. If we do two stupid to do, wait until you go back to calm down and regret it? It is better to take Fan Wei and send it to Chang'an.

When I listen to it, I feel that I do it in accordance with Chen Ping.

Yes, Liu Bang has swallowed when the two will be escorted by Fan Wei. At the road, Chen Ping met the messenger, saying that the court would allow Chen Ping to restrict Yanyang, but Chen Ping did not agree, but the rapids rushed to Changan, and the kneel was crying in front of Liu Bangling, while crying and said: " Your Majesty, let me go to kill Fan, now I will take Fan Yu, but you are no longer! "

Chen Ping said that it is to say to Lu Wei, the purpose is to tell Lu Wei: Liu Bang let me kill Fan Wei, and I didn't kill, you owe me a person! Lu Wei naturally heard the meaning of this, so he helped Chen Ping and said: "Jun Lao, take a break!" This love, Lu Wei is obviously connected.

Many people think that Chen Ping is good to get a good opportunity, so he will mediate it through his IQ. However, the author believes that even Liu Bang heard the cause of this cause of killing Fan Wei, it is also Chen Ping!

Because things happening during this period are too unusual.

First of all, why should I wait until Fan Wei? Just say someone rumors say Fan Wei's bad things? If this person really has a hatred, why not wait until he is in the palace?

Why Chen Ping appeared in so clever, and gave the Liu Bang, let himself kill Fan Wei? Furthermore, when Chen Ping is giving Liu Bang, he is not worried about Liu Bang repent and Lu Wei, after waiting for the palace, will it be worried?

If Chen Pingzhen wants to fight Fan Wei, it is also very simple to reach Lu Wei and Liu Bang. Just recommend that other people have completed this task for themselves, why bother to make a stones? Combined with the above, the author believes that these are actually arranged by Chen Ping, and he sent people to Fan, and then caused a series of stories.

In the end, Chen Ping is willing to let Lu Wei owe his own feelings, and their heart is deeply frightened. Perhaps Chen Ping has thought that he has done too much in his life, so he once sighed before his death:

"I have more conspiracy, it is the ban on Taoism. My world is abolished, it is already awkward, I can't get up, I have a lot of trouble."

Chen Ping believes that there are too many conspiracy, it is not allowed by Taoist. His future generation may be retributed, once it is scrapped, it will never rise again.

Chen Ping's prophecy also verified very fast, his son Chen why was deprived and sealed by crimes. When I arrived at Zeng Qingshen, Chen Xixuan wanted to rejuvenation with the strength of Handan, and finally unable to achieve, and finally disappeared in the long river.

However, in any case, Chen Ping can become a good endless person in the Han Dynasty, who is self-dangerous, and is very difficult. Sima Guang praised Chen Ping in "Conduct", he believes:

"(Han first) is more than a matter, but it is self-riding, Ding Zong Temple, with the end of Rong name, called the sages, 不 始 始 终 哉!" (Chen Ping is so turmoil The era is good, with a supercompreel!)

Chen Ping's experience tells us that it is better to grasp the opposite sex psychology and make it easier to succeed. In the society, I am handsome is an advantage, but there is no intelligent high, and I have a long history. Chen Ping under his handsome face, also hiding a wisdom of the brain, and this is the key to his success.

As the saying goes, reading history is sensible, so I suggest you, learn more about history, learn more from the wisdom of the ancients. In all historics, "Coordinate Jian" is almost a book, which can make all the qualities all enhanced books. After reading more than 1300 years.

In this book history book, it is important to introduce the power between Liu Bang, Zhang Liang, and Xiao Hao, which is very worth learning.

The reason why the author said is because "Conduct" is originally an emperor textbook, and it is full of power. As long as you learn the power in "Conduct", whether it is a life, or a learning work, you can walk more.

It can be seen that Sima Guang's "Conduct" is really a quite powerful book, the more you read, the more you read your mind, the more you wake up.

But for the general public, reading classical Chinese is still more difficult. Therefore, the author recommends a good book to everyone - "White-Lord Corporation".

Because the scholars who compiled this book are all in the country, this book is not now on the market, those who are crude and carrying private goods. It is respectful to the original text, in translators, not to increase one word, to close, restore "Conduct General". Do not make up with "modern vision", more uneven.