The mystery of the roughness: directly demonstrates the definition of "five Hu", then who the five bory is?

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The mystery of the roughness: directly demonstrates the definition of "five Hu", then who the five bory is?

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For later generations, "Five Holidays" seems to be a common sense concept. "Five Hu" is often identified as the five nations of the Xiongnu, Xianbei, Hua, 氐, 氐,, created a series of regimes in the Eastern Jin 16th National Times, even in front of Qin once unified in the north.

It is the earliest record of "Five Hu" in the "Five Hu". More subversive is that this seesday that is the endorsement is actually denying the "five Hu" definitions we think.

The definition of the consequences and Wuhu

In October 385 AD, Yan Jian was killed by Qin Qin. Yan Jian was angry before the death: "... 传 传 国 玺 玺 符 符 符 符 符 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名 名Four")

"Wuhu order, no name" This paragraph means far, it is the first time in history, the word "five Hu". However, the first time "Five Hu" appeared in the history book, but denied the monks belonging to five Hu Wenco. From this perspective, the "five Hu" definitions we think is now very different from the era.

So who is "five Hu"?

The traditional definition of "Wuhu" is generally considered to be the future. Some scholars believe that the earliest "Five Hu" came from the 谶 谶 说, refers to the five Mun Monarch, that is, the former Zhao (Han) Liu Yuan, Liu Cong, Liu Wei, and the stone of Zhao's stone, stone Tiger. But the author believes that "five Hu" is defined as the five specific characters and is too simple.

First of all, "Hu" people (Hu) originally referred to the Huns. Hu, Hungar, mix,, smoked in the ancient pronunciation, Hu people is the porridge, smoked, 獯鬻, Xiongnu. Later, I broke into the Hungarian in Europe, from the name of the name, the Hu Tuan, escaped to the relationship with the Huns.

With the growth of the Xiongnu, some tribes of the Huns conquer and affected, and the name "Hu" is "Hu", such as Dong Hu, Yue Hu, Lu Zihu, Capricu Hu, and so on. Such as Xianbei, Wu Pong and other families, at least in the Eastern Han Dynasty, not considered to be a hill. Until the 16th National Countertaine, the "hull" is further generalized and begins to refer to some nations that are completely unrelated to the Huns, such as Huhu, etc.

From this perspective, the "hidden" definition of the early 16th National State is still inseparable from the Huns. It can even be considered that "Wuhu" is the first that the Huns are five. When the South Xiongnu is at home, it is divided into the Central Plains in the Eastern Han Dynasty. It is divided into five, and more than 30,000 households in the Cao Cao era. During the Xi Jin's "Eight Kings," the Huns developed under the leadership of Liu Yuan, and became the beginning of "Five Holiday".

It can be seen that "Five Holiday China" originated from the Queen's five, but the definition of "five Hu" was constantly changing, and there was a large change in the front and reasons. Will Liu Yuan, Liu Cong, Liu Wei, Shiller, Shihu is set to "five Hu", just a statement in the transition phase. During this chaotic period, the change in "five Hu" is also affected by the latitude.

Wuhu, five elements and five morality

Taking the Jianjian as an example, it is extreme superstition. In the early days of Jian Jian, the Xinping people Wang sculpture Zeng Chen said that the picture is 谶, 苻 苻 大 大, rewarding the king carving as the Tai Shi. The king sculptures have quoted the so-called 谶 谶 "The old state of the ancient moon, the floods of the stream, only the male sizes,", "claiming that this kind of speech contains the three Father of Justice. The kings and latitane said, the latter is very disgusted, the latter requested that the "left palm" is the killing king carving, but there is no result.

From the history of the 16th National Countries, the latitude is very popular at the time. From Liu Cong, Shiller to Yan Jian, these minority monarchs enters the main Central Plains, in order to seek regime legitimacy, often quote the "five moral operation" theory of the Central Plains, combined with the interpretation of the map to prove that yourself "is hired." For example, after Shiller, Zhao claimed to be orthodox in the West Jin, who is water morality, and the former Qincheng will follow water, it is for Muude. After the Qin Qin, Qin Qin, claiming to be a follow-up wood, is a fire. Later, the Northern Wei Dynasty claimed that the fire is a fire.

It can be seen that in the eyes of Yan Jian, including itself, it is strictly in accordance with the order of "five moral operation" to rule the world. In this case, "Five Germany" and "Five Hu" are likely to be associated.

The number of "five" is quite mysterious in ancient China. From the "Sanhuang Five Emperors" to "Spring and Autumn Five Emperors", there is five valleys, and there are five parties. There are five elements in the sky. The three countries have "five tigers" and "five sons First ", the Xiongnu has the" five orders of the battle "," Huns five ", etc.

Yao Wei changed himself to "hull"

We can understand this, "Five Hu" in the eyes is actually in the predicts of the martial arts, in accordance with the five moisture ", more similar to" Spring and Autumn Five-Badge ", rather than five different nations Commonly known. At that time, there were nineteen of the hol (Xiongnu), and other ethnic groups did not count their number.

The monks represented by Yao Wei have never appeared in similar maps (probably because they did not participate in the fake), and the monks did not belong to the hull (in fact, the people are not). These completely "unhealthy", "not logical" rebellion rebellion, even a nursery rhyme is not, completely out of the forecast, triggered the anger of Jianjian, so I said the "fiveuts, no name".

Subsequent results, Yao Yumi is a mildness in the future, the Qin Qin regime is in the order of "Wuli Run", so that the monks who are not the Men are also "Mrsi Son".The "Wuhu" and "Five Holidays of the Later", the actual summary of these chaos: First, some people put forward the "Hu Qian Dynasty" (only in the Huns and Xiongnu); secondly fiveMoral operations explained this kind of speech and put forward "five Hu" said; then it is "non-Hu people" (氐人, 人), will tell himself to "hidden" to meet the words; the end result, "HuThe definition of people is expanded through constant modification, and everyone is called "hull."

Therefore, we now think that "Wuhu", and the views in the eyes of the 16th National Times are very different, and finally definition should be gradually formed in the Nort-South Dynasties.(Author: Tao Mu Jian)