Abandoned Soviet schools became the world being forgotten

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Abandoned Soviet schools became the world being forgotten

2021-12-05 12:05:32 26 ℃

This is a school established in the Soviet Union and is located in a remote place.When the Soviet Union disintegrates, the government does not have much funds to support these small cities.So, the population gradually moved, and the city gradually was broken, and the school became this.

Into this school and see what this former campus seems to be.

This is a typical campus, just decades in past, completely changed.

The class chairs in the classroom are still still, but there is no laughter of the past.

The basketball court has long been disappeared.

The computer table is lying horizontally.

Stair, rusted stairway armrest.

The murals on the wall are still still, the little animals are still old.

Laughing little animal.

The ground is a book.

Journal on the ground.

Look at the arithmetic questions on the ground should be primary school students.

The wall is Russian historical figures, they look quietly in this world.

Many cities in the Soviet Union have been abandoned with this school and become the world that is forgotten.